Allen Walker 6
Allen Walker
Background information
Feature films
Television programs D.Gray-man
Video games
Character information
Full name
Other names Alen Walker
Personality kind, brave, handsome, fun, serious, calm, hungry, passionate, loyal
Appearance lean, muscular physique, medium-length gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length, heavily marred with scars, silver/gray eyes, skin is somewhat pale, unusual scar on the left side of face, trails down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars eyelid, and hooks slightly at cheekbone and follows cheek down close to chin,
Occupation Exorcist (formerly)
Member of the European Branch of the Black Order
Affiliations Good
Goal To defeat the Millennium Earl
Home United Kingdom
Species Human/Noah
Partner(s) Timcanpy, Lenalee Lee, Miranda Lotto, Lavi, Bookman, Arystar Krory III, Sora, Shock, Kitana, The Lonesome Ghosts, Crona, Peter Griffin, Kick Buttowski
Allies Lenalee Lee, Yu Kanda, Miranda Lotto, Lavi, Arystar Krory III, Bookman, Noise Marie, Chaozii Han]], Timothy Hearst, Suman Dark, Daisya Barry,Chalker Laboun, Kazaana Reed, Hevlaska, Cross Marian, Froi Tiedoll, Klaud Nine, Winters Socalo, Kevin Yeegar, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Max Goof, Christopher Thorndyke, Kitana, Crona, Death the Kid, Jade (Mortal Kombat), Sofia the First, Kimber Benton, Jerrica Benton/Jem, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Natsu Dragneel, Happy (Fairy Tail), Erza Scarlet, Juvia Lockser, Grumpy, Snow White, Cinderella, Snow Villers, Cloud Strife, The Winx, Alice, Genie, Gigi Grant, Twyla, Frankie Stein, Skelita Calaveras, Jinafire Long, Draculaura, Lucinda, Oona, Spirits, Kiredori, Goushi, Komui Lee, Reever Wenhamm, Johnny Gill, Tup Dop, Number 65, Jeryy, The Gatekeeper, Bak Chang, For, Sammo Han Won, Rohfa, Rikei, Shifu, Renny Epstain, Andrew Nansen, Louis Fermi, Malcolm C. Lvellie, Howard Link, Finders, Scanty & Kneesocks, Peter Griffin
Enemies The Millennium Earl, Noah Family, Organization XIII, Maleficent, Pete, Akuma, Heartless, Oogie Boogie
Likes food, being an Exorcist, Sora, helping people, fighting Akuma
Dislikes Akuma, Yu Kanda being a grumpy pants
Powers and abilities Physical Prowess
Amateur Swordsmanship
Weapons his arm

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー, Aren Wōkā) is the main protagonist and a reference to the series D.Gray-man. Allen is a former Exorcist and a member of the European Branch of the Black Order which he is now seen and classified by them as a Noah. He is also currently the current host of the former Noah, Nea Walker. He is the adoptive son of Mana Walker, the elder brother of Nea Walker and Nea is Allen's adoptive uncle. Allen was also the former apprentice of the Exorcist General, Cross Marian. Allen is mostly been seen with Timcanpy on his side. He's more of a nice guy as Sora almost.

Allen Walker

Allen Walker



Allen is a young man of average height (though Kanda often teases Allen about his height, Kanda himself is a tall individual, so Allen's height is actually common for his age) with a lean, muscular physique, which, over the course of time, has become heavily marred with scars. He has medium-length gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length, silver/gray eyes, and his skin is somewhat pale. Allen has an unusual scar on the left side of his face that starts as a pentagram on his forehead, trails down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars his eyelid, and hooks slightly at his cheekbone and follows his cheek down close to his chin. It also has an extra line of scar tissue that runs parallel to his lower eyelid. This scar was given to him by Mana Walker, his foster father, after Allen turned him into an Akuma; the scar is also the source of his Pentacle Eye, which allows him to detect Akuma and see the human souls bound to their bodies.

Allen's parasitic type Innocence takes the form of the entirety of his left arm, from his shoulder down. Originally, it was red and quite veinous, but after he invoked his Crown Clown for the first time, the skin became much darker and more scale-like, his fingernails turning black and growing out and arrow-shaped markings forming along his shoulder blade. When his arm evolved further, the skin seemed to smooth out more.

Because of his odd hair color and his strange arm, Allen has a tendency to cover his hair with hats and hoods and wear gloves and long-sleeved shirts to keep people from seeing his arm.

Allen's Exorcist uniforms often consist of concealing jackets and gloves, as well as pants and heavy duty boots, though Allen's latest uniform features a shorter jacket and capri-like pants. He always asks for gloves to be included so he can keep his hand hidden, though recently Allen has gotten more comfortable with showing his hand when he is just around his comrades.

As a child, Allen's hair was a more reddish-brown color; his hair turned white at an early age due to the shock he suffered at the violent death of Mana.


Allen portrays himself as a kind, generous, and very polite young man. He tends to be very self-sacrificing, often willing to let his body and emotions take devastating blows for the sake of others; this trait is something that has angered several of his comrades and friends, most noticeably Yu Kanda and Lenalee Lee. Allen also has unassuming and borderline naive traits, despite the troubling life his master and General, Cross Marian, forced him to live. Because of his cursed Pentacle Eye, which allows him to see the human souls bound to Akuma, Allen considers Akuma to be just as important to him as humans, swearing his left arm to saving Akuma and his right to saving humans in his attempt to be, as he once put it, "a destroyer who can save".

Over time, Allen's personality has seen a shift; several times, his "dark side", something he developed to survive the gamblers and con-artists Cross sacrificed him to, has shown itself, frequently shocking and scaring those around him. He has also begun using less polite speech, something noted by and encouraged by Lenalee and Johnny Gill. The one person who can consistently make Allen break his polite mold is fellow Exorcist Yu Kanda; their differing views but similar "darknesses", as it is described by Noise Marie, lead to them conflicting frequently, sometimes over menial issues.

As a child, Allen was actually a much different person; he was rude and withdrawn, so hesitant to form relationships that he often resorted to insulting people who showed him the smallest bit of kindness. After he was abandoned as a child and taken in by a travelling circus, his only friend was a dog named Allen, who was owned by the clown Mana Walker. After Allen the dog was killed by another clown, Cosimo, who was jealous of Allen the dog and Mana's performance skills, Allen openly mourned the loss of the dog. Over time, Allen (who had been an unnamed orphan and has simply been called "Red" by the circus folk) took Allen the dog's name at Mana's insistence.

Allen became so attached to Mana that, when Mana died, he brought him back as an Akuma, and when Mana died a second time, this time because of Allen's newly awakened Innocence, Allen briefly went mad and feral, the shock causing his hair to go white and his rude personality to completely flip; when Allen finally recovered, Cross, who had been taking care of him, immediately noticed that he had started talking "just like Mana".


Thirty-five years before the start of the story, Nea Walker was dying when someone who seems to be a matured Allen told Nea that he would protect his memory. When Nea reawoke he questioned why Allen had gotten younger.

Allen was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed "deformity" of his left arm (which was later revealed to be caused by his Innocence). He was eventually found and adopted by a traveling performer named Mana Walker on Christmas Day. Some time later Mana died, and Allen, tormented with grief and manipulated by the Millennium Earl, turned Mana into an Akuma, hoping that his beloved surrogate father would be fully resurrected. But the Mana Akuma cursed Allen and sliced through his left eye, leaving the "Pentacle" -- the mark of the Akuma—which scars the left side of his face. This enabled his left eye to see the souls trapped within the Akuma from then on. It was at this same moment that Allen's left arm first invoked as an Anti-Akuma weapon, which instinctively destroyed the Mana Akuma. In the course of this traumatic event, Allen's hair turned from red (brown in the anime) into a stark white.

