Clawdia Wolf
Clawdia Wolf is one of older siblings in the Wolf family and already past high school. She first was mentioned in Twyla's 13 Wishes diary and she will appear in the television special, Frights, Camera, Action!.



Clawdia has a great sense of humor and livens up the place wherever she goes. She loves writing and takes notes wherever she goes of whatever she thinks up or witnesses. Not surprisingly, she has a job as a screenwriter.


Clawdia has long wavy blond hair and wears black glasses.

In Monster HighEdit

[[Clawd Wolf|Clawd, Clawdeen, and Howleen are Clawdia's younger siblings. Most fiction also establishes that she has many more older and younger siblings

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

After her siblings joined the team, Clawdia was given a gem from Clawdeen  to give her a choice to either stay or join the team to help Sora defeat Maleficent and Master Xehanort. She made up her mind as she smiled said "Well...someones gotta keep those three out of trouble." And so she joined and became an honorary member, and she thought also that she might make movies about their adventures. Even each mission.