Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster is an Ice-Make Mage, a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and a member of Team Natsu, and one of the main male protagonists.



Gray's most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular.

After the mission on Galuna Island, he gets a scar on his forehead above his left eye that is partially covered by his hair. He also has a cross-shaped scar on his lower abdomen received from using Seven Slice Dance: Blood Version on Tenrou Island. His member stamp is below his collarbone on his right pectoral muscle and is dark blue in color.

Unlike almost all other characters, Gray does not consistently wear the same type of clothes (that is, when he is wearing some), though he is often shown wearing some kind of white coat.

Still, his most consistent pieces of clothing are his necklace, which resembles a sword with a stone in it, a metal bracelet and a chain which is attached to the belt loops on the right side of his pants.


Gray has a laid-back personality, but will get serious when the time calls for it. He and Natsu have a friendly rivalry, and while they can often be seen fighting one another verbally or physically, the two are actually quite concerned about each other. Gray was quite obstinate and reckless when he was younger. Over time, he has attained a more cautious attitude towards life, and deals with problems carefully. He is very concerned about his comrades and is truly loyal towards the guild, but tends to trash talk every now and then. Also, he has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing his clothes at inappropriate moments.

Magic & AbilitiesEdit

Ice-Make (氷の造形魔法, アイスメイク, Aisu Meiku): A form of Molding Magic that allows the user to create ice at his will and to shape it into objects. In Gray's case, he uses Static Ice-Make, meaning he can shape his ice into inanimate things or weapons. Ice-Make is known as an extremely versatile form of Magic, coming in useful both in battle, for offensive and defensive purposes, and outside of it. Specializing in it and having been practicing it for years, Gray possesses extreme mastery over it, being capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses. Also, according to him, Ice-Make allows to produce virtually everything, granting the user an unmatched creation capability.

  • Freeze: Ice-Make's most basic, yet one of its most useful capabilities is that of covering everything Gray comes into contact with in ice. This comes in useful for a variety of purposes, from damaging opponents to making things' composition weaker in order to more easily break them. What can be frozen depends on the user's own ability; Gray, with his great mastery of Ice-Make spells, has proven himself capable of freezing even burning things such as Juvia's boiling water and Fukuro's flames, as well as to freeze an object faster than Sugarboy's Rosa Espada could soften it.
  • Ice-Make: Lance (ランスRansu): Gray extends his arms forward, creating long, curved ice lances that he shoots toward his enemy, impaling them. This makes for a powerful ranged attack.
  • Ice-Make: Freeze Lancer (フリーズランサーFurīzu Ransā): Gray creates larger ice lances that he attacks his enemy with.
  • Ice-Make: Block: The user uses one hand to create a big block of ice that is able to block incoming attacks. (Unnamed)
  • Ice-Make: Shield (シールドShīrudo): Gray creates a large shield made of ice in front of him, whose shape is vaguely reminiscent of a flower, which shields everything behind it.
  • Ice-Make: Hammer (ハンマーHanmā): Gray creates a large ice hammer that floats above his opponent before dropping on them with great force. The first time Gray used this against Lyon, he was blocked.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Hammer (アイスハンマーAisu Hamā): Gray creates a giant spiked hammer made out of ice and hammers it onto the target
  • Ice-Make: Ice Impact (アイスインパクトAisu Inpakuto): Gray creates an intricately-designed hammer made of ice, which he brought down onto the targeted area, creating a great impact.
  • Ice-Make: Floor (フロアFuroa): Gray simply freezes the floor, which makes anyone in the area slip. Gray is also capable of freezing water with this spell, and slide on the resultant floor.
  • Ice-Make: Bow: Gray creates a large bow out of ice, which can be used to shoot powerful ice arrows at his targets.
  • Ice-Make: Arrows: Gray creates one or more arrows out of ice, which are subsequently shot at high speed to enemies through the use of the previously made ice bow. (Unnamed)
  • Ice-Make: Super Freeze Arrow: Using Ice-Make: Ice Geyser and standing on top of the resulting ice formation, Gray can rise up to a high point to shoot his arrow; after the shot, the speed of the arrow increases with gravity and air pressure, making this attack much deadlier than usual. The first time Gray used this was to defeat Racer.
  • Ice-Make: Battle Axe (バトルアックスBatoru Akkusu): Gray creates an axe out of ice for melee combat and swings it around him. The first time he used this was against Juvia, but it was ineffective.
  • Ice-Make: Sword: Gray creates a sword out of ice for melee combat. The sword is very durable, being capable of cutting and parrying other weapons as if it were made of metal.
  • Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur (氷聖剣 コールドエクスカリバー Cōrudo Ekusukaribā): Gray creates a massive great-sword out of ice for melee combat. As with its smaller version, the weapon is very strong and sharp; in addition, its slashes seem capable of leaving behind large wakes of ice which can damage the opponents.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Bringer (氷魔剣 アイスブリンガー Aisu Buringā): Gray generates two swords of ice in his hands and rapidly moves them forward in an X motion to slash his opponent.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Geyser (アイスガイザー Aisu Gaizā): Freezing the ground in front of him, Gray creates a tower of ice spikes that impales opponents, greatly damaging them. The first time Gray used this was to attack Lyon, but he failed.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Cannon (アイスキャノン Aisu Kyanon): Having created a large, bazooka-like hand-held cannon, Gray fires a cannonball made of ice to deal massive damage to his opponent. The first time he used this was to defeat Lyon.
  • Ice-Make: Prison (プリズンPurizun): Gray creates a large square cage out of ice to trap opponents. The first time he used this was to stop Lyon's ice animals from attacking him.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Dummy: Gray creates a copy of himself made out of ice. The copy is perfectly identical to him, being revealed as made of ice only after a close, careful inspection, and thus coming in useful to avoid enemy attacks or to create a distraction for Gray to attack on his own. (Unnamed)
  • Ice-Make: Stairs: Gray makes stairs out of ice, so that he can get to previously unreachable places. The stairs, despite the nature of the material composing them, don't seem to be slippy at all. The first time Gray used this was to find Lyon.
  • Ice-Make: Slide: Gray makes a slide out of ice, so that he can get to previously unreachable places. The first time Gray used this was to find Lyon. (Unnamed)
  • Ice-Make: Rampart (ランパードRanpādo): Gray creates an extremely massive and high wall out of ice, which can stop his opponents in their tracks, but uses up a lot of Magic. The first time Gray used this was to stop Racer.
  • Ice-Make: Grappling Hook (飛爪Hisō): Gray creates two four-pointed grappling hooks with chains connected with the Ice-Make auras around his hands, which can be used to hold grasp of higher surfaces or objects, allowing him to lift himself.
  • Ice-Make: Death Scythe (デスサイズDesu Saizu): Gray first creates a large scythe made out of ice, and then jumps into the air. When he's high enough, he swings the scythe at his opponent.
  • Ice-Make: Key: Gray is able to create an identical key to that of the Dragon Chain Cannon's device made of ice.
  • Ice-Make: Gungnir (戦神槍, グングニル, Gunguniru): Gray releases a gigantic lance out of ice which traps the opponent in it.
  • Ice-Make: Knuckle: Freezing the ground under his opponent, Gray creates a tower made of large ice fists which strikes his opponent.
  • Ice-Make: Saucer: Gray creates a large, spinning ice disk, capable of cutting through like a buzz-saw, which he launches at his target.
  • Ice-Make: Fishnet: Gray releases an icy wind from his hands, which takes on a fishnet-like shape, and allows him to freeze his opponent.
  • Ice-Make: Ice Wall: An alternative version of Ice-Make: Ice Geyser, which freezes the opponent instead of impaling them.
  • Ice-Make: Cocoon: Gray surrounds his body with a cocoon of ice, which has spikes jutting outwards, to protect himself from enemy attacks. It has a similar purpose to Ice-Make: Shield, but protecting Gray on every side instead of one. It's unknown, though, if this spell is durable like its standard counterpart. (Unnamed)
  • Ice-Make: Kite (カイト Kaito): User creates a kite under the user which allows him/her to fly in the air.
  • Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance (一勢乱舞 Issei Ranbu): Gray creates a big number of Ice Swords,[49] which he can command to attack one or more enemies.
  • Ice-Make: Shotgun (ショットガン Shotto Gan): Gray utilizes nearby water in conjunction with his Ice-Make Magic to solidify the water, which is then aimed at the target and released as sharp, thick spears of ice.
  • Ice-Make: Thieving Hand (盗賊の手 Tōzoku no Te): Gray forms a hand out of ice, which resembles a human hand; spotting five fingers and a palm. The hand's long branch enables Gray to sneakingly steal items, such as small bottles, without the owners noticing.

