AncientMermaimon is an Ancient Aquatic Beast Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Ancient" and "Mermaimon". She is also Sora's 3rd Digimon partner to join his team.



AncientMermaimon is always calm, and elegent, with a very gentle personality. But she tends to be against her teammates from fighting for no reason by using her Crystal Billow attack. On times when the team goes vacationing at the beach, she starts to feel a strong love for Sora after their first encounter as Sora never wanted to leave AncientMermaimon to be the deleted. When Sora turns into a merman, and she makes sure no one else is around to interrupt their "moment".

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

Once the group made it to sea the Ocean of the Digital World, AncientMermaimon was tricked by Maleficent to thinking that Sora was the true enemy. When the group got seperated by her subjects, she came face to face with Sora, Impmon, and Coronamon. When AncientMermaimon thought she was done for, she was healed by Sora but she questioned his kind deed. With anger, Maleficent appeared, and thought of finishing the job by bringing few of the Heartless and have a showdown to destroy both the team and Ancientermaimon herself. Once Sora's friends came after their showdowns, they engaged to combat to help save AncinetMermaimon's people. But after a Heartless took Sora and AncientMermaimon to be finished off. Once the two were on their own, AncientMermaimon felt foolish for letting Maleficent betray her into attacking Sora. Once she was almost ACTUALLY done for, Sora jumped in to take the hit, which shocked AncientMermaimon with question after what she almost done to him and his friends. After hearing Sora say that he'd never let anything happen do innocent people, even if it means to give his own life. After his kind words touched her heart, she used her Crystal Billow on the Heartless fish and destroyed it. After Maleficent retreated, AncientMermaimon showed her gratitude by requesting to join Sora by becoming his partner to Sora only. After Sora accepted, she thanked him with a kiss on the cheek but she proclaimed that it was her way of thanking those she's close too as friends.

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