Data Namine
Data Naminé is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts coded.

In Kingdom HeartsEdit

Right after Data-Roxas had fullfilled his duty to prepare Data-Sora for the ache of the memories sealed in the real Sora's heart, Data-Naminé appears in the room created by the Castle Oblivion World Card. She goes on to explain about the past events of "Chain of Memories ", which caused the real Namine to accidently erase the Journal of its contents twice. When the real Namine began her work, the Bug Blox filled the Journal as an unintended side-effect and prevented the memories written in it to resurface, which explained why only the memo to thank her remained. Data-Namine then went on to explain that while her real counterpart was busy trying to fix the collective memories of Sora, Donald and Goofy in "358/2 Days", she found memories deep in his heart that did not belong to him, yet belonged in his heart. However, the memories were too painful for Sora to experience at the time, so Namine was forced to bury them back deep in his heart until the Journal became debugged and Sora had grown strog enough to handle the pain the memories hold. Data-Namine then produces the Journal-version of the memories for Data Sora to see for himself who is in trouble and needs his help. However, Data-Sora was hesitant as he remembered Data Roxas mentioning that if he is unable to handle the pain of the memories, he will lose his heart. Thankfully, Mickey offers to veiw the memories with him and they reach into the spheare of light. Data-Namine explains that Roxas, Axel, Xion and Naminé need his help to be freed from their respetive torments. However, the memories then show Terra, Aqua and Ventus. Data-Namine then explains that King Mickey knows better than anyone else why they suffer more than anyone else. Data-Namine then tells Data-Sora that they are waiting for his real counterpart to come save them from their torment. As a replicant of data existing specifically for this purpose, Naminé fades away after the message is delivered. However, right before fading completely, Data-Sora gives thanks her in the real Sora place because of the message "Thank Namine". The end of this story results Mickey in writing the letter that he sends to Sora, Riku, and Kairi in Kingdom Hearts II.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Data Naminé appears on the ships computer when she has a warning about an upcoming emergency or event.

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