Ice Magic:

  • Iced Shell (絶対凍結・アイスのドシェル Zettai Tōketsu: Aisu no Sheru): Gray also has knowledge of this forbidden, extremely dangerous and powerful Magic, and has expressed the certainty that he could use it, if he were forced to.[53]
  • Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance (氷刃・七連舞 Hyōjin: Nanarenbu): After creating ice blades jutting back from both of his forearms, Gray displays his swordsmanship by rapidly slashing his enemy seven times. This is often used as a finishing move, causing heavy damage to the enemy.

Unison Raid (合体魔法, ユニゾンレイド, Yunizon Reido): In the anime, Gray and Juvia also succeeded in using Unison Raid during their fight against Dragonoid. Both Magic Seals created one, and they fused their Magic together. When Gray's and Juvia's Magic fused, there were massive amounts of water and ice needles erupting from all over Magnolia Town.

Enhanced Durability: Gray has also displayed tremendous durability during battle. He managed to continue fighting after being hit by boiling water, he survived Fukurou's stolen fire attacks, and endured several dozen energy blasts from Bickslow's dolls before passing out. He also took the blasts from four lightning Lacrima from the Thunder Palace, despite having just recovered from previous injuries.

Expert Weapons Specialist: Gray has displayed considerably great ability in wielding the weapons produced by his Ice-Make spells. He is very skilled in swordsmanship with his constructed ice swords of various forms and sizes, and is also more than capable of wielding other types of bladed weapons. He has also shown to be adept at marksmanship, using his ice bow to throw arrows at great distances with pinpoint accuracy.

Enhanced Agility: Gray has shown on different occasions to be very fast and agile. During his fight with Bickslow in an alleyway, he displayed enough acrobatic prowess and strength to move several meters in the air by jumping from one wall to the other. He was also able to avoid some of Racer's attacks despite his overwhelming speed.

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Gray possesses great skill in hand-to-hand combat, first seriously shown when, despite his grievous wounds, he managed to overwhelm Lyon when the latter angered him in battle, and generally displayed in a comical way during his scuffles with Natsu. He is capable of packing powerful punches and kicks, and he often employs unarmed combat in conjunction with his Ice-Make spells to gain the upper hand in battle.

Enhanced Strength: Gray has proven himself to possess considerable physical strength, having been shown capable of lifting an enormous amount of large wood beams all by himself, despite subsequently being crushed under them due to distraction. He was also able to lift Lucy while both of them were stuck in a quicksand-like trap and to throw her away several meters up in the air, as well as to shatter the section of a stone wall with a single punch sideways.

Story in "Fairy Tail"Edit


Gray was from a village up in the North, but the entire village was destroyed by the Demon Deliora. Gray's parents were killed in the incident as well. Lyon, along with Ur, a powerful ice Mage who Jellal claimed could have been one of the Ten Wizard Saints, came investigating Deliora's destruction, and found Gray alive among the ruins. Ur took Gray in as her second student and taught him and Lyon Ice-Make Magic. Gray accepted the training in order to eventually avenge his deceased parents by killing Deliora using Ur's unorthodox methods. Gray also inherited the unusual habit of stripping unconsciously from Ur.

When Gray heard of Deliora's current location, he decided to challenge it, ignoring Ur and Lyon's warnings. Gray collapsed from battling Deliora and woke up to see Ur battling it. Ur told him to take Lyon and run. Gray carried Lyon and saw that Ur had lost her leg and replaced it with ice. Suddenly, Lyon woke up and tried to cast Iced Shell, but Ur stopped him by freezing him. She explained to Gray that Iced Shell was the only thing that would beat Deliora, and was surprised to know that Lyon had tried to do what she planned. She then used Iced Shell which caused her body to be destroyed. Before turning into ice, she made Gray promise to tell Lyon that she died and told him to step into the future, since she would seal his darkness. The next day, Lyon woke up and discovered Deliora encased in ice and Ur's sacrifice. He berated Gray for Ur's death and the two apprentices parted ways.

Following Ur's advice to find strong wizards in the west, Gray arrived at Fairy Tail and asked the master for a way to reverse the effects of the Iced Shell. Makarov, however, told him that the only method that could possibly reverse it would kill Ur in the process.

Macao arcEdit

Gray first appears when Natsu and Happy bring Lucy Heartfilia to Fairy Tail. He is sitting in his shorts, having forgotten to wear his clothes, and immediately gets into a fight with Natsu. He stops when Makarov orders them to do so and he gets scolded by him about his accidental nudity during his missions.

Daybreak arcEdit

Gray finds out the reward for Natsu's latest mission and he quietly wishes him luck, saying things were going to be interesting. Later, he was attacked by Natsu, when they were coming back from a job. He tells Natsu, Lucy, and Happy that Erza Scarlet was coming back, which made them uneasy. They decide to head back, when they are ambushed by a band of Mages that kidnap Happy and plan to eat him. The team manages to defeat them and rescue Happy, when they hear one of the defeated Mages mention "Lullaby".

