Ceresmon is a graceful and loyal bird Digimon, but who likes being her Medium form. And she's also Soras 18th and last Digimon partner to join him.



As ancient as she seems, she's very serious about her job and duty as Sora's partner. Most times when she's under deadly situations, she keeps using her powers to reach Sora and help his other Digimon digivolve to fight enemies. 



  • Fruit Flechette

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

While the other Olympis XII digimon were watching Sora and his Digimon fight off Heartless, Ceresmon and Venusmon discussed about everyone being partnered with Sora and his friends to defeat Myotismon and Organization XIII. So before the team left the Digital World, the motion of joining the team was official.

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