Fear and Terror are the giant moronic sons of Ares the God of War.

Info Edit

In Hercules (series)Edit

Hercules and the Owl of AthenaEdit

To get back at Athena for shaving his dogs of war, Ares orders Fear and Terror to catch Athena's owl Ibid and shave it. Athena places the owl in Hercules' care and he uses it to try and cheat at a history test. Eventually, the two brothers find the owl and Hercules, and take him back to Sparta and use it for playing It's All Greek to Me and chain up Ares when he gets angry they haven't shaved the bird yet. Hercules and Athena come in, only for Hercules to be sent flying over Sparta and Athena is also chained up. After failing to beat Terror in physical combat, Fear challenges Hercules to It's all Greek to Me and after Hercules succeeds and frees the gods, the three become study partners.

Hercules and the Aetolian AmphoraEdit

Fear and Terror try to buy a stolen Amphora of Leichi Water to make Ares forget that he grounded them from going to an Orpheus concert in Sparta and come into conflict with Hercules and Megara over it. Eventually when tracking them to the entrance to the Underworld and the Amphora spills on Hercules and Meg, Pain and Panic offer to refill the amphora for Fear and Terror after hearing how much the two paid for it.

Story of Joining the TeamEdit

When Heartless and Subspacers captured their father Ares, they went to Hercules for help but as theey couldn't find him, they met Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, and saw how they handled the Heartless. Soon they all worked together to save Ares. Soon as they reached him, they were face to face with The Dream Catcher who was guarding Ares, they began to have a showdown whick lasted for 85 sec. After Fear and Terror's father was freed, Yakko made them honorary members, and Sora, and Riku approved.

On Sora's TeamEdit

When they joined, they keep wanting missions that involve fighting, and training to become one of the top leaders. On missions they messs up, but sometimes in a good way.

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