Lullaby arcEdit

As Gray is about to get into a fight with Natsu yet again, hearing about Erza's arrival from Loke makes him stop. Later, he is forced to go on a mission with Erza along with Natsu, Happy, and Lucy, much to his chagrin. On their way to their mission, he shows Lucy his abilities as an Ice-Make Mage. Lucy then mentions that Gray's ice abilities and Natsu's fire abilities are probably what causes their quarrels. When they get off the train, they continue to discuss the mission, only to realize that they forgot to bring the motion-sick Natsu with them. After they are reunited with Natsu, they learn that Natsu had a confrontation in the train with a member of Eisenwald named Kageyama. Natsu states that he had a strange kind of flute with three eyes and a skull. Lucy then pipes in, saying that she had only heard about it in books, but that it might be "Lullaby", the flute of death.

Eisenwald takes over the Oshibana train station, forcing the five of them to make their way in, quickly encountering Eisenwald's Mages and fighting them. Erigor, the Ace of Eisenwald, however, has other plans and flees the scene with Gray and Natsu in hot pursuit. However, the two decide to split up and Gray runs into one of Eisenwald's elite members, Rayule.

While the two are fighting, Gray learns about the plan to kill all the guild masters who are at their regular meeting. Gray promptly freezes Rayule's face, ending their fight. He then informs Erza of this and they go to find Kageyama, so he can dispel Erigor's wind wall. Kageyama, however, is stabbed in the back by Karacka, a fellow Eisenwald guild member, before he can help them.

After Lucy summons her new Celestial Spirit, Virgo, Gray compliments Virgo for being cute and as they escape, Gray is the only one to notice that Virgo and Lucy's skirts are flying up due to the wind. They then realize that Natsu and Happy are missing again. As they chase Natsu and Happy with the injured Kageyama, Gray gives him a speech about life and death, but the atmosphere is ruined when Lucy yells at Gray, asking him to kill Kageyama after he harasses her.

They catch up to Natsu and Happy, only to see that Natsu has beaten Erigor. Gray, as usual, insults Natsu for having difficulties in the battle and insults him for his choice of clothes. As Erza congratulates the group for a job well done, Kageyama grabs the Lullaby flute and uses the Magic Four Wheel Drive to get to Clover Town, much to everyone's surprise. Chasing after him, they arrive and see Kageyama with Makarov, and are about to go to their master’s aid, but are stopped by guild masters Bob and Goldmine. They then see that Makarov has persuaded Kageyama not to use the Lullaby's Magic. Suddenly, the flute itself starts to talk and transforms into a giant demon.

Gray teams up with Natsu and Erza to defeat the demon. When it attacks Natsu, it misses and heads for the guild masters instead. To protect the masters, he uses Ice-Make: Shield, and is complimented on how fast he can create the shield. He then proceeds to attack the Demon with his Ice-Make: Lance. With the three's combined efforts, Lullaby is defeated. However, they wind up accidentally destroying the Guild Masters' Meeting Building in the process, forcing the team and Makarov to hastily escape.

After their return to Magnolia, Gray arrives in Lucy's apartment, much to her dismay, to remind her that Natsu and Erza are about to begin their fight. As he watches, he is shocked to hear that Erza is to be arrested for property damage by the Magic Council.

Galuna Island arcEdit

Gray waits for Erza's verdict like everyone else, but he learns that it was all a hoax and he voices his displeasure about that. Gray then falls prey, like everyone else, to Mystogan's Sleep Magic as the latter walks in. After Mystogan leaves and lifts the Sleep Magic, Gray explains to Lucy about Mystogan's actions. When Natsu, Happy, and Lucy take the S-Class request to lift the curse of Galuna Island, Makarov orders Laxus Dreyar to go after them, saying that he is the only one who can force them to come back. However, Gray stands up and volunteers to get them back instead. Gray catches up with the three in Hargeon, who are looking for a boat to take them to the island. Gray tries to persuade them to go back, but when Natsu resists, Gray tries to use Magic. Bobo, the boat owner, then spots them using Magic and tells them that he will take them to the island. Natsu sees this as an opening and knocks Gray unconscious, ties him up and brings him along. On their way to the island, Bobo shows them the effects of the island's demonic curse. Bobo then vanishes, and although Happy checks to see if he had fallen into the water, he is nowhere to be found. All of this is rendered irrelevant when a large wave hits their boat and washes them ashore. Gray, now agreeing to help, goes with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy towards the island's village and meets its mayor, Moka, who asks them to destroy the moon and lift the curse.

Deeming such a task impossible, they instead investigate the island's forest, getting attacked by a gigantic mouse which they defeat. In the process, the team manages to locate an abandoned temple. Natsu, commenting on the decayed floor, begins to slam it with his foot, causing it to crumble and hurtle them downwards into a cavern, also making Happy almost swallow a bone he had found. Lucy saves him from choking by pulling it out of his throat. In this cavern, they discover the frozen Demon Deliora along with three Mages: Sherry, Yuka Suzuki and Toby. Gray explains to the others what Deliora is: an immortal Demon that destroyed Ishban 10 years ago, and was sealed by his teacher, Ur, at the cost of her life.

The group decides to wait for the moon to come out to see its involvement with the frozen demon. Lucy brings out her Celestial Spirit Lyra to pass the time. Happy wants her to sing a fish song, but Lucy tells Lyra to sing anything she likes. Her ability to sing songs reflecting what one has in their heart moves Gray to tears, much to the surprise of the others. When night arrives, they discover that the moonlight is hitting the Demon via the ritual Moon Drip which would melt the ice. As the team is hiding, Reitei Lyon, Sherry, Yuka and Toby arrive. Reitei Lyon inquires about the Moon Drip ritual, and orders the other three to obliterate the village.

Enraged by the order given by Reitei Lyon, Natsu jumps out from hiding and attacks alongside Gray. Natsu is quickly frozen, and Gray tells Happy to escape with Lucy while he continues to fight Lyon. After Happy and Lucy leave, Gray kicks Natsu down the hill to protect him from Lyon's Magic. Gray then argues with Lyon about his motives, saying that Ur died to seal Deliora and that he is trying to destroy Ur's legacy. Lyon then asks him how he can live with the knowledge that he killed Ur. The two then battle. While battling, Lyon reveals that he will resurrect Deliora and kill it, defeating that which Ur could not and allowing him to surpass her. Gray tells him it's impossible, but Lyon reminds him that that was what they said to him, but he challenged Deliora anyway, resulting in Ur's death. Overcome with grief, Gray loses the battle and falls into unconsciousness. When he wakes up, he sees Natsu, who carries him back to the village. On their way to the village, Natsu comforts him for losing, saying that they are from Fairy Tail, a guild that doesn't know when to stop.

