Background information
Feature films Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom
Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure
Television programs Winx Club
Video games
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality loving, caring, sweet, cute, helpful
Appearance (Transformation:) pink dress, darker pink skirt piece underneath, a pink rose at center of chest, pink strap around neck thinner green straps shoulders. pink roses at toe slip on shoes, above elbow white-pink gloves, in hair is thin green headband-tiara piece with green heart, purple heart on left side head, wings off pink color, very wispy.
(Civilian:) light pink top blouse, puffed sleeves, looser, slightly darker puffed skirt, green bow piece on left attached, string going around bottom, in hair is thick green headband, green and yellow heart attached to it.
(Picnic:) light green tank-top underneath light pink-fuchsia jacket, small purple polka dots, blue headband, big green bow and hair scrunchies, blue shorts, yellow pockets
(Swimsuit 1:) fuchsia dress with sea foam-green, pink string around neck, sea foam-green sash/segment around waist with yellow flower clip. yellow flowers in hair.
(Camping:) yellow and golden-orange outfit, tank-top, neck piece with green gem in center, green glowing bracelet, multiple layered skirt, fishnet leggings and gold heels light yellow eye shadow, hair in pigtails with yellow scrunchies, pale pink headband with sun piece
(Swimsuit 2): Amore wears her usual headband piece in her hair, while she is now wearing no eye shadow. She wears a pale pink and fuchsia themed bikini with ribbons at the chest, and sides of her hips.
Occupation Pixie of Love
Affiliations Good
Goal To bring couples together
Home Pixie Village
Species Pixie
Partner(s) Stella, Kairi, Apple White, Twilight Sparkle
Allies Winx, Specialists, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald Duck, Disney Princesses, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Sofia the First, Apple White, Raven Queen, C.A. Cupid, Frankie Stein, Jackson Jekyll, Rarity, Daring Charming, Hunter Huntsman, Ashlynn Ella, Dexter Charming, Draculaura, Clawd Wolf, Cleo De Nile, Deuce Gorgon, Abbey Bominable, Sailor Scouts, Oona, Princess Amber, Finn the Human, Flame Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Uncle Grandpa, Tsukune Aono, Moka, Kurumu Kurono, Ruby Tojo, Sun Seto, Yukari Sendo, Mizore Shirayuki, Seina Yamada, Lazlo, Alice, The Lonesome Ghosts, Selkies, Kiko, Crona, Ragnarok, Monkey
Enemies Master Xehanort, Lord Darkar, Valtor, Wizards of the Black Circle, Trix, Organization XIII
Likes Love
Dislikes Spiders
Powers and abilities Love spells

Amore is the Pixie of Love (Pixie of Feelings in the Nickelodeon dub). She is Stella's bonded pixie from the Winx Club. She joins Sora's team because she wanted Sora's and Kairi's relationship safe.


Amore is very sweet and kind, she is never aggressive towards others. Like her bonded fairy Stella, she is into romance and likes matchmaking a lot! 

Winx Club AppearanceEdit

In Winx Club, her sensitive nature is mirrored in her appearance. Amore wears a light pink puffy-sleeved dress and green headband with roses attached. Her wings are also green and they slightly resemble Stella's. Her hair is a dark magenta color, which is long and always worn down. Her eyes are dark blue, her lips appear to be a dark maroon color.


Amore wears a pink dress with a darker pink skirt piece underneath it and a pink rose at the center of her chest with a pink strap that goes around her neck and thinner green straps at her shoulders.

She also wears pink roses at the toe slip on shoes and above the elbow of her white-pink gloves. In her hair is a very thin green headband-tiara piece with a green heart, and a purple heart attached on the left side of her head. Her wings are an off pink color and very wispy.


Amore wears a light pink top blouse with puffed sleeves and a looser, slightly darker puffed skirt with a green bow piece on the left side attached to a string going around the bottom. In her hair is a thick green headband with a green and yellow heart attached to it.


Amore wears a light green tank-top underneath a light pink-fuschia jacket with small purple polka dots, along with a blue headband with a big green bow and hair scrunchie. She also wears a pair of blue shorts with yellow pockets.

Swimsuit 1Edit

Amore wears a fuchsia dress with a seafo am-green neck segment with a pink string going through it around her neck, along with a seafoam-green sash/segment going around her waist with a yellow flower clip. She wears yellow flowers in her hair.


Amore wore a yellow and golden-orange themed outfit consisting of a tank-top, neck piece with green gem in the center, a green glowing bracelet, multiple layered skirt, and what appears to be fishnet leggings and gold heels.

Her eyeshadow changed to a light yellow color, while she wore her hair in pigtails with yellow scrunchies. She also has on a pale pink headband with a sun piece.

Swimsuit 2Edit

Amore wears her usual headband piece in her hair, while she is now wearing no eyeshadow. She wears a pale pink and fuchsia themed bikini with ribbons at the chest, and sides of her hips.

On the TeamEdit

Amore loves seeing couples from other worlds and helping people getting together. No matter how bad things seem to her, she always wants to help the members with their love problems. The couple she mostly loves seeing on the team is Sora and Kairi.

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