Symbol - Dream Eater (Nightmare)
The Dream Eaters are a species of creature introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. As their name suggests, they reside in the Realm of Sleep, where they consume dreams.Nightmares, which eat good dreams and plant bad ones, and Spirits, which only eat bad dreams.


Following the defeat of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness at Sora's hands, a portion of the worlds attacked by the Heartless remain submerged in sleep. Though this means the Heartless cannot reach them, they are instead plagued by Dream Eaters, entities produced by the darkness present in these specific worlds and who seek the worlds' keyholes.


Like the Heartless, and Nobodies before them, the Dream Eaters come in a variety of sizes and shapes, although they appear to have a much higher range of color schemes than their predecessors, and often resemble animals. Each Dream Eater is adorned with an emblem which signifies whether it is a Spirit or Nightmare.

Dream Eaters are characterized by having colorful appearances. Nightmares tend to have darker color schemes, they have round, red eyes which lack pupils.

The symbol of the Nightmare Dream Eater is also present on the visor of Ventus's helmet, although this has yet to be explained.

Dream EatersEdit

  • Aura Lion
  • Cera Terror
  • Chef Kyroo
  • Cyber Yog
  • Drak Quack
  • Drill Sye
  • Ducky Goose
  • Eaglider
  • Electricorn
  • Escarglow
  • Fin Fatale
  • Fishboné
  • Flowbermeow
  • Ghostabocky
  • Halbird
  • Hebby Repp
  • Iceguin Ace
  • Jestabocky‎‎
  • Juggle Pup
  • Keeba Tiger
  • KO Kabuto
  • Komory Bat
  • Kooma Panda
  • Lord Kyroo
  • Majik Lapin
  • Me Me Bunny
  • Meow Wow
  • Necho Cat
  • Peepsta Hoo
  • Pegaslick
  • Pricklemane
  • Ryu Dragon
  • Sir Kyroo
  • Skelterwild‎
  • Staggerceps
  • Tama Sheep
  • Tatsu Blaze
  • Tatsu Steed
  • Thunderaffe
  • Toximander
  • Tyranto Rex
  • Wheeflower
  • Woeflower
  • Yoggy Ram
  • Zolephant

Boss NightmaresEdit

  • Anti Black Coat
  • Armored Ventus Nightmare
  • Brawlamari
  • Char Clawbster‎‎
  • Chill Clawbster
  • Commantis
  • Hockomonkey
  • Holey Moley
  • Queen Buzzerfly
  • Spellican
  • Wargoyle

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