Allen eventually met Cross Marian, a General of the Black Order, who explained to Allen the ways of the Akuma and the trapped souls within them: once a soul is brought back inside an Akuma, they are trapped forever; the only way to save one is to exorcise them from their Akuma vessel. Allen subsequently became Cross' disciple and spent the next three years with him before being sent to the Black Order to become an official Exorcist. During this time, Allen was tormented by his master's constant irresponsible behavior and forced into various odd jobs to pay off the debts that General Cross accumulated. This, coupled with Cross' womanizing ways and harsh treatment towards Allen, led to Walker fearing more than respecting his master whom he never speaks fondly of. In fact, when Jasdevi claims that Cross is like a demon, Allen denies this and instead insists that Cross is a real demon. In addition, when Jasdevi reveal that the debts Cross left them reached 100 guineas, Allen grows demon horns, laughs at them, and calls their debts small change in comparison to his own, leaving Lavi to wonder just how much money Allen's been made to pay. 

In addition to being physically fit and skilled at combat (as evident by his ability to fight and dodge Fō without the use of his Innocence), Allen has a few odd talents and skills. Because of the many debts Allen was forced into paying by Cross, he learned to play cards and gamble at a very young age, though in the anime his initial purpose was to practice his paralyzed and deformed left hand. He also learned how to cheat and win through deception and doesn't hesitate to use these tactics whenever necessary. In fact, he is quite proud of his talents. This is a stark contrast to his polite and courteous nature and often surprises his friends, who wouldn't expect such a dark side to Allen, and has caused them to wonder just what Cross has done to him. Walker also possesses circus abilities such as juggling and acrobatics, which he learned from traveling with Mana who was himself a circus clown by trade. Inspector Levrier and Cross have both referred to a "player" (as in one who plays a musical instrument), and Cross has hinted that there may be more than one.

History OutlineEdit

Allen has no memory of his birth parents; he only knows he was abandoned. Before he activated his Innocence for the first time at the age of ten, he was completely unable to move his left arm.

  • Age 7: Met Mana and began to travel with him.
  • Age 9: Became a clown alongside Mana as they traveled.
  • Age 10: Mana died. On Christmas Eve, Allen made a deal with the Earl to bring Mana back, turning Mana into an Akuma. Allen's Innocence activated and destroyed Mana. Shortly after, Allen was found by Cross.
  • Age 11: Allen began to travel with Cross and learn how to control his Innocence.
  • Age 15: Cross abandoned Allen in India. Allen found his way to the Black Order and became an Exorcist.

Story in "D.Gray-man"Edit

Allen first appears in London and as soon as he arrives, a cat eats Timcanpy. Chasing it, he arrives at a "cursed" church and saves a police woman named Moore from an Akuma. He is soon suspected for her partner's death. However, as the investigation continued, Allen discovered that Moore's brother-in-law (who her sister was forced to kill and then take over) was the Akuma. After a brief fight, Allen kills the Akuma and leaves to the Exorcist HQ.

When Allen arrived at the order, the Gatekeeper mistook him for an Akuma because of the Pentacle mark on his eye, and Kanda is dispatched to kill him. This miscommunication is straightened out after his letter of recommendation from General Cross was finally found on Komui Lee's very cluttered desk. Upon his arrival, he met with Hevlaska and was predicted to be the "Destroyer of Time". The meaning of this is never really explained, but Bookman theorizes that "time" referred specifically to the "millennium" or even more specifically, the Millennium Earl. In essence, it is believed that this prophecy means Allen will be the one to someday destroy the Millennium Earl.

Lenalee Lee takes this opportunity to show Allen around as Allen meets many of the Order's members. He quickly became familiar with the chef, Jeryy, due to his huge appetite, and the Finders, because he stood up for them against Kanda.

Ghost of Mater ArcEdit

Komui gives Allen his first assignment: find an Innocence in the town of Mater. He is partnered with Kanda and a Finder named Toma. As they arrive, they find the Finders stationed there have been killed by three Akuma. Allen and Kanda quickly dispatch two of them; however, the last one evolves into a Level 2 Akuma. Allen confronts the Akuma, while Kanda heads out to find the Innocence, which was allegedly serving as the heart of a living doll called the Ghost of Mater.

Allen gets beat up by the Akuma's ability to copy anything. The Akuma soon throws him into a building which knocks him out. Later, Allen arrives just in time to stop Kanda from killing Toma (who was forced to wear Allen's "skin" by the Akuma through his copy ability), who Kanda thought was the Akuma in Allen's "skin", when in reality the Akuma was wearing Toma's "skin". Kanda is critically injured, and Allen escapes with him and Toma to find a place to rest. He accidentally finds the Ghost of Mater, named Guzol, with a young girl called Lala, overhearing their conversation and realizing Lala is the actual doll, while Guzol is merely a badly disfigured human. As he hears her plea to stay alive long enough to be with her dying friend Guzol, Allen agrees to wait for her friend to die before taking her heart. Kanda disagrees with such a "foolish" act. The two argue until the Level 2 Akuma arrives, taking Lala's Innocence heart and gravely wounding Guzol. Allen becomes so enraged that he activates his Anti-Akuma arm into an alternate form, which is a type of cannon. He also later morphs it into a type of rod that functions as a sword. Just when Allen seems on the verge of winning, his Innocence rebounds, as his body can't keep up with the morphed weapon. Kanda saves him, and with his help, the two kill the Level 2 Akuma. Allen then returns the heart to Lala and allows her to fulfill her promise to her friend before he dies. With this, Allen takes the Innocence back to HQ.

First Meeting with the Millennium Earl Edit

As Allen and Toma head back to HQ, Allen runs into the son of one of the Order scientists, John, who wants to kill Akuma. Allen and Toma try desperately to convince John to stop hunting Akuma to no avail. Allen then tries to get John's father Jake Russell to convince him, but he found that Jake was more interested in work than his family. Allen then gets a bad feeling and he goes back to John just as Lenalee is about to throw a Welcome Party for Allen. Allen finds that the Earl had turned John's friend Leo into an Akuma and as the two exchange ideals, the Earl remembers Allen was someone he had made an Akuma for as he summons several Akuma to take him out.

Not to be outdone, Allen and Lenalee attack the Earl and the several Akuma he summoned in a huge battle. Allen defeats them all but the Earl escapes and curses how he didn't kill Allen when he was younger. Afterwards, he goes back to HQ and gets attacked by Komui's newest robot, only to in the end be saved by Lenalee. Later, Lenalee takes Allen to his Welcome Party.

Rewinding Town ArcEdit

Allen and Lenalee are dispatched to a town in Germany that has been stuck on "October 9" (October 28 in the anime) for thirty days. Allen manages to save Miranda Lotto from an Akuma and soon the three meet three more Level 2 Akuma who leave under mysterious orders. Soon, Allen and Lenalee figure out that Miranda's clock holds an Innocence and that Miranda is the clock's accommodator.

After they've tried to help Miranda, Road Kamelot captures them and explains to Allen about the The Noah Family and their connection to the Millennium Earl. His injuries are temporarily healed by Miranda, who activates her Innocence. Allen and Lenalee then work together to defeat Road and her Akuma, but Road forces an Akuma to self-destruct, causing the trapped soul to be destroyed. Horrified, Allen tries to save the soul by killing the Akuma before it detonates but Lenalee stopped him from the possible death, forcing Allen to witness the soul's destruction. Enraged, he shouts as he asks why she stopped him, which leads her to slap him and exclaim that she is his friend so she couldn't watch him die. Road gets bored and is about to leave when Allen tries to kill her in angry anguish. In the end, he cannot do it. Allen and Lenalee then convince a distraught Miranda to stop her activation and let them regain their wounds.

While healing, Allen meets Lavi and the two become fast friends as he learns from Lavi how to live as an Exorcist without his pentacle, and is also reminded of the significance of the Exorcist's coat as once told to him by his master.