While returning to the village, Gray falls unconscious again. When Sherry, Yuka, and Toby arrive at the village, the villagers take Gray, and leave Natsu and Lucy to fight them. The next morning, he awakes to find Erza, who had come to bring them back to the guild. He tries to tell her the severity of the situation, but she states that she didn't care. This causes Gray to insult Erza, telling her she makes him sick. He then tells her that he will save the people of the island, whether Erza likes it or not. After his lecture, Gray storms off to find Natsu. While running towards the ruins, Erza, Lucy and Happy catch up with him, Erza now agreeing to help. He explains Lyon's motives, and reveals to the group that Ur is still alive.

They see that the ruins are tilted, thanks to Natsu. Suddenly, they are attacked by Lyon's helpers, survivors from past attacks made by Deliora. Erza tells Gray to go while she, Lucy, and Happy hold them off. Gray arrives at the ruins, and tells Natsu to stand back. He then confronts Lyon and tells him it's over for him. Gray begins to use Iced Shell, but Lyon thinks he's bluffing, so he stands his ground. However, Natsu, knowing what Iced Shell would do to Gray, punches Gray, causing him to stop. Then the two bicker: Gray says that he is willing to die to stop Lyon, but Natsu tells him to stop running away. Suddenly, the ruins begin to re-tilt to their original position, thanks to Zalty. Angered, Natsu runs after him, leaving Gray to deal with Lyon. Gray tries to persuade Lyon to stop fighting by telling him that Ur is still alive as the ice which encases Deliora. However, Lyon stabs him with his sword and says that he knew it all along. Gray falls to the ground and looks at Lyon, with eyes full of hatred and anger.

An angry Gray then attacks Lyon, saying that he gave up on trying to save him. Lyon is surprised by the amount of energy Gray has left, and counterattacks by using his Ice-Make: Dragon. Lyon says that Deliora will be revived soon because of Zalty, but Gray tells him not to underestimate Natsu. As the two continue their battle, the ruins start to shake. Lyon tells Gray of everything they did in order to achieve this. Gray thinks it’s pointless, and when Lyon chastises him for playing in some guild, he simply counters by saying he followed Ur’s advice of finding more powerful opponents in the west. He then tells him of his first day at Fairy Tail, when the master told him that Ur’s condition was eternal. He then proclaims his disgust at Lyon’s actions, who can't see past his ambitions. He attacks, but Gray disarms him, and blocks his Snow Tiger using his Ice-Make: Prison. The tiger cannot release itself; Gray explains that it’s because Lyon's creatures are out of balance, having been created with one hand. He then uses his Ice-Make: Ice Cannon to finish Lyon off. As he does, a cacophonous noise fills the air. Deliora is free and Gray’s only apparent choice to defeat it is Iced Shell.

Gray is face to face with Deliora. Natsu tells Gray that they should take it down, but Lyon interrupts, saying that he will defeat it to surpass Ur. Gray knocks him unconscious and starts to cast Iced Shell again. However, Natsu steps in front of Gray, stopping Gray from continuing the spell. As Deliora is about to attack Natsu, it starts to crumble into dust, much to everyone's surprise. They realize Deliora was long dead due to Ur's efforts, and Gray cries, thanking her for sealing his darkness.

Back at the newly restored village (thanks to Zalty's Arc of Time), Erza explains that the villagers' transformation into Demons had never really occurred. She clarifies when she gets Natsu to help her "destroy the Moon", but what they really do is destroy an amnesia-causing barrier around the island that formed thanks to the Moon Drip. The barrier made the villagers think they were humans, when they were actually demons. With that, the team departs Galuna Island and returns to Fairy Tail.

Phantom Lord arcEdit

While returning to the guild, everyone but Lucy is displeased at Erza for not letting them accept the reward of 7 million jewels. Lucy's exclusive happiness is due to her receiving the additional reward of the gate key of one of the Zodiac Celestial Spirits, Sagittarius. Happy suggests that they should sell it, which Lucy immediately opposes. Erza then reminds them of their punishment, believing it will surely be "that" although what "that" is, is not explained. That's soon put out of their minds when they discover that the guild has been attacked by their longtime rivals, Phantom Lord. The team then confronts Makarov about the damages, who tells them to ignore it.

Gray and the others surprise Lucy when they welcome her to her own apartment, with Erza telling them they have to stick together in case anyone gets attacked. However, this has already happened to the members of Team Shadow Gear, Levy McGarden, Jet, and Droy, who were attacked and pinned to a tree. When Makarov discovers this, he declares war against Phantom Lord. Gray attacks Phantom Lord alongside most of Fairy Tail, but they are forced to retreat when Makarov loses his Magic Power because of Aria, leader of the team Element 4 of the Phantom Lord guild.

Back at the guild, Gray and the others are surprised at the revelation of Lucy's history and comforts her while she is depressed. Just then, they feel the guild quaking and rush outside to see what the commotion is: the Phantom Lord Guild is literally walking towards them on six legs. It attacks with its Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter, but Erza narrowly stops the powerful bullet from obliterating the guild, rendering her incapable to fight. Jose Porla calls out, demanding that they gave Lucy to him, but receives an adamant refusal. In response, he tells them to quiver for 15 minutes as Jupiter reloads. Rather than wait to be destroyed, Gray and Elfman follow Natsu and Happy to destroy the cannon before it can fire again.

After the cannon is successfully decommissioned, Jose orders the guild to enter a more powerful form: Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II. Gray and Elfman arrive just in time to save the motion-sick Natsu from Totomaru, one of the members of the Element 4. Happy flies outside to see what's going on, and returns to tell them that the guild has become a gigantic Mage that is beginning to cast a spell called Abyss Break, which would destroy half of Magnolia. They then decide to split up to find the moving guild's power source.

Gray goes to the roof where he meets Juvia Lockser, one of the Element 4, who shows an immediate romantic attraction to him. She begins by declaring her loss to him and leaves. However, she changes her mind and attacks Gray with her Water Lock. He quickly freezes his way out, but not without opening his wound from Lyon in the process. Gray strips as usual, causing Juvia to think that their relationship is going too fast. Gray then uses his Ice-Make: Lance on her, but is surprised that the attack went right through her. As she tries to convince Gray to stop and hand over Lucy, Gray announces that he'll never give up a comrade, even if it means death. Juvia takes this the wrong way and believes that Lucy is Gray's girlfriend.

She then gets angry at Lucy, confusing Gray, and attacks him with boiling water. He tries to freeze her water and he succeeds, but in the process, accidentally grabs Juvia's breast. He quickly lets go and apologizes to her, which surprises her. She then tries to confess her love for him, but he mentions how the rain is depressing before she can say it. This sends Juvia into a rage and she attacks him again, but Gray prevails and defeats her, stopping the rain around her in the process.

