Gantlos is a member of the Wizards of the Black Circle.



Gantlos is the Wizard of destruction, thus being rather mean. He also shows compassion when Duman is hurt, but it is not too visible. Gantlos is like Ogron, except not the "leader" of them all. He has no known age, but is the second oldest Wizard. He and Anagan appear to be about the same age. He shows compassion if one of his friends/family is hurt.


He wears a cowboy hat over his shoulder-length blond hair. In the second episode, he was seen in an old picture wearing a knight's helmet, meaning they were around since the times of King Arthur.

In Winx ClubEdit

He is one of the four Wizards of the Black Circle, the main antagonists of Season 4. He first appeared in "The Fairy Hunters" together with the other fairy hunters. The Wizards of the Black Circle set out to capture Bloom, thinking that she was the last fairy on earth.


His powers are sound waves similar to those of Musa's, as well as seismic waves, it makes a strong blow.

Against Sora's TeamEdit

Gantlos and the othes Wizards join Maleficent to take down The Winx and the Team, to take over the worlds with his new powers. But seems to not want to harm any of the kid members of the team even after Fanboy, and Chum Chum freed him and the wizards. And he has a rivalry with Demyx.

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