Leaves of Rebirth Arc (Anime Only)Edit

Because bi-polar weather changes have been reported, the Order suspected that an Innocence might be causing all this. So Allen, Kanda, and Lavi were assigned to find and retrieve the Innocence fragment. On their way to search for it, they found two people unconscious in a snowstorm and saved them by bringing them to a cabin. Kanda decided to go forward by himself, leaving Lavi and Allen behind with the two people. The next day, Allen and Lavi leave and search again for the precious fragment. Learning that the two people, who followed the exorcists, were travelling to obtain the "Leaves of Rebirth" and using it to revive the man's deceased son. It was rumored that the leaves of the tree would bring back a person from the dead. At the same time, Skinn Bolic and Lero, along with three akumas decided to look for the Innocence fragment as well. The two exorcists began to engage in a battle with the akumas, with the noah just watching from the side. This resulted in Kanda jumping in a the last minute and Allen getting hurt and falling unconscious. After retreating to a safe place, Lavi and Kanda decided to step out to continue their mission. At the very end of the snowstorm was the "Rebirth Tree", which was sliced by Kanda's Mugen, and the Innocence was obtained. When returning, Kanda and Lavi was attacked by the former akumas, who formed into one and froze both exorcists to prevent them from moving. In the end, Allen came in and unfroze them, and all three exorcists defeated the akuma. After observing the battle, Skinn Bolic prepared to jump into the scene, but was stopped by Road. Kanda informed the others that he will take the Innocence fragment to the HQ.

Millennium Swordsman Arc (Anime Only)Edit

Together with Lenalee, Allen is sent to look for Kanda who is sent on a mission to retrieve an Innocence, but hasn't contacted headquarters for three days. Before getting inside the train Lenalee argues with Allen, saying that she hates his cursed eye.

As they arrive to the destination, they notice that the town is filled with bounty hunters as Claudia, daughter of mister Sardini, a local rich man, has been kidnapped by a man named Vittorio. After sneaking into Sardini's house, Allen has a conversation with Sardini, who reveals that Claudia is forced to marry mister Paretti. He also reveals that Claudia told him about an man who appeared to her during the night.

Allen and Lenalee head to the colosseum, where Akuma attack the bounty hunters. Vittorio appears and defeats many of the Akuma. Kanda also appears and starts fighting against Vittorio, only to get hit by Vittorio's sword into the right side. Allen attacks Vittorio in order to stop him from killing Kanda. Soon Claudia appears and orders Vittorio to stop fighting him and tells Allen to tell her father that she isn't coming home. Kanda is taken to the nearby house of an old lady, who tells Allen and the others about an story of princess Sandra and Vittorio, that happened thousand years ago. Sandra wanted to marry the strongest man in the world, so every man who wanted to marry her had to defeat Vittorio, however Vittorio always won and Sandra fell ill in time and finally died, but Vittorio kept fighting even after that. Kanda wakes up, hoping to complete his mission of defeating Vittorio, before Akuma gets his Innocence, but Allen tells him to stay put and trust on him, Lenalee and Vittorio to protect the Innocence.

Allen returns to the colosseum where Vittorio still keeps fighting Akuma. Vittorio challenges Allen to fight, but Allen tries to convince him that Sandra is dead and that his fight is long over. Vittorio denies this and attacks Allen.

When Vittorio is about to finish off Allen, Kanda arrives, shouting that he shouldn't have trusted Allen after all and stops Vittorio. Kanda is hit again by Vittorio's giant sword, this time to the left shoulder. Kanda however attacks Vittorio as well to the arm, so that Vittorio would let go of his sword, which contains the Innocence. Allen goes to help Kanda, while they see Vittorio dying in Claudia's arms.

The Vampire from the Old Castle ArcEdit

Allen joins Lenalee, Lavi, and Bookman to find General Cross, much to his dismay. Allen was soon separated from the group as he publicly apologized to Lenalee about the exploding Akuma incident. Villagers, believing him to be a priest, kidnapped him to help them with a "vampire" problem. Lavi soon appeared with the others and went to help him as Lenalee warned Allen not to get bit by the vampire. He becomes shocked as he finds the vampire Baron Arystar Krory III. As Allen gets bitten by him, Lavi keeps a stake and some garlic with him while chanting that Lenalee will never speak to him again.

Krory biting Allen.As they enter the castle and run into Krory's man-eating flowers, Lavi spots Eliade and he instantly becomes smitten with her. Allen stopped him from trying to become her "lover" and the two fought Krory again. Before the fight however, Allen and Lavi discovered Krory has been killing Akuma instead of people. Allen battled Eliade as Lavi tried to convince Krory to join their side. As he fought her, Allen was knocked out and as he was about to be killed, Allen's pentacle evolved and saved him. Allen then figured out that Eliade was an Akuma. Krory was uninterested in joining them and after seeing Allen try to hurt Eliade, he threw both him and Lavi into the man-eating flowers. Remembering that he'd dealt with this type of flower before and that they only eat people with negative attitudes, Allen told this to Lavi and they both proclaimed feelings of love to the flowers so they could escape.

After that they proved to Krory that Eliade was an akuma since Allen's evolved eye could reflect the soul of the akuma (something he never does again) and Krory killed her. Allen converted Krory to the Black Order so he could have friends. He watched alongside Lavi as Krory burned down his castle to find a new life with his first friends. Sometime after traveling with them, Allen learns about Lenalee's recurring nightmare about the end of the world and him. After hearing this, Allen comforted her and promised to protect her and that he wouldn't die. On the train, Allen found that Krory lost everything he had in a poker game (he didn't know how to play) so Allen played to retrieve Krory's stuff. Allen, of course, cheated in poker as he explained that Cross taught him how to which makes Lavi worry about what Cross had done to him.

General Yeegar Falls Arc (Anime Only)Edit

Komui Lee sends Allen to another Branch. Allen goes there but he didn't know it was because general Yeegar wanted to meet him. When he arrived there he is greeted by a finder. The finder tells him how a wonderful person the general is. Allen is surprised at this because he thought that all the generals were cruel (because of Cross Marian). When suddenly a level 2 Akuma attacks a village, Allen rushes in to help. There he meets General Yeegar. The general then invites him to lunch. Allen thought of the general as a father. After he gave general the golem he came to deliver, Allen left. Soon after Allen left, Road and Tyki attack General Yeegar and broke all the innocence he had with him. This was because they were searching for the heart. When Allen heard the news of the general being attacked he rushed to help. When they find the general they hear him singing a song with a message in it telling them that the earl is searching for the heart.

Order in Crisis ArcEdit

During this time Allen is teamed up with Lenalee while searching for General Cross.

Lulu Bell's Attack Arc (Anime Only)Edit

The Earl orders Lulu Bell to eliminate the exorcists Allen, Lavi, Lenalee and Krory who are searching for Cross Marian. She has to stop them from reuniting with Cross. She starts by disguising as Lenalee to lure Krory and kill him but the other exorcists notice Krory missing and go after him. When they meet up with him they find out that there are two Lenalees. The exorcists get separated, Allen and Krory, Lavi and Lenalee. When Allen and Krory get separated, Lulu Bell's attacks mostly focus on them. The exorcists eventually reunite.

Suman Dark's Fallen ArcEdit

As his team moved to China to locate Cross, Allen learns from Cross's recent lover, Anita that he went to Japan. Allen and his team with Anita and the supporters of Black Order abroad Anita's ship to Japan. Allen soon discovered a huge wave of Akuma coming towards them and as he fought them both he and Lenalee discovered the Akuma's target wasn't them. They find that the Akuma are hunting Suman Dark, who has turned into a Fallen One, for his Innocence. After hearing about Fallen Ones from Lenalee, Allen promised her that he would save Suman. As they tried to contact him, to no avail, Allen ended up getting absorbed into him as he saved a little girl. Inside Suman, his memories going into Allen's head and realized that Suman betrayed the Black Order to see his family. Desperately, Allen tried to reason with Suman as he traveled to a village in hopes of destroying it. Allen activated his Innocence to its maximum, his left arm stopped activating and broke, causing him to have intense pain. After saving Suman and his Innocence, Allen found out Suman's body is alive but his mind is dead. Allen became devastated as Tyki Mikk destroys Suman body with his Teez. After explaining his abilities to Allen, Tyki destroyed Allen's Innocence to see if it was the heart. Seeing that he supposedly didn't, Tyki had Teez eat a piece of Allen's heart, making a hole and apparently killed him. However, before "dying", Allen had Timcanpy take Suman's Innocence to Lenalee and Lavi.

