Electra is goth girl from Prometheus Academy with depression and anger issues who can summon a type of Furies when fully enraged.

In the series, Hercules temporarily changed his look in order to go out with her. He was successful until he showed her his real personality while fighting her furies.

Story of Joining the TeamEdit

While she was still being her gloomy self even after graduation, the Heartless and Maleficent offered her powers beyond her imaginations. As she refused, the Heartless began to attack her and Sora came to her rescue. She told Sora that she's no damsel in distress, and as Sora apologized, he was kicked by a Soldier Heartless and summoned Darkrai.  After Sora's and Darkrai's teamwork, she became impressed by the dark power they used, and asked to join in on the fun. After The Dream Catcher fled, she became an honorary member on the team.

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