Artu Happy
Artu is Roxy's pet dog.



His first appearance was in Season 4's episode The Last Fairy on Earth, along with his owner, Roxy, the animal fairy. He was part of the event that helped Roxy obtain her Believix. Gantlos had severely injured him, which infuriated Roxy, causing something to trigger inside Roxy, earning her her Believix. She later used her powers to heal him.

Season 5Edit

Artu made a cameo at Stella's fashion show in The Shark's eye.


Artu is a tan, Croatian bloodhound (a mix between a Tyrolean bloodhound and an Italian bloodhound). He is very tall and slender, and wears a dark red collar with silver studs.


Artu is brave, courageous and loyal. Artu will do anything to protect Roxy even get blasted by the Wizards that threaten to hurt Roxy.

On Sora's TeamEdit

When Roxy joined the team, he is trained with Riku and Dot and tries hard to protect Roxy at all costs with his new powers.

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