Edo and Asian Branch ArcEdit

Allen prepared to fight ThreadSurprisingly, Allen survived Tyki's attack because his Parasite Innocence's particles formed the hole in his heart and closed the wound. His Innocence wasn't destroyed but reduced into particles. Allen began training with the Black Order's Asian branch to restore his Innocence. During training, Allen found out that Bak is a stalker for Lenalee as he has numerous pictures of her.

Allen and Fō began to engage in real battle training. Allen unable to reactivate his Innocence,became frustrated and try harder as he desperately wants to return to his friends. Fō disguises herself as Lō Fwa and talks with Allen, reminding him that he fights not for the sake of fighting, but for something precious to him. As he trains, a Level 3 Akuma attacks the Asian branch and as Fō was about to be killed by it, Allen revived his Innocence as "Crown Clown". With it, he defeated the Akuma and learned of the battle in Edo.

Allen then uses the Noah's Ark to reach Edo in time to save Lenalee from the Earl. With his new Anti-Akuma weapon, Allen fights the Earl while protecting Lenalee, the fight ends in a draw and the Earl retreats. However, Kanda thought he was an Akuma which Tyki called up and tried to attack him. Allen stops him from doing so at the last second, but Kanda gets mad in response and they start insulting each other once again.

Noah's Ark ArcEdit

As Allen caught up with the others, Lenalee and his emotional reunion is disrupted as Lero teleports Lenalee away. Allen, Lavi, Krory, Chaoji, and Kanda, are teleport together with her into the Noah's Ark. While searching inside, Tyki appears and gives him a key to Road's dimensional doors so he can escape the collapsing Ark. When his team used the key to open a door, Allen ran into Skin Boric. Kanda forced Allen to lead the others ahead.

The next door was opened. Allen found Jasdevi, in their split form. Allen, Lavi and Krory fight violently against Jasdevi but The Twins reveal that they were forced to pay a bill that Cross left for them that was worth 2 million yen. Allen decides to berate the twins as they want him to pay the bill by claiming that was nothing compared to what he has paid in the name of Cross before.

Feeling angry, the twins steal the key and force Allen's team to search for it amongst illusionary keys. Allen gives Lavi time to find the key as he and Krory fight off Jasdevi. Allen becomes angry as Jasdevi attacks Lenalee and Chaoji so with Krory's Noah sensing abilities, they were able to stop the twins until Lavi found the key. With this, the twins merge into a single body, after being called kids. And Krory forces Allen to lead the others out of the Ark.

As Allen helps Lenalee up the stairs, suffering from Lavi's jokes, Allen is asked what he will do after the battle. He replies that he will eat everything that Jerry can cook and that he will never give up hope. With this, Allen's team runs into Road and Tyki at the top of the tower and Road surprises all of them by kissing Allen on the lips. Tyki asks them to sit down for a meal but Allen refuses to eat without time to enjoy it. Tyki then tells them to look outside and they see that everything except for the tower has been destroyed. Tyki tells them to sit down again and asks if they are afraid. A fight later ensues between Allen and Tyki when Tyki sends the Teez to kill Lenalee.

Allen and Tyki's battle reaches a point where Allen's new arm is broken. He reveals to Tyki that it is the Innonence that provides the power but it is the Exorcist's heart that makes him deadly and with that his Crown Clown heals itself. In retaliation, Tyki repels the air to create a vacuum to kill Allen. Allen attempts to break free from the vacuum by synchronizing with his Innocence. Tyki is about to pull out his heart but Allen decides to use his power to save humans and the Noah and is able to hit the critical point (exceed 100%) of synchronizing with his Innocence resulting in Crowned Clown- Sword of Exorcism, which makes him capable of becoming a General. Allen unsheathes his new Sword of Exorcism and with it, he is able to exorcise the Noah from Tyki.

Allen playing the pianoWith this, Road uses Lavi to attack Allen but Lavi is able to overcome Road and as they defeat her and she escapes, Allen tries to save Lero and Tyki. However, after Allen's failed attempt of exorcise the Noah inside him, Tyki is fully awaken as a Noah, turns into a demonic knight and easily beats both Allen and Lavi until General Cross arrives to rescue/ridicule them.

Cross orders Allen to control the Ark, and sends him and Timcanpy into the secret room of The 14th Noah, where Allen faces a dark apparition in the mirror who calls Timcanpy "My Timcanpy". Timcanpy projected a mysterious set of music scores, Allen begins to play on the white piano, at the same time thinking of his wish(give back friends), controlling and restoring the Ark. With the Ark, they take the Akuma Egg to the Black Order Headquarter.

Invasion of the Black Order ArcEdit

As a result of Allen having the powers of the Musician in order to control the Ark, he is able to save his friends. Controlling the Ark, thus stopping the download of Akuma's egg, so it does not function which causes a large amount of damage to the Earl's plans. Later, Allen ponders on how the symbols he and Mana created years ago were the song to move the Ark. Allen tried to confront his master about it, but he never gets a chance to. After Allen and his friend's return to headquarters, he is put under suspicion by Malcolm C. Rouvelier, who wants to put Allen on trial for treason. In order to ensure Allen's loyalties, Levrier has his subordinate, Howard Link to put Allen under 24-hour supervision. This causes many members of the Order to suspect Allen while close friends, including Komui, Lenalee, Lavi, Bak, Reever, and Johnny, believe that Allen wouldn't betray them.

The Noah, Lulu Bell, brought her army of Akuma and Skulls to attack the Headquarters' Lab 5, where the Akuma "Egg" is being studied. The army injures the entire science department and intending to turn the smart ones into Skulls. Allen and Bookman arrive through the Ark, struggle with the endless army of Level 3 Akuma. Lulubell has already secured the Akuma "Egg" and opened a gate to the Millennium Earl. Allen was knocked out and kidnapped but was rescued by the Generals, taking back the Egg. The Egg was destroyed when Lulu Bell attempted to take back the Egg again. The victory is short lived as a Level 4 Akuma appears and easily pummels Allen and destroys part of HQ to the point where it drilled straight to the mantle of the earth itself. When Allen saw the Level 4's soul he started to vomit and stated it was too grotesque to look at. Lenalee with her new form of Dark Boots together with Allen overpowered the Akuma. Eventually, the generals joined in and pour their full power in their attacks, and defeated the Level 4. 6t3476t3r4

Allen in his new uniformCross arranges a meeting with Allen and reveals to him that he is to become the 14th Noah. Allen asks what the relationship was between Mana and the 14th. Cross replies that they were brothers. Cross apparently was looking after Mana for the 14th and that as he was at the right moment he would someday lose his very soul for the 14th to be reborn in his body and that he was doomed to kill the "ningen" or "human(s)" he loved when that happened. Allen is probably very worried, but he has recovered a cheerful front and is trying to keep his mind on his duties.

Destruction of the Black Order ArcEdit

Allen and friends are helping move the science team's storage when a massive storm hits the Black Order's HQ, causing a blackout. Unknown to them, someone or something has infected Krory with Komuivitan D, a mysterious substance created by Komui to combat overworking the science team. The Komuivitan was deemed dangerous, as it seems to turn the person who drinks it zombie-like, infecting others with Komuivitan D via biting. Soon enough, most of HQ is infected with Komuivitan D, save for Link, Lavi, Kanda, Allen, Johnny, Lenalee, Bookman, Marie, Reever, some others of the science team, and Komui.

Eventually, however, in an effort to try and create a vaccine from the original source of the entire infection, everyone but Johnny, Allen, and Komui is infected by the oncoming hoarde. Johnny and Allen are infected as well, but not without finding out that Krory is the source of the infection, a ghost in the HQ is to blame for giving Krory Komuivitan, and creating a successful vaccine from Krory's blood, thanks to Komlin EX. Unfortunately, Komlin is destroyed when Krory gets infected by Allen and Lavi after being so overjoyed at seeing them that he doesn't realize that they are affected by Komuivitan D. Komui is infected as well, but luckily, the next day, Bak comes to visit and cures HQ of the Komuivitan D infection after finding a vaccine.

