Gemini is a villain in Teen Titans and the daughter of Madame Rouge.

In Teen Titans (comics)Edit

After her mother's passing, she joined the Brotherhood of Evil and sweared vengeance on the Titans. Gemini shares the same powers as her mother especially shapeshifting.

Against and On Sora's TeamEdit

She was still with the Brotherhood of Evil and once teamed up with Sora when both their teams were captured. It was five days when they had to work together, and as when they were still coming up with a plan to rescue their teams. Gemini was confused when Sora decide to use himself as a distraction, but when Sora left to gain the Nobodies, and Heartless attention, Gemini was amazed of how pure and wise Sora was with his martial art skills when fighting the enemies. As Gemini frees both her and Sora's teams, everyone made an escape, but as when Gemini was caught by a Dancer, Sora stopped, as everyone escaped, and he saved her. After the two were heading for the exit, they began to have a showdown against Xemnas and Xaldin which lasted about 87 sec. After the showdown, Sora's Team was already in the Ship and Gemini's team was already in her ship, but before Sora left to his team, Gemini stopped him and kissed Sora and whispered to him "Nous devrions avoir une date, juste nous deux." Then both of them left to their teams and resumed to being enemies but leaving Gemini having secret a romance montage with Sora.

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