Later, he tries to fight Phantom Lord leader Jose Porla alongside Erza, Elfman and Mirajane, but given their already weakened states, Elfman, Gray and Mirajane are easily defeated while Erza tries to fight alone. Makarov then reappears and tells Erza to leave and take Gray, Elfman and Mirajane so he can fight Jose.

After Phantom Lord's defeat, Gray helps rebuild the guild, almost noticing Juvia spying on him. He then becomes surprised when he gets a lunch box from Juvia, not knowing that it was her who gave it when he said that he was hungry. Fearing what it could be, he gives the lunch box to Natsu. When Loke gives them Lucy's keys, Gray, together with Natsu, Erza and Happy, goes to Lucy's house, only to find a note saying I will go home. The team then goes after Lucy. Upon arriving at Heartfilia mansion, they find Lucy leaving her house and are surprised to hear that Lucy's family owns the place. The team then returns to the guild.

A few days later, when the guild was accepting job requests again, Team Natsu becomes official and decides to take their first mission as an official team. While doing the request, they manage to destroy half a road.

Loke arcEdit

Noticing Lucy worrying over her little amount of money, Mirajane suggests they do a simple acting job at a theater. Happy is given the task of carrying a Dragon suit that Natsu is in, and they are given a week to rehearse. Their show is atrocious, makes little sense and they eventually destroy the theater, but despite all this, they are hailed as a success to the point that they're kept there for another week, doing three performances a day. They go out on another job and chance upon Loke after swiftly completing it. Seeing how they completed it so quickly, they decide to stay the night in Balsam Town. Natsu, Erza and Gray have a pillow fight. Gray wins, but Natsu is being a sore loser about it and they both ask Lucy to back them up. An agitated Lucy silences Natsu and Gray's bickering, a feat only Erza could do.

Later, when Lucy goes back to her apartment, Gray suddenly barges in, saying that Loke had left Fairy Tail. After hearing this, Lucy and all the others go looking for him.

Tower of Heaven arcEdit

Shocked by the announcement that Loke is a Celestial Spirit, Lucy explains to Natsu, Gray and Happy that he is actually Leo the Lion, leader of the Zodiacs. Considering how he can no longer spend long periods of time in the human world, Loke gives the four of them, as well as Erza, a ticket to a fancy resort. Juvia follows them and secretly spies on Gray. She then approaches Gray in the casino. While chatting, they are attacked by Simon, a tall and ruthless Mage who specializes in Darkness Magic, who asks them for Erza's whereabouts. Gray is able to escape the ambush with Juvia's help, by being hidden inside her water body.

With Erza and Happy kidnapped, the team, plus Juvia, decides to rescue them using Natsu's nose to track them down. As they get to the island on which the Tower of Heaven stands, they find Erza and she explains her past to them. After Erza finishes telling her story, Simon and Shô arrive and join the team to stop Jellal Fernandes. When Jellal activates the Heaven's Game, Shô traps Erza in one of his cards in order to protect her and runs off, wanting to fight Jellal himself. Simon leaves the group to follow Shô, leaving Gray, Juvia and Lucy to find Natsu. But Gray goes after Shô, and entrusts to Lucy and Juvia the task of finding Natsu.

Later, he runs into the Death's Head Caucus Guild's Trinity Raven member, Fukuro, who had absorbed Natsu and started using his flames on Simon and Happy; the two begin to battle. Gray is able to withstand the heat of Natsu's stolen fire attacks and is able to freeze the flames, though Gray comments that Natsu had a stronger fire. Soon, Fukuro tries to absorb him, but Gray manages to freeze him enough to make him withdraw. In a fit of rage, he then uses Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance to defeat Fukuro and free Natsu. During the fight, Gray takes a fair amount of damage and Simon asks Happy to take him outside the tower to recover. They flee the island on a boat along with Juvia, Lucy, Wally and Millianna, and watch as the weaponized satellite Etherion strikes the tower.

Thinking that Erza and Natsu might have died, they are all highly relieved when the two of them arrive on the shore. They recover in a hotel where Natsu sleeps for three straight days and wakes up briefly after Gray belittles him. He eventually stays awake and they socialize with their previous enemies, before sending them off with a fireworks display.

Fighting Festival arcEdit

When they return to the guild, they find its reconstruction complete and Cana Alberona shows them around. Makarov startles them with the introduction of two new members: Juvia and Gajeel, their previous enemies. After settling down, they sit down for a song from Mirajane; this calm state doesn't last long, however, as the two Dragon Slayers soon cause a large brawl. A reporter comes the next day to write about the guild, and asks Gray why he was always undressing to which he angrily replies that he is not a pervert. The master also instructs Gray to accompany Juvia on a mission, since she is a new member.

During the Miss Fairy Tail Contest a week later, Gray is seen watching the girls showcase their talents until a member of the Thunder God Tribe, Evergreen, appears during Lucy's performance. Gray quickly warns Lucy not to look into Evergreen's eyes but it's too late as she is turned to stone. Evergreen then reveals that she turned all the girls to stone. Soon, the other two members, Bickslow and Freed, make their entrance along with Laxus. Laxus proposes a game to find out who is the strongest in Fairy Tail, and Natsu replies with much enthusiasm. Laxus holds the girls hostage and threatens to smash them if the men don't participate or break the rules. With a time limit of three hours to find and defeat them before the girls crumble to dust, the members of Fairy Tail rush out and the Battle of Fairy Tail begins. However, Makarov isn't able to go through the door because of Freed's runes. Gray then leaves to find Laxus, promising to beat him even if he was the master's grandson.

Gray goes and fights Bickslow and quickly starts to overpower him. However, Bickslow starts to use his dirty tricks and traps Gray in one of Freed's enchantments, where no one is allowed to use Magic; this leaves Gray with no other choice but to try to attack with his fist. Since Bickslow's Magic allows him to attack from the outside, Gray is defeated.

After Laxus activates his Thunder Palace, Gray manages to recover and find Warren Rocko. Using Warren's Magic, they are able to explain the situation to the other recovering Fairy Tail members. After initially bickering, the guild members are able to get along and destroy Laxus's Thunder Palace spell and save the town. However, due to the Organic Link Magic Laxus put on them, which causes the spell to counterattack with a lightning strike, all the guild members take more damage, but manage to live through it and are happy to survive.

After Laxus is defeated, the guild still decides to participate in the Fantasia parade. During the parade, Gray and Juvia perform on the same float as the King and queen of a frozen kingdom. Gray, along with the rest of the guild, also signals to the excommunicated Laxus that they will always be looking out for him.

A few days after the festival, Team Natsu decides to take a job: to capture the escaped convict Velveno. Gray is seen surprised when Lucy suddenly leaves to go to Acalypha Town. Gray, along with the rest of Team Natsu, follow Lucy to the LOVE & LUCKY guild and are surprised to learn that she defeated the Naked Mummy Guild by herself; they also inform her that because she ran off, they cancelled the mission.