Disappearance of Cross Marian ArcEdit

While at the Black Order's new HQ, Cross Marian is attacked and killed. His killer is later revealed to be the unnamed Cardinal, who reveals himself to be Apocryphos, which shows a cutscene of his killer holding Judgement to Cross's head before it was fired. This cutscene was apparently Cross's killer's memories that were accidentally shown to Allen while being attacked. Cross's guards evidently have fallen asleep during their watch, which is how they don't realize that an intruder has entered Cross's room until it's too late.

Witnessing Cross's bloodied body, one of the guards run off to get Inspector Lvellie. The other guards burst into the room, only to find that Cross's body has fallen through the window, leaving his shattered mask behind on the seat. Cross is never found after this, and during the investigation of his room, Timcanpy seems to sense his master's demise and flies to his room. It is then that Allen discovers his master's tragic death.

Phantom Thief G ArcEdit

He is sent on a mission with Kanda and Marie to investigate a strange rash of theft. They first visit the captured victims in the jail and leave to capture G. Later that night, G steals the crown and Kanda intercepts G but is revealed to be another victim. As G escapes, Allen ambushes him and reveals that it was part of their plan. However while Allen was distracted, G possesses Link. Link proves himself formidable to match Kanda. Kanda reveals that Link is a Crow of Central Agency.

Allen stabs Link with his Sword of Exorcism and G is in shock. G begins to cry in a very unique way that Marie used to find the source. Marie has lead his team to a boy named Timothy whose Innocence can allow him to control other people's bodies. The building is suddenly dark and Allen realizes that his eye isn't reacting at all to the Akuma even though it is in front of him. The Level 4 tells him that he shouldn't underestimate the Earl and that they have finally caught up with him. Allen also attempts to summon the Ark but this too is disabled inside the barrier. He then engages in battle with a second Level 4 Akuma and three other Akuma who are attempting to take the boy.

As Kanda managed to injure the Level 4, Allen lost his sword, when the Akuma grabbed it and threw it away. After running from the attacks, he calls Crown Clown back to him, making it fly straight through the Akuma and through himself, pinning them to the wall. As the Akuma comments on him skewering himself and Allen explains the effect of the Sword of Exorcism, he is suddenly racked with pain, as the Sword seems to be affecting himself as well. As the Akuma prepares to fire on him, the 14th Noah inside him surfaces. He touches the Akuma's cheek, causing it to stop, saying only "Good Morning". As the Level 4 is about to answer to Allen as Noah, it is skewered by Kanda as the Level 4 pronounces "noa..". Allen, who seemed under the 14th's control, looks at Kanda with a hostile expression. Kanda then provokes Allen by calling him "Idiot Bean Sprout". Allen's conscience immediately surfaces and then slices the Level 4 to pieces.

Third Exorcists Arc Edit

Upon his return to Headquarters, Allen has a dream in which he is impaled on the Sword of Exorcism and a voice is telling him he is not without sin and that it is he who is in need of salvation. Mana appears in the dream and invites Allen to come with him - though he never calls Allen by name. He uses another name that Allen can't quite make out, symbolized by ***, three unknown characters. Allen asks Mana to call him by his name and then wakes up. His hair turns wavy and bares a hostile expression. This startles Lenalee, who has fallen asleep on the bed next to that of Allen's. Allen seemed not himself -highly likely he was under the 14th control- until Lenalee calls his name. Before the two could start a conversation though, they are interrupted by Link who has been unable to perform his duties because of Lenalee's "immodest state". Allen tries to lock him out for a moment, while Lenalee asks him whether or not he is feeling alright. Link threatens to tell Komui that Allen is alone in a sealed room with Lenalee. Allen immediately relents and opens the door. Later, Lenalee is shown thinking that Allen looked like a different person when he woke up.

In Jordan, Allen and a few Third Exorcists began fighting an army of Akuma. There, Allen sees what happens to Akuma souls when Third Exorcists absorb them, and his eye bleeds from it. After that, Tyki appears with some other Noah and began to attack, while taking shelter in a cave, Allen learns the fate of any Third Exorcist but Tyki reappears to battle them.

Allen manages to defeat all the Akuma and disappears and reappears to where the Noahs are keeping the Order hostage. Allen comes from an ark gate beneath a black coffin ready to attack the Noahs but the Earl is waiting for him. As they meet, Allen and Tyki both manage to land on the Earl without seeing him. The Earl grabs Allen and tells him that he'll never go back to the Order, as he'll be leaving it by choice soon. As the Earl questions how he called him by saying "Good Morning" the Level 4 Akuma in the Timothy arc, Allen denies trying to contact the Earl. The 14th, however, appears, and makes a death threat, saying that he'll take over the Earl's place. During this, Allen goes through great pain, as if he were about to transform into the Noah (chapt 189).The 14th took over Allen's body

After managing to recover, Allen informs the Noah, the Earl, and the 14th, saying, "I'm Allen, an Exorcist! And I'd die before becoming anything else." He also says, "Don't take your brotherly fights out on other people! It's a nuisance!!" to the Earl, and exspecially the '14th'. Wisely then hints at Alma's existence to Allen, and after Alma is brought out, he draws Allen and Road into Kanda's memories. He sees the younger Alma, who says "Raise your hand if you understand me." and does so, only to be stomped across. He realizes that Alma doesn't appear to notice him, and sees a hand rising from a circle of water. That hand then turns out to belong to a naked boy that gets pulled out by Alma. As he's finally pulled out Allen realizes that the child is Kanda.

After that Allen watches Kanda's memories as he was involved in the "Second Exorcist Project". The Second Exorcists seem to be killed exorcists whose brains were transferred to artificial bodies. The scientists tried to transfer Innocence to those artificial bodies. {C Allen witnesses those painful memories and is almost consumed by Kanda's emotions, until Road explains to him that he's seeing Kanda's memories. In those memories Allen learns about the relationship of Alma and Kanda who were both part of the painful experiments and cruel researches of the Asian Branch and always fighting (and after that always regenerating and healing their wounds due to their modified bodies). Allen also witnesses Alma as he was eavesdropping on the scientists who intended to kill Kanda, because he seemed to have dreams of his real memories as an exorcist, and then tried to save his only friend and almost got killed by the CROW in the process. In the end Kanda thinks Alma is dead and survived himself.

Mystery of Kanda arcEdit

After watching Kanda strike Alma down and having endured Kanda's memories long enough, Allen blows his top and punches Kanda in the forehead with his Crown Clown for allowing Wisely to "spy on his memories" for so long and forgetting his quick temper. Road notes that it's cruel of Allen to strike someone in the head with Innocence but he's also too late. Johnny and Bak begin to call to Allen telling him to stop Alma Karma before he wakes up and turns into an Akuma. Allen stares shocked at the demonic cocoon containing Alma but before he can react, the Earl tells Alma to "kill them" and Alma's awakening causes a huge explosion that blows up the entire North American Branch.

Allen survives, noticing Kanda is confronting Alma, but is shocked that Tokusa used his seals to protect him from most of the blast, despite his injuries. Allen begins to feel guilty that he couldn't save anyone at the time, a thought to which Tokusa knees him on the head, saying that being an Exorcist does not mean he can save everyone. Allen is then relieved that everyone is probably safe when Johnny contacts him. As Alma begins to turn into an Akuma, Allen witnesses Tokusa mutating. Allen attempts to help Tokusa, but is blown away into a wall. Then Allen's Crown Clown activates by itself and forces Allen to use Edge End on Tokusa. Allen begs for the Innocence stop threatening to kill himself with it if the Innocence didn't obey him, but Tokusa approaches Allen. Allen then watches Kanda fight Alma, and asks why Kanda is fighting so seriously to use Four Illusion Style. Tokusa then sneaks up behind him and attacks him, while claiming that he is not an enemy of Exorcists to stop himself, but is struggling. Then the Millennium Earl requests Allen to come along with the Noah Family as the Fourteenth if he wants the Earl to "put an end to this little show".

