Data Roxas is the final boss that appears in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, and reappears in a bugged form as a post-game boss in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, in the LV80 System Area at Hollow Bastion, on the 13th floor.

In Kingdom HeartsEdit

Data-Roxas is first encountered by Data-Sora in his Awakening, which prompts him to follow to the Destiny Islands, where Data-Riku takes over as mentor. Upon Castle Oblivion's data resurfacing in the Journal after the Datascape was fixed, Data-Roxas appeared to guide Data Sora just as Marluxia had done for the real Sora. Data-Roxas explained that Data-Sora will encounter those who he met in his last journey through the Data Worlds, but would soon forget them right after leaving. Data-Roxas advised just letting go of the lingering ache in his heart to be free of sorrow. However, as he progressed through the Castle, Data-Sora told him that he will hold onto those feelings so he would always have something left ot remind him of the friends he makes even if he forgets them. Annoyed with Data-Sora's resolve, Data-Roxas engauged him in combat to test if he was TRULY ready to face the hidden memories of pain deep in the Journal. Upon being defeated, Data-Roxas let Data-Sora know that he was a Data reprensitation of the actual Roxas and that his work was done befor melding into him. The real Roxas' memories of disappointment of his life in Virtual Twilight Town being fake reached Data-Sora, who offered to share his pain to help him heal.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Data Roxas appears when member visit the virtual world to get answers and find out what happened during their missions.

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