Oración Seis arcEdit

Gray assists Lucy in paying the rent by helping her at a restaurant, and when they return to the guild, Mirajane explains about Dark Guilds and their power over the Magical underworld. Makarov then arrives and announces that an alliance of guilds is being formed to take down one of the three strongest Dark Guilds, Oración Seis.

Makarov chooses Gray together with Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Happy to act as the delegates of Fairy Tail. At the meeting place, Gray is surprised to see his former training partner Lyon, now a member of the Lamia Scale Guild and also one of its delegates, and is even more surprised when Cait Shelter Guild's delegate arrives, which happens to be a 12 year old girl named Wendy Marvell. Her talking cat also appears and tells them that despite her appearance, Wendy is a powerful Mage. After the matters are settled, the group discusses who the Oración Seis are and their plan to stop them; after they are done, they then head off to find them.

When the alliance unexpectedly finds their target, Gray tries to aid his allies against the six Mages by fighting Racer and Angel, but he ultimately fails like the others. When Brain spots Wendy and grabs her, Wendy tries to reach for Carla, but grabs Happy by mistake as the two are kidnapped. After being saved from death by Jura Neekis and Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, the group notices that Erza has been poisoned, causing the members to argue amongst themselves on how to handle the situation. Carla, however, is the one who calms everyone down, revealing that Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer and her healing Magic could fix the problem. But to rescue her, the group has to work together. The others agree and rally together, before splitting up to find their kidnapped comrades.

Gray goes with Natsu and Carla as they explore the area, Natsu taking the time to ask Carla about Wendy's Dragon Slayer Magic before the three are ambushed by members from the Naked Mummy Guild, one of the Dark Guilds under Oración Seis. While Gray and Natsu are fighting the guild, Carla hangs back to watch. After all guild members are defeated, they try to interrogate the members about the location of the Oración Seis' hideout. Later, they reach an cave entrance to the Oración Seis base, but come into confrontation with Racer. Gray holds him off while Natsu and Carla enter the cave to look for their friends.

While Gray and Racer are battling, they notice Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla flying above them. Racer attacks them, causing them to fall and knock Wendy, Happy and Carla unconscious. Natsu carries the three and runs off. Racer tries to go after them, but Gray manages to stop him by using his Ice-Make: Rampart, giving Natsu the time to run for it and angering Racer.

Racer taunts Gray and activates his Magic, Death Grand Prix, causing multiple motorcycles to appear and charge towards Gray. Racer then hops on one of them and attacks Gray himself. Gray also hops on a motorcycle and the two start a race. While Racer is attacking Gray, Gray is having trouble fighting back since it is difficult to drive and use Magic at the same time. While racing, Gray spots Lyon and Sherry, and asks Lyon to hop on as well. With Gray driving and Lyon attacking, they are able to destroy Racer's motorcycle, thus ending the race. Racer counterattacks and knocks them off their motorcycle as well. Gray and Lyon attack Racer with their Ice-Make, but Racer easily dodges their attacks and attacks them. Lyon then whispers to Gray that he found Racer's weakness.

After whispering something in Gray's ear, Lyon freezes him much to Racer and Sherry's surprise. Lyon then calls Sherry to help him, saying that Lamia Scale will take the glory. Lyon and Sherry then attack Racer. However, Racer easily overpowers Sherry, causing Lyon to run away, but Racer easily catches up to him, attacks him and pins him to the ground, pulling out a knife and threatening Lyon's life. However, Lyon smiles and reveals his and Gray's plan. Gray unfreezes and shoots Racer with his ice arrow from a long distance, defeating him. As Gray makes his way to Lyon and Sherry, saying that they had won, Racer gets back up in an attempt to kill them, along with himself, with a bomb. However, Lyon tackles him down the cliff just before the explosive activates in order to save Gray and Sherry.

After he and Sherry watch in horror, Gray decides to go look for Lyon, not believing that he is dead. While Gray searches for Lyon, Sherry, having been completely turned to darkness by Nirvana's activation, attacks Gray from behind with her Wood Doll, seemingly knocking him unconscious. Gray later regains consciousness and manages to stop Sherry who was attacking Natsu and Lucy, in order to avenge Lyon's death. He pins her to the ground when Lyon suddenly arrives, heavily wounded, but alive. Upon seeing Lyon, the darkness leaves Sherry and she is returned to the light. Later, when Nirvana's second stage is activated by Brain, Gray, Natsu and Lucy are seen climbing one of its legs. When Nirvana starts to move, Natsu's motion sickness kicks in, causing him to fall off, but Happy is able to save him. The team then decides to split up, with Happy and Natsu going in first while Gray and Lucy follow.

As Gray and Lucy enter Nirvana, they meet up with Jura and the Nirvana-affected Hoteye, who explains to them the power of Nirvana; however, as they leave to assist Natsu, Midnight appears and attacks them. Hoteye is able to save them and tells them to leave while he fights Midnight. Gray, Lucy and Jura manage to find Natsu as he is being dragged off by Brain, who was planning to make Natsu one of his new members after seeing him defeat Cobra. Brain then reveals to them his plan of attacking Wendy and Carla's guild. Jura asks him for the reason and attacks Brain when he does not answer, causing Gray and Lucy to comment on Jura's strength. Jura then continues to attack Brain and effortlessly defeats him. Carla and Wendy arrive just at that moment, and Wendy's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic cures Natsu and Happy's injuries and also casts Troia, which counters Natsu's motion sickness.

Wendy rushes away, Carla with her, and the rest of them receive a message from an enemy who is now their ally, Hoteye, via telepathy. He tells them that the strongest of the Oración Seis, Midnight, is directly below them and that his defeat will stop Nirvana. They rush downwards, but at the last moment discover it's Brain's trap. The group is saved by Jura's timely intervention who is heavily damaged by the ambush and rendered unconscious. As they try to make sure he's okay, Brain's staff, Klodoa, laments about Brain's pathetic power, and that he should just defeat them himself before being captured by Natsu and slammed around. He frees himself from Natsu's grip and tells them of their plan: to destroy the Cait Shelter guild so Nirvana can never be resealed.

Klodoa begins to bash them, but abruptly stops when he feels that the Six Demons have all been defeated and that this will herald the arrival of Brain's split personality, the vastly powerful and bellicose Zero. Sure enough, Zero arrives and easily defeats the team. Nirvana then arrives at Cait Shelter and Zero orders it to attack. The powerful blast from Nirvana is, however, stopped with another strike from the combined efforts of the other alliance members who managed to get the Magical bomber ship Christina up and working again, which was shot down by Oración Seis beforehand. Hibiki Lates, piloting the ship, telepathically details how to stop Nirvana: destroy the six Lacrima crystals within Nirvana's legs that serves as its power source simultaneously. Zero interrupts, using telepathy himself, saying that their plan is futile as he stands in front of one crystal and will prevent anyone from trying to destroy it. The other alliance members desperately call on Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy to get up and they comply.

