Bessie E. Higgenbottom  is the main protagonist in the Nickelodeon television series The Mighty B!. Her lifetime goal is to collect every Honeybee badge to become her alter-ego superhero known as The Mighty B!. She has total devotion to the Honeybees. She currently is living in an apartment above her mom's cafe in San Francisco with her dog and best friend Happy, her younger brother Ben, and her hippie and fun-loving mom Hilary.



Bessie is mostly always seen in her Honeybee Troop outfit and sash. She has terrible eyesight and wears eyeglasses. She has dirty blonde orange hair and a pale complexion. Bessie is not really interested in fashion which often causes Portia to call her "Messie Higgenbottom" because of her nerdy looks. In the first season Bessie's skin was white, and in the second season Bessie's skin has gotten tanner. Bessie also has a gap in her front teeth which were caused by a bowling accident. In the episode "It's B's Party and She'll Cry If Wants To", Bessie goes to the barber shop, showing that her hair is very frizzy with out her hairbands.


Bessie is often portrayed as a wildly imaginative, ambitious, confident, friendly, innocently naive, very mature, smart, optimistic, spunky, and a hardworking young honeybee scout. She is a devoted member of the Honeybees and has the most badges in Honeybee history. In the episode "Bee Nice", Bessie says her policy is to give kindness, and courtesy to everyone she knows. Bessie can also be naive and sometimes has no backbone until she is driven to the edge. Although she can be a little irresponsible and even a little bossy and hyper-critical. Bessie is sometimes shown to be a bit mature for her age. She can also be prone to jealousy. Bessie loves taffy-selling season and often thrives to sell the most boxes. Her role model is the founder of the Honeybees, Miriam Breedlove. Bessie always sends her emails if something is wrong or if she wants advice. Bessie always is a strict follower of rules and regulations especially with the Honeybees. Due to her talkativeness Bessie can easily annoy people. She can be described as part tom-boy, girly-girl, and half brainiac. Also Bessie can be funny or helpful. She is very jolly.

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

When Bessie met Sora she already asked to join the team real quick right when she saw the Keyblade and how he used it.