Doggymon is a Puppet Digimon, with a cartoony appearance and personality, but is Sora's skilled combat partner, and Sora's 5th partner to accompany him.



Doggymon can always goof off on his spare time ever since he joined Sora, but he overdoes his loyalty by trying too hard to prove himself as the best partner ever. He loves the children members of the team and also loves playing with each of them. He gets carried away when he's protecting someone from harm when told to. But as he starts to fight alongside friends, he is surprisingly skilled with a quick serious attitude.


Distem Howling: Lets out a great howl, inflicting damage to the opponent's sense of hearing and making them lose their fighting spirit.

Ultra Kamitsuki (ウルトラかみつく? lit. "Ultra Snapping"): Snaps at the opponent with its sharp fangs.


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

With Deputymon as Riku's new current partner, the group met Doggymon after they fell into a deep pit he was also trapped in by Digmon. Doggymon became impressed with how silly Sora looked as a distraction to make Digmon frustrated with rage so everyone would escape. But  Doggymon imformed Sora about seeing a black creature possessing Digmon when Doggymon was hunting for food. Once Sora brought an end to Digmon's suffering, Doggymon wanted to become Sora's partner after he saved everyone and how Doggymon thought how fun Sora was in battle, which caused Sora's Digivice to glow and change into further form.