Fright Rider
Fright Rider are an Undead jousting duo who are one of the new Skylanders in Skylanders: Giants.


Rider and his magnificent ostrich, Fright, were the finest jousting team in all of Skylands. But after winning the championship for the third straight year, a jealous competitor placed a curse on the elf that sent him to the land of Undead. Not wanting to be without his partner, Fright, who up until this point had been afraid of nearly everything, ate a bag of skele-oats that turned him into a skeleton so that he could brace the journey to the underworld to save his friend. Grateful for being rescued, Fright Rider returned to the surface dedicated to helping others - while still dominating an occasional jousting tournament from time to time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fright Rider has a different variety of attacks as they are composed of two different characters in one playable character. Rider can attack by ramming his spear at enemies while riding Fright, and can leap off of his mount to attack them on foot momentarily. The skeletal ostrich, Fright, can bite at enemies and can burrow him and Rider underground, using Rider's spear to to cut their opponents above them. Now being an undead ostrich, Fright can burrow his head and summon multiple copies of his head to attack surrounding enemies.

Fright Rider's Jousting Charge is a unique skill set. It bestows excellent maneuverability that more than makes up for his low armor and average health. For that reason, Joust Jockey is the preferred upgrade path. That said, if you are in need of a competent melee Skylander, Fright Rider can fill that role nicely with the Sire Lance A Lot upgrades. Of particular interest is the Flock of Fury attack which grants an effective medium-range area-of-effect attack.

In SkylandersEdit

As the Skylanders finished repairing the walls of the Eternal Archives, Fright Rider was mentioned as one of the Skylanders present during its restoration. As Gill Grunt was about to sing a song about their accomplishment, Rider quickly got onto his skeletal steed, Fright, and rode off into the distance to avoid hearing the Gillman's horrible singing.

On Sora's TeamEdit

As a proud Skylander and honorary member, Fight Rider mostly goes on missions only if it's to protect a royal blood of a royal family. When not on missions, Fright Rider and Scanty & Kneesocks double battle for territory.

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