Allen watches as Tokusa and Alma terrorize all of his comrades present. He tries to call to Tokusa, who no longer recognizes him as he's consumed by Alma's hatred. Tokusa then proceeds to break his leg. He's saved by Bak using "Sealed God" and Fō also comes to his aid, sealing him in a bubble with her. When she sees him looking conflicted, she asks him is he really thinking about taking the Earl's offer. He replies he understands Alma's hate from the memories shown to him by Wisely but doesn't see a way to save him. They're then attacked by Tyki who injures Fo. He then extends his hand to Allen, telling him not to irritate the Earl any further. Fō yells at Allen for being a fool trying to save everyone, telling him it's not that easy and he can't go deciding on his own.

Tyki casually blasts her but Allen saves her with his Sword of Exorcism, asking whether she thinks he can save him. He begins to fight Tyki but Fō tells him she'll take care of Tyki. Allen goes off to deal with Alma but his leg hinders him so Professor Zu heals him with his magical golem "Atuda" using his own life force. Allen then stops Kanda from attacking Alma with his "Fifth Illusion."

Allen blocks Alma from Kanda's "Fifth Illusion" attack telling Alma to get back more. Later Allen starts mocking Kanda because of his appearance, more later asking Kanda why he stabbed Alma. Kanda then uses "Fifth Illusion Ripping Flash Claw" on Allen and Alma, it is later said that his hair has turned light purple, the cause is because he sublimated his soul too much to the "Fifth Illusions Form". From Kanda using "Fifth Illusion Ripping Flash Claw" it is shown that it is affecting Allen badly. Later on Allen and Alma are still fighting while Fō and Tyki also are, Alma is later shown attacking Kanda with a strong attack but Allen blocks the attack with his Innocence, telling Alma "You should have seen, just like the Noah showed me... The reason why Kanda chose to live nine years ago.. You still won't forgive him?!" Allen is shown holding Alma up by his tail, Alma also starts crying saying "As long as Yu's still alive, I.."

It is shown that the Akuma Alma's regenerating ability has reached its limit, Allen is holding Alma from falling but when Kanda attacks Allen moves Alma out of the way not giving Alma to Kanda who wants to kill him. Kanda is later telling Allen that it's his fault Alma is an akuma, also telling him "The one who destroyed this branch and made the Third Exorcists into monsters is all your fault, the fault of the man who belongs to the order even though he's a Noah!" Allen's Innocence activates then he attacks Kanda, screaming Kanda's name. While Kanda screams "It's all your fault, you fucking Noah!" They continue fighting until Alma shoots light at Allen hurting him in his shoulder, crying while doing it.

But Allen still attacks Kanda asking Kanda "You think destroying Alma is going to end everything!" But it is shown that Kanda stabs Allen right in his stomach with his Innocence, the Earl is shown being happy when this happens and Kanda finally regains himself (chapt 197). Allen asked Kanda "Look carefully at Alma's face. Why is he making that kind of face?" The area around where Kanda stabbed him starts to change into the color of a Noah's skin, eventually spreading throughout his whole body. Allen then pushes away from Kanda and falls to the ground showing that his whole body looks like a Noah's, Kanda calls him Bean Sprout as he falls down. Reever from the Black Order than says "His body looks like a Noah's..."

14th's Noah Aura around AllenAfter Kanda wounded Allen with his Innocence, The 14th started to awaken. Inside Allen's mind he is chained to a structure and confronted with the 14th. The 14th says that the Earl is going mad and that the Earl and Allen are both puppets. Allen mistakes the 14th for Tyki and then the 14th corrects him and introduces himself as Nea. After Timcanpy destroyed the barrier an image of Mana appeared which stopped the take over. Allen's left eye activated and then he saw a woman's soul in Alma Karma's body. Angered by this, Alma's hatred reawakens and once more attempts to kill Kanda by activating his self-destruct. The detonation blows Allen back and creates a crater. Kanda is seen on the brink of death and crumbling to pieces.

Allen arrives back at Kanda's body just as Alma's body begins regenerating. Alma begins to crawl as he searches for Kanda's body, saying that he "wants to be by his side." Allen picks up Alma's body in an attempt to bring him to rest beside Kanda. As Allen is carrying him, the dark-matter once more takes over Alma's body in an attempt to consume Alma's soul. Kanda tells Allen to send both he and Alma to "the place where we had our first mission together" (Ghost of Mater Arc). Allen agrees and sends them both through an Ark Gate. Allen than declares to the rest of the people witnessing the event that he cannot allow the Noah nor the Church to get in his way any longer.

Meanwhile, the Third Exorcists are still whirling out of the control, and the Exorcists are forced to battle and kill them. Allen attempts to suppress Tokusa without killing him. As the Order members verbally apprehend Allen for letting Kanda and Alma escape, Allen refutes that they could save the Third Exorcists, and questions if the Order truly intends to destroy the Third Exorcist Project. The Earl states that the Third Exorcsists that are still rampaging show the long grudge Alma had for the Organization. Rouvelier then barks an order to go find Alma and destroy his body to stop the rampage, but Allen persists, prompting Rouvelier to declare that Allen is no longer an Exorcist.

Allen in Black Order prisonAllen continues his attempt to persuade Tokusa, telling him that he isn't Alma, and that only Alma's cells are causing him to rampage. Because it is Tokusa's body, he should be able to control. But Tokusa asks Allen why he bothers to even save him if Allen should just kill him. Allen then asks back why the Third Exorcists are giving up so easily, and coaxes Tokusa into suppressing Alma's rage. However, Link arrives carrying Tewaku, and restrains Allen with seals, mistaking Allen for trying to kill Tokusa. Tewaku transforms and tries to attack Allen, but Timcanpy appears as a huge monster and saves him in time.The Earl whisks away Tokusa and the others for his own uses, declaring that he will return for the 14th Noah. Allen is shown to be imprisoned along with Timcanpy.

Seed Of Destruction ArcEdit

Knowing he is held for treason but not yet put to death so he can be questioned, Allen becomes very paranoid and refuses to eat, fearing truth serum has been slipped into his food. He's purposely unresponsive to interrogations, and seems intent on retreating mentally. Because of his actions, priests from the Vatican have taken to drawn-out forms of torture, leaving the worst of his wounds, the stab through his stomach he received from Kanda, largely unattended to.

It is only when Howard Link makes him accept food sent by Jerry (which has a rather vulgar slur aimed at Rouvelier scrawled on top, thus proving no one has tampered with it) that Allen begins eating. Allen then apologizes to Link.

Link is rather annoyed that the first words out of Allen's mouth are an apology, but reveals his shared past with the Third Exorcists. Allen regrets not having become better friends with them, and wishes he had known more about the situation. He also thinks Kanda and Alma could've survived if he had had more knowledge, and realizes all he's doing is hating without knowing anything about the "14th." He then begins to think about the 14th, wondering that if he knew more, something would change.

Somehow, these thoughts awaken Allen's inner Noah, and Allen begins to lose consciousness.

Link, though surprised that the cardinal is there, allows him to approach Allen, only to be shocked when the fingers of the cardinal's left hand unfurl into dangerous-looking feather-blades. The blades pierce into Allen's innocence and cause him great pain. Link tries to intervene, but the cardinal attacks him and erases Link's memory of the cardinal. Allen attempts to stop the cardinal and pierces his head by accident with his innocence, as his vision was blurred and he couldn't move well. The cardinal is unaffected by the attack and begins moving towards Allen. The cardinal continues what he was doing earlier, and Allen sees a vision of his Master, on the night that he went missing, and he was confronting the cardinal.

Tyki Mikk (sent by the Millenium Earl) intervenes and temporarily disables the cardinal by smashing the Cardinal's head into the floor. Road appears in her doll form and reverts back to her Noah form upon seeing Allen. She comforts him, since he is incredibly shaken by what he saw of his Master. It is then revealed that the cardinal is in fact an independent innocence known as Apocryphos, which exists solely to guard the Heart, and to do so is intent on absorbing Allen, as it is "what his (Allen's) Innocence wants". After a brief struggle between Apocyphos and Tyki, Allen attacks it claiming that the thought of merging with the person who killed Cross sickens him, and either blacks out and is taken by Tyki and Road, or willingly goes with them. Either way a message is broadcast across the Black Order that he has left with the Noah and his status as an Exorcist has been suspended.

