Gabunyan is a blue Rank-B Cat Yo-Kai from the Shady Tribe. He was an ordinary cat that was once bitten by Dracula and turned into the Yo-Kai Gabunyan.

Info Edit

Appearance Edit

A blue cat with green eyes and big black pupils. The chest, paw tips and muzzle are white, while his nose and inner-ear are dark peach. He has two, very long fangs sticking out from his mouth and two bright orange tail flames. He wears a long dark gray cape with red inside colouring on the inside and a bright orange sphere attached to the centre. The band around the stomach is pale orange and the sphere he wears like a collar is dark orange. 

Abilities and Powers Edit

He can turn others into Gabuyan by biting them.

On Sora's Team Edit

After Sora got through negotiating with the original Gabunyan, he gave Sora his medal and a Yo-Kai Watch but it was turned into a Yo-Kai Keyblade. Gabunyan was the first Yo-Kai Sora befriended.