Beastmon is one of Sora's loyal friends and one of the royal Digi-Princesses. She joined Sora as she felt like he would be her prince. She became Sora's 4th digimon.



As a princess, she was classy and demanding, but also spoiled. But after she joined the team she changed her attitude, and became more nicer and generous. But she tends to get carried away into showing her affection for Sora, but always gets "beaten" by Kairi (even then though Kairi doesn't compete). Beastmon never slacks off in front of Sora, but does when he's not around.

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

Once Sora and his other friends journeyed through the Digital-World, Sora soon was imprinted by Beastmon, after he rescued her from one of the Heartless that trespassed in her territory. After they spent the night, she declared herself to join.

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