Using the map that Hibiki had downloaded into their heads, the group decides on which Lacrima they will go to. After choosing, Happy reminds them that if they find Zero, they will have to take him down themselves and that they have no backup. Gray manages to destroy one of the six Lacrima while Natsu manages to defeat Brain, stopping Nirvana once and for all.

Everyone is then re-united when the New Magic Council's law enforcer Lahar shows up to arrest Hoteye for being part of the Oración Seis, and Jellal for his crimes in the past. As Jellal willingly gives himself up to the Council just like Hoteye, an enraged Natsu starts attacking the Council and tries to bring Jellal back for Erza, and so he could join them as he was already "one of us" when he helped defeat Brain. Gray soon joins in and this convinces all the other Mages to help fight to get Jellal back, while Jellal and Erza can only look on painfully. As the Council fights back, ordering them to arrest every single Mage rebelling against them as well, Erza suddenly yells for everyone to stop. With that, he is taken away and everyone looks on sadly.

Daphne arcEdit

Gray returns to the guild after being gone for a few days. He tells Natsu about a rumor he heard in a nearby town that a lady named Daphne has spotted a Dragon. With this information, Natsu heads out along with Wendy to go meet her.

Once Natsu, Wendy, Carla, and Happy, are trapped by Daphne's Concealment Magic in her inn, Gray appears. He reveals himself to be conspiring with Daphne, and challenges Natsu to a battle to settle everything once and for all. Daphne stresses how she needs the Dragon Slayer for her plans as the battle begins.

As the two fight, Natsu asks Gray why he is betraying Fairy Tail. Gray references "A City Without Sound", but Natsu not understanding causes him to continue attacking. As they fight, Daphne reveals how she came to Magnolia searching for info about Natsu, and that Gray willingly volunteered to help her. They fight evenly, until Natsu seemingly defeats Gray, but Gray is able to freeze Natsu's feet to the ground, allowing Daphne to use Hidden Darkness.

The spell traps Natsu in Daphne's invention the Dragonoid. The inn soon disappears and Gray is spotted by Erza and Lucy. After Daphne explains her plans, Macao, Elfman and Wakaba soon arrive. They are quickly able to knock him out and bring him back to the guild.

He arrives back, and shortly after Elfman faints from his exhaustion from battling, Cana goes to Gray and yells at him to know his motivation. Juvia backs Gray up, claiming Gray would never betray Fairy Tail. Gray stops Juvia mid-sentence and agrees to go see Makarov.

Gray explains to Makarov his reasoning and how he just wanted to remind Natsu about the promise he made to the people of the City Without Sound. He never expected it to go so far, and for Natsu to be captured. After hearing this, Makarov lets Gray go to save Natsu. Gray explains everything to his guild mates, who immediately accept him back.

Gray later takes Juvia and together they perform a Unison Raid on the Dragonoid. This injures and defeats all of the Lizardmen successfully. The Dragonoid functions awkwardly as Natsu starts to fuss inside it. Gray starts insulting Natsu and causing Natsu to start getting irritated, and, soon, Erza and the rest of the guild all does the same. Natsu, emotionally driven, starts to go berserk, overdriving the Dragonoid's capability of handling the magic being drained from Natsu. Gajeel shows up shortly and uses his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (Karma Demon: Iron Spiral) to bust Natsu out of the Dragonoid, itself. Everyone able to make fire used their spells, combined with Sagittarius's arrows, fed Natsu with a "meal" and he was able to quickly defeat the remaining Lizardmen, the Dragonoid, and capturing Daphne altogether. In the end, Natsu and Gray are able to make up, though Natsu still got mad at Gray for making him fall for the trap.

Edolas arcEdit

Gray returns to the guild amid the celebration of Wendy and Carla's induction into Fairy Tail. He is especially greeted with enthusiasm by Juvia, who almost drowns him and a few other Fairy Tail members with her waterfall tears as she expresses her worry. A few days later, the bells chime, signaling the return of Gildarts Clive, Fairy Tail's strongest Mage under Makarov. When Gildarts arrives and explains that he had failed the job, Gray is seen surprised with the rest of the guild. A few days later, Gray teaches Juvia how to eat some Caramade Franks while Alzack and Bisca watches them, wishing that their relationship was like theirs. Gray, along with the rest of the guild and Magnolia town, is then sucked into Edolas by the Animal.

Gray re-appears just when Erza Knightwalker is about to kill Happy. He and Earth Land Erza beat up a few guards and declare Erza Knightwalker an enemy of Fairy Tail. Although a few soldiers mistake him as Gray Surge, he does not care and demands to know where all of their crystallized companions were, while he attacks the soldiers of Edolas and Erza fights her Edolas counterpart. After hearing Wendy's scream, Gray frees Lucy of her handcuffs and proceeds to where the Dragon Slayers are held captive. While running, Gray reveals that the Lacrima that was at the center of the Capital was trapping both him and Erza, and that Gajeel was the one that released them from the Lacrima state, stating that Dragon Slayer Magic has the ability to release their trapped companions. With that, he asks Happy to support Gajeel and release their trapped companions near Extalia. Arriving at the room, Gray, Lucy, and Carla find both Natsu and Wendy unconscious on the ground. Gray immediately feeds Natsu and Wendy some X-Balls, a medicine that allows Earth Land Mages to use their Magic in Edolas. After Wendy wakes up and Natsu runs to stop the King's plan, Wendy explains to Gray, Lucy, and Carla that the Royal Army is trying to use the Giant Lacrima stationed near Extalia as a bomb to destroy the Kingdom of Extalia.

Natsu runs back to the group after seeing Erza battling Erza Knightwalker. At first, Natsu is confused about the situation until Lucy and Wendy explain that Gajeel, Gray and Erza showed up. Now cleared up, the group splits into two: Gray traveling with Natsu and Lucy to find the king, while Wendy and Carla go to Extalia to warn the Exceeds. Gray and Lucy suspect that the King is in some important place, but Lucy starts to wonder since the courtyard and prison were in such strange locations for a castle. Natsu and Gray then say that in short, the place has a strange layout. Lucy responds by saying she wouldn't be surprised if there was an amusement park, and to their surprise, her prediction really came true a few seconds later. However, Sugarboy and Hughes are inside the park, and they prepare to battle the three. Hughes starts the battle by sending a Viking ship straight into their path, but Gray blocks it with his Ice Shield. As Natsu then flies off to battle Hughes, Sugarboy traps both Gray and Lucy by making the ground soft, sinking them waist-deep. Gray then uses his strength to throw Lucy up, freeing her to help Natsu. He then creates two grappling hooks and escapes, before making a giant death scythe to attack Sugarboy. However, his Magic proves ineffective because Sugarboy's weapon, Rosa Espada, makes anything limp and soft, which includes ice.

