Fairies 3
The Arctic Fairies are the Warrior Fairy followers of Aurora.

In Winx ClubEdit

It has been stated before that fairies cannot withstand the cold but the Arctic Fairies along with Aurora are quite at home in the cold and can harness their magic from it. Some were able to summon a spell that fired ice shards from their hands.

Season 4Edit

When Aurora planned to trap the Winx Club in her Ice Fortress she had the Arctic Fairies escape but they soon returned back when the fight was settled and even helped to restore the missing fairy magic to Earth.



Arctic Fairies have pale skin. Their lipstick colour are either blue or green and their wings are similar looking like icicles and their fairy form is dark blue with fur that protects them from the cold. Their wings also have a green glow which may stop them from freezing up in the cold weathers and climates. It could possibly be their magical energy as the Winx and many other fairies seem to have a particular glow when they are in their fairy forms.

On Sora's TeamEdit

When Aurora and the other Major Fairies recieved a Gem of Heart, the Arctic Fairies were told to answer Sora's summoning, and they also have an interest for winning Sora, Pit, Riku, and Ventus's hearts.

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