After having a small argument with Tyki which ends in Tyki saying Allen has "two monsters" inside of him (his Noah memories, and his Innocence) and as a result "sows chaos and creates conflict" wherever he goes. However, before Tyki leaves, he tells Allen to show his monsters "who's boss." Road wakes up from an apparent coma-like state and says that the inspirational phrase Mana gave to Allen in the past, "Don't Stop. Keep Walking.", was originally said by Nea to Mana. Road adds that Nea fought to protect Mana, then disappears. Absorbing all of this, Allen decides to follow his own path without the Noah and the Order and opens a porta, via Ark. Just before he steps through to leave, Lenalee catches up to him and begs him not to go because if he does it means they will have to fight each other. Allen hugs her and assures her that he will always remain an exorcist even though their paths may be different. Before he leaves, he tells Lenalee that he loves her and everyone else at the Order, and that he will always consider the Order his home. He then walks through the Ark Gate, which crumbles after him as Lenalee falls to her knees and screams after him in sorrow.

Searching for A.W. arcEdit

It is then revealed how Cross took care of Allen after Mana died, and current Allen is seen returning to this place. Three months later, he is found lying in an alley in an unknown city by a young girl while emitting feathery-tendrils of Innocence from his body. When she asks if he is an angel he quickly places a finger in front of her mouth to make her stop talking. It is revealed that he is still being tracked by Apocryphos, who has just arrived at the train station.

Some time later he is seen performing a street show in his clown outfit and sees Johnny, which shocks him. He quickly and silently approaches him with his hat for money and then gets even more surprised to see Kanda, who approaches Johnny when the latter discovers they lost all their money. Johnny leaves to earn some money while Kanda stares at a terrorized Allen, who averted his gaze last minute (to keep Kanda form seeing his face) by doing more tricks. Kanda declares he wants to "slice him up a little," but Johnny drags him away, relieving Allen. However, his eye activates and an Akuma attacks from below. Kanda tries to destroy the Akuma, but it explodes as Allen emerges with his Innocence activated in front of the duo.

When Johnny tries to hug Allen, he pushes him away and tries to run for it. Kanda pulled him down and used Johnny's cloth to wipe Allen's face make-up. Akuma started to appear in the middle of Allen's argument with Kanda, and in the middle of the battle, Allen was questioned by Kanda of Howard Link's death, taking Allen by surprise. Allen became furious when he figured out that it was Apocryphos who murdered Link. When more Akuma arrive, Allen tries to get away because he knows the Akuma are coming for him and they were fighting in a crowded street. When running away, Wisely and Tyki taunt Allen, saying they will use Allen "as bait for Apocryphos". Suddenly, the 14th starts to resurface, much to Allen's dismay.

While attempting to get away from Johnny and Kanda, Allen starts to lose control to Nea and takes refuge underneath a stone bridge, not knowing that Johnny had implanted a tracking device in his hair when he had hugged him. Allen gets angry when Timcanpy suddenly bites his head, not knowing that the golem is trying to eat the tracking device, and then Allen's pain suddenly worsens, and the panic of losing to Nea starts to make him paranoid. He then hallucinates someone similar in appearance to Tyki asking him (Nea) if he hates him, and before the hallucination can go any further an Akuma emerges beneath Allen.

Before it can attack, Kanda and Johnny catch up, Kanda defeating the Akuma while Johnny tends to Allen. Allen snaps at them both, refusing to let them touch him, and then turns his anger on Kanda, demanding to know why he came back rather than staying with Alma. Kanda's heated answer makes Allen realize that Alma has died, which makes him cry before he collapses in pain. Kanda realizes that the wound that is bothering Allen is the one he had caused with Mugen at the North American Branch, and Johnny sees that his Innocence is trying to heal it, as it had when Tyki had punctured his heart.

When Allen falls unconscious, Johnny and Kanda take him to a hotel to rest, Johnny staying by his side and urging him to fight.

In Allen's mind, he is being shown some of Nea's memories, and he starts talking aloud in his sleep the lines that Nea said to Mana. While Allen is still watching Nea as young child with Mana, the Nea takes over Allen's body and, severely incapacitates Johnny. As Nea is surprised by Allen's appearance he asks Timcampy about Allen. Just then, Kanda enters and places his sword at Allen's throat demanding to know if he's the 14th. However, Nea let Allen control his body after having a talk with Tim privately.

Allen is horrified by Kanda's blade at his throat, stating he's Allen, but Kanda does not believe him and points to the injured Johnny before saving him. Allen, realizing the 14th hurt Johnny, is in disbelief that he hurt his friend. Johnny (even knowing Allen nearly killed him) tries to get close to him, but Allen tells him to stay away while activating his Crown Clown. He declares he is going to fight his own way as an exorcist and begins crying and says how sorry he is to Johnny, yet he still does not want to give up despite the situation. However, he is shocked by Johnny's determination to help him as his friend and, in a moment of surprise, Allen starts blushing uncontrollably. Kanda and Johnny use this moment to tie him up.

Allen is then forced into "Johnny's' Speedy Repair Service." He's handcuffed to Johnny so he can't run away again. While helping the business, he thinks he should leave since the 14th harmed Johnny so easily. He also realizes how lonely he was and that the Noah and the Order are not the only ones after him when his Innocence activates alerting him to Apocryphos' presence. He runs out of the shop he and Johnny were working on a repair, trying to put as much distance between himself and Apocryphos when he hears someone call "14th..." and turns to find the Earl before him.

Seeing the Earl before him, the Earl then blows a balloon up and Allen questions his reasons for appearing, believing the Earl wanted him to lure out Apocryphos. Johnny's gadget then reacts and zaps him, causing Allen to try and bite it off annoyed how the Black Order's gadgets still haunt him. The Earl then tries to crush him, but Allen dodges and begins to question the Earl's odd behavior. He tries to activate his Crown Clown but Allen gets no response and notes the Earl has lost it and wonders if it has something to do with the 14th. As Johnny arives, the Earl smashes Allen into a wall and Johnny saves him from getting crushed stating he'll save him despite Allen's pleas for him to leave him. As the Earl throws Johnny away, Allen and the Earl seemingly lock minds as Allen sees flashbacks of Road protecting Mana from what appears to be an angry Nea and later Mana in a field seeing the Earl kill their mother calling him "Mana D. Campbell" and he brought upon this tragedy. While questioning what he saw, the Earl mutters Mana's name over and over and states Mana is the cause of everything.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical Prowess: Due to his Innocence being largely used for close combat, Allen is noted to be above normal human standards in terms of physical fitness, making him able to perform in seemingly physically impossible workouts and hold back Akuma attacks that are known to take out walls. His physical abilities are only increased when his Innocence is activated.

Amateur Swordsmanship: After Allen received his Sword of Exorcism, he began training with Kanda to develop his swordsmanship skills, though after losing in a spar he reverted to physical brawling.


Cross is a parasitic type Anti-Akuma Weapon that is centralized in the cross-shaped, stone-like Innocence embedded in the back of Allen's left hand. The Innocence has caused Allen's entire arm to be taken over by Innocence, so his arm from the shoulder down is actually "foreign" tissue that his body symbiotically accepts as part of himself. Originally, Allen's arm was quite veinous and red, but over time its color has darkened and the skin has smoothed out, taking on a slightly more normal appearance.

  • Cross α: The first and most basic form of Allen's Innocence augments his left arm into a monstrous adamantine claw with a supernatural glow at Allen's scapula-joint. At this phase, his Innocence is capable of manipulating its size and shape even to extreme ends, such as when it grew enough to grab the entire body of the mountain-sized Fallen One, Suman Dark. While very durable against Akuma and Dark Matter, it can easily be damaged by Innocence, shown by the dents left on it when Kanda sliced it with his Mugen and the bites that Krory left on his hand.
  • Cross Grave: At the first level of invocation, the Innocence's power can be channeled into one powerful stream, capable of destroying multiple Level 1 Akuma simultaneously, and leaves a cruciform of energy behind on each of its targets (hence the name should Allen defeat a wad of Akuma with it).

