Background information
Feature films Hercules
Television programs Hercules
Video games
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Loving, Caring, Calm
Appearance Slender, light blue Skin and Hair with a Seashell on Her Head .
Occupation Queen of the Olympus Sea
Affiliations Good
Goal To Oversee the sea and aid Poseidon.
Home The Sea
Relatives Grandparents: Gaia
Nereus (father)
Doris (mother)
Uncles and Aunts:
Cronus (uncle)
Zeus (cousin-in-law + brother-in-law)
Hera (cousin-in-law + sister-in-law)
Demeter (sister-in-law + ex-cousin-in-law)
Hades (brother-in-law + ex-cousin-in-law)
Hestia (sister-in-law)
Poseidon (cousin)
Triton (son)
Otus (son)
Neices and Nephews:
Persephone (neice)

Dionysus (nephew) Aphrodite (neice) Artemis (neice) Athena (neice) Nemesis (neice) Apollo (nephew) Ares (nephew) Hephaestus (nephew) Hermes (nephew) Hercules (nephew) Megara (neiece-in-law)
Great-nephews: Pan Fear and Terror Cupid

Species God
Partner(s) Poseidon, Aisha, Sinker, Betamon
Enemies Hades
Likes The sea
Powers and abilities The Standard Powers and Abilities of Olympian God

Amphitrite is the Goddesses of the Sea and the Wife of the Sea God Poseidon. She appears in Hercules: The Animated Series. She is described as beautiful and also a sea nymph. 

In Hercules the animated seriesEdit

In the animated series she played a small role.

  • Hercules and the Son of Poseidon: Poseidon introduces Hercules to his son Triton (Chris Elliott), a sea prince who wants to go to Prometheus Academy with him. It turns out Triton is somewhat of a nerd, wanting to be like his cousin; he has considerable acrobatic skills but terrible balance and timing, much like Hercules himself, causing him to be a constant source of humiliation. Icarus and Cassandra remind Hercules that he and his cousin are not so different, so he tries to apologize. Unfortunately, overhearing what his cousin thought of him, Triton has stolen Poseidon's trident and accidentally unleashed a sea monster. The two cousins team up to defeat the monster, and Poseidon arrives to take back his trident, not punishing Triton thanks to Amphitrite intervening.
  • Hercules and the Poseidon's Cup Adventure: Poseidon, tired of being forgotten, holds a boating race in his honor, with Adonis competing for Thrace against Hercules and Icarus. However, when their star rower Hylas (Rocky Carroll) is injured, the King of Thrace hires Hercules instead, who abandons Icarus. Fortunately, Amphitrite (Leslie Mann), wife of Poseidon, has taken a special interest in Icarus, and helps he and his father Daedalus complete their boat. At a regala held the night before the race, Hercules declares himself bigger than Poseidon, which causes the sea god to unleash Charybdis, a giant maelstrom sea creature, during the race, which causes both his and Icarus' ships to nearly sink. Rescuing first his friend and then Adonis, Hercules looks on as Icarus wins the Poseidon Cup, being the only one to have truly earned it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • As a goddess, Amphitrite possesses the natural powers & abilities of an Olympian goddess such as : Immortality, Omnipresence, Superhuman strength, Metamorphosis and Teleportation
  • As a sea-goddess she possesses the ability to breath underwater .

On Sora's TeamEdit

She joins the team as her husband stays in her world. But the team never asked her to join, because she snuck aboard the ship and Lagoona Blue found her and she asked Sora to let her become a member.

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