Chad is a kind-hearted human who lives in New Salem and attends New Salem High. He first appeared in "Ghouls Rule".



Chad is a friendly, outgoing teenager. He is accepting of everyone, including monsters, and is willing to invite strangers into his house for his Halloween party. He also defends what he believes is justice, willing to help Frankie Stein rescue Holt Hyde from an angry riot. Good-natured, Chad just seems to want to have a great time, and to make sure everyone around him is having as much fun as he is. He is a bit oblivious of others, as seen with his unorthodox dancing and his humorless jokes.

In "Monster High"Edit


Chad's best friend is Clair, who is the polar opposite of Chad. While Chad is social and amiable, Clair is solitary and quiet. Chad also seems to have a degree of friendship with Lilith Van Hellscream and her goons, whom he invited to his Halloween party. Chad also quickly befriended Jackson Jekyll after he was mistaken for a student at New Salem High.

In Ghouls RuleEdit

Chad is first seen inviting Frankie Stein, Lagoona Blue, Abbey Bominable, and several others to his party after the monsters were debating over who vandalized New Salem High. Chad defended the monsters against Lilith Van Hellscream, and later helped Frankie save Holt Hyde from the Trick-or-Treatment punishment he was going to receive by inciting a mob to attack Monster High and taken Holt. When the humans arrived at Monster High, Frankie was able to convince them to party with the monsters.\

On Sora's TeamEdit

Chad, Lillith and Clair stay on their world to contact the team in case of enemies return and try to take over their home.

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