In the games Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, Cross Grave is instead a palm-slamming smash attack with the Innocence, but also has an effect of breaking guards (being unblockable as well). The energy from the attack is able to emit from whatever surface Allen strikes/impacts with it, and the cruciforms appear as usual.

  • Cross β: This evolution takes a more offensive approach, in the form of a massive arm-cannon with his fingers becoming energy spikes. This form is capable of both ranged and melee combat, but tends to use up more energy initially.
  • Cross Paling: At its second phase of invocation, Allen's Innocence is capable of firing volleys of rod-shaped energy palings; these laser stakes are made of hard-light Innocence energy, which enables them to picket the ground and fence in the adversary, or to pile upon them.
  • Cross Spear: Also in its second phase of invocation, Allen is capable of focusing the barrel of his Innocence-cannon to generate a spear-like energy paling, which can then be used like a sword.
  • Crown Clown: After Allen's Cross was nearly destroyed by Tyki Mikk, who crushed it and reduced it to particles, the Innocence particles hung around Allen, keeping him alive by healing a hole in his heart. When it was discovered that Allen's Innocence was still viable, Allen began to work hard to attempt to synchronize, though his initial efforts were all failures. It was only while battling Thread and gaining a new, strengthened resolve that Allen was able to properly reconnect with his Innocence, at which point it evolved.

When invoked, Crown Clown acts as a body-armored Innocence, forming a white-hooded cowl and sleeve of Innocence energy which covers his shoulders and right arm, while his left arm and hand become slender and black, clad in armor and razor sharp claws. A masquerade-style mask is always affixed to the cowl, which takes on various configurations and appearances. This transformation also changes Allen's usual hairstyle from flat to a spiky rear. As before, his Innocence possesses a certain degree of sentience, such as when Crown Clown is able to manipulate Allen's entire body like a marionette when incapacitated, or simply assisting in evasive tactics. When not activated, his arm is black and meets with his shoulder in a spiraling pattern that ends with tattoo-like emblem.

  • Cross Grave: Much more powerful than its previous incarnation, Allen can crucify targets simply by etching a cross upon them with his left hand, effectively annihilating even Level 3 Akuma with a single talon.[12] It can now also be used defensively, generation a shield by drawing a cross on the air.
  • Clown Belt: The cape of Allen's cowl is released as a webbing of Innocence-energy that can be used to grasp objects, immobilize opponents, or form hardened spikes to impale enemies. It can also be released from the sleeve and glove on Allen's right arm.[13] The ribbons of energy were once used by Crown Clown itself to wrap around Allen's limbs and control him like a puppet when Allen was too injured to move by himself.
  • Claw's King Ring: A projectile attack which unleashes a barrage of crown-shaped rings from the clawed fingers on Allen's left hand.
  • Claw of Destruction: A swipe of raw destructive power dealt with Allen's fully-invoked claw. In Jump Ultimate Stars, Allen instead fires the claw forward like an energy beam blast.

Sword of ExorcismEdit

When Allen's synchronization rate exceeds 100%, he is able to transmute his entire left arm into a large broadsword with a cross emblazoned on the faces of the blade. In doing so, his left shoulder is capped with a cross-shaped emblem, and his cowl usually forms a cloak to cover the missing arm. Once invoked, the blade can exorcise evil from any vessel it strikes, though it does not harm humans; this means that Allen can damage the inner Noah of members of the Noah family without killing their human bodies. If used against Level 1 to Level 3 Akuma, it vanquishes them in the same effect as the Cross Grave attack, leaving a residual glowing cross crest in the wake of the defeated Akuma. However, in the case of a Level 4 Akuma the sword carries a diminished effect. Allen is shown with the ability to telepathically recall the Sword to himself, should it be separated from his body. It is noted by Lero that the design of the sword is the same as the sword of the Earl of Millennium except for the inverse of color.

Death Orbs, Hakai Hōkō (Desu Bōru) lit. Destruction Raging Howl) (Death Ball in the original Japanese translation): When using the Sword of Exorcism, Allen can create a series of large explosions.

The Cursed EyeEdit

In addition to his Innocence, the reverse pentacle that scars his left eye curses Allen with the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma. Allen received the cursed scar from Mana, who lashed out and cut Allen's face when he realized Allen had brought him back as an Akuma. Allen has said that it's "just like an Akuma" in the way that it evolves. The Earl, who was angered by the abilities of Allen's eye, has managed to develop seals that prevent the eye from activating. Sometimes, the pentagram section of the scar is drawn as the Sigil of Baphomet, the official insignia of the Church of Satan and an associated symbol of other organizations aligned with Satanism and the Left-Hand Path.

  • The Cursed Eye Level 1: The first incarnation of the curse is a black and red ringed eye which is automatically activated whenever Allen is near Akuma. It allows him the power to see the souls trapped inside Akuma. When Allen witnessed the self-destruction (under Road's orders) of the Level 2 Akuma and the disintegration of the soul powering it, his cursed eye bled in pain.
  • The Cursed Eye Level 2: During the vampire incident involving the Eliade-Akuma and Arystar Krory, Allen's curse had grown stronger, resulting in his eye undergoing some dramatic changes. Resembling a sort of cogwheel monocle, this new cursed eye enables Allen to pinpoint an Akuma's position even when they are not visible to the naked eye, regardless of obstacles, from a distance of up to 350 meters away. But the most astounding change is that others close to Allen are able to see the lost souls trapped within Akuma as well. After witnessing Allen's 'world of black and white', Lavi comments that 'the world that Allen sees is Hell.' However, the cursed eye appears to lust for the destruction of Akuma, often causing pain to Allen in the middle of the night by self-activating, as though "it is a sin to be sleeping instead of destroying Akuma". The eye also seems to activate itself even when no Akuma are nearby as long as dark matter is being used, such as when Allen is caught in the Noah Tyki Mikk's vacuum.
  • The Cursed Eye Level 3: Advanced Cursed Pentacle Eye: During the fight against Alma Karma, it was shown that Allen's eye has become more advanced his pupil gaining, instead of the red circles, a reverse pentagram.

Nea Walker Edit

  • During some point in his life, Allen was "implanted" with the presence of Nea Walker, the traitorous Fourteenth Noah who attempted to kill the entire Noah Family thirty-five years ago in a self-proclaimed effort to become the next Earl of Millennium. Although it is not clear how Nea's presence was implanted in Allen when Nea's coup failed and he was killed quite some time before Allen was even born.
  • Nea's presence in Allen's mind has given Allen several key powers, the most prominent one being Allen's ability to control the original Noah's Ark as well as creating gates in and out of Ark from will and destroy them too.

However, Nea has also begun to take over Allen's body, having been seen taking dominance several times and controlling Allen's body for brief periods, one time doing this to openly taunt the Earl and announce his intentions to return and become the next Earl of Millennium. It has also been explained to Allen that Nea's gradual return will eventually completely destroy Allen's presence in his own body; though it had already started to happen when Allen had been told this, Allen having been seeing an odd, looming shadow that no one else could see, recently Nea's return efforts have been more violent, Allen once coughing up blood as he attempted to fight him off and, more recently, Akuma starting to flock to Allen's side to attack him, claiming to feel the presence of a Noah, which shows that Nea's presence is closer to the surface than it previously was.

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

When Allen was thinking about other worlds, he was looking at the stars and saw a flash in the sky and met Sora, Riku, Donald Duck, Kairi, Aqua, Abbey Bominable, Bloom, Goofy, Scanty & Kneesocks. When they were visiting, Allen was excited about their visit and  wondered about what they all do. When Kneesocks explained, Allen wanted to join the team real badly, asked Sora if he could but when his master told Allen not to, he was upset and when the Heartless and Slender Man appeared, everyone enganged in combat. After the showdown and when Allen took down Slender Man, his master let Allen join the team and became one of the main members.