Later, when Sugarboy steals the key from Coco and slides away, Gray reappears while riding a motorcycle and begins chasing after Sugarboy. Sugarboy tries to stop Gray using Rosa Espada on a section of the ground, but Gray merely dodges it and continues. As the chase continues, Gray asks how Sugarboy could keep sliding, to which the latter has no idea as well. He then asks the purpose of the key, to which Sugarboy explains that it's meant to activate the Dragon Chain Cannon. Gray then freezes the ground, which causes Sugarboy to slide out of control as Rosa Espada can't change the properties of the materials that it softens. With Sugarboy stopped and distracted by the motorcycle that he threw, Gray takes the opportunity to grab and freeze the key, hoping it would shatter, but to no avail. Realizing that it wouldn't shatter that easily, Gray decides to freeze it so that it can never be used. Sugarboy says that he can just soften the ice to get the key, but hesitates to do so when Gray explains that he may limp the key as well. The two begin to fight again, but when the key begins to crack, Sugarboy tries to stop their fighting. Gray doesn't stop, as it concerns their companion; Sugarboy then tells him that the cannon can return their friends back to normal if fired on the Lacrima itself. As Sugarboy tries to buy some time, Gray shatters the key. Angered by what Gray did, Sugarboy attacks Gray with Rosa Espada, but is defeated with Gray's finishing technique, Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance. While Sugarboy yells at him for Gray's recklessness, the latter creates a duplicate of the key using Magic. Natsu later catches up to him and learns that Gray can make a copy of the key. He then explains that they need to use the cannon and fire it on the Lacrima instead of the island it is floating on, so that the Dragon Slayer Magic will transfer to the Lacrima and destroy it, thus releasing their friends. Suddenly, Erza arrives with a plan. She ties them up and brings them to the king.

Upon entering the royal chamber, the King asks where the key is, and Erza tells him that Gray can make a copy of the key with his Magic. Erza pretends to threaten Natsu's life, giving Gray the chance to try to change the course of the cannon to save his friends, but fails to find where to change it. Erza then releases Natsu, who attacks the guards, while she grabs hold of the King and threatens to kill him if they don't change the target. The plan almost works, but Erza Knightwalker arrives and attacks Erza, causing her to let go of the king. With the King safe, the guards fire the cannon. Lucy then arrives with Coco on her Legion. Gray, Natsu and Erza climb on, and they try to stop the island from crashing into Extalia. Gray, along with the Fairy Tail members and the Exceeds, manages to hold the Lacrima island long enough for Mystogan to send it back to Earth Land, saving everyone. Just when everyone thinks it is over, the Edolas Royal army arrives. After the arrival of Dorma Anim, he, along with Erza, Lucy, Coco, Happy and Carla helps to save the Exceeds from being turned into Lacrima. While riding on her own Legion, Erza Knightwalker shows up and blasts Coco's Legion, sending it to the ground. Happy holds onto Lucy, and Carla holds onto Gray and Coco as they see Erza fight Erza.

Lucy, Coco, Gray, Happy and Carla fall into a forest and Lucy gets upset for Happy dropping her, but he says she is heavy. Edolas troops show up. The troops spot Carla and Happy and aim to turn them into Lacrima since they are the only two left. Gray attacks and protects them. Lucy summons Loke while Carla and Happy dodge the beams of Magic, but Carla jumps in front of one to protect Happy. They start to lose when even more reinforcements arrive, but Edolas Fairy Tail comes to the rescue and helps them fight. When Mystogan starts taking all the Magic away from Edolas, the troops lose their Magic weapons and retreat. Everyone panics, including Edolas Fairy Tail. Finally, when all the Magic is gone, all the Earth Land Fairy Tail members start being sucked into the Anima and return back to their home. Gray tells the Edolas Fairy Tail that they can still be a guild even without Magic. They all say goodbye to Edolas Fairy Tail and Coco.

After the Exceeds leave, Pantherlily arrives in his new smaller form, and everyone is shocked to see that he has captured Lisanna. Everyone is confused about Lisanna's reappearance, thinking that she is the Edolas Lisanna. When Lisanna sees Natsu, she hugs him and Happy tightly, and tells Gray and Erza that its been a long time. Gray then asks if she is Earth Land Lisanna, to which she answers yes, much to everyone's surprise. After clarifying everything, Gray, along with the others, helps Lisanna get back to her mourning siblings and watches their tearful reunion.

Tenrou Island arcEdit

While the guild is celebrating Lisanna's return, Gray and the others tell all the guild members about Edolas and their counterparts. During the process, he can't stop thinking about Cana's counterpart and how she dressed, to the point where he tried not to laugh. Shortly after, he enters into another battle within the guild and ends up overexerting himself, and falls asleep with the rest of the guild.

A few days later, he, like several other guild members, started taking up numerous jobs to gain recognition for the annual Fairy Tail event. The next day, the master appears alongside Erza, Mirajane and Gildarts to announce the start of the annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trial. Gray is announced as one of eight candidates who will be participating. After the ceremony, he is seen talking to his friends about the contest. At first, Juvia wants to quit the trial because she wanted to be Gray's partner; however, Gray tells them that he already has a partner, Loke, who shows up and tells Lucy that their contract has been suspended for the duration of the trial.

A week later, Gray, along with the other participants, head towards the island and complains about the scorching heat despite it being winter. He strips so much that he even removes his underwear, much to Juvia's enjoyment. After the master appears and tells the teams about the first trial, he becomes trapped in Freed's runes, along with several others. After the runes are removed, he freezes the ocean to make a path and slide to the island. Gray and Loke manage to choose a battle path and face off against Mest and Wendy. Their fight ends somewhat quickly as they had managed to knock out Mest, and they go on ahead.

As they were walking through, they start talking about Mest. They both mention that although Mest came close to winning last year, they expected him to be stronger, but Loke says that they also had gotten stronger. They later wonder who his partner was last year, but neither of them seem to remember. When Gray and Loke meet up with the others, the master arrives. When the master announces how Cana and Lucy defeated Freed and Bickslow, and how Natsu managed to clear Gildart's barrier and passed, he expresses great surprise. He later asks the master about how Juvia and her partner Lisanna are doing, and is somewhat disappointed when the master says they met up with Erza and lost. They realize Elfman and Evergreen are the only ones left, and that they had to have been matched up against Mirajane and lost.

However, Elfman and Evergreen appear and tell everyone they were victorious and the master says it's time to start the second trial. Shortly after, Natsu comes to terms with what Gildarts told him, and he challenges Gray and the other remaining contestants to see who will be the new S-class Mage. Gray simply replies that Natsu is the only one he doesn't want to lose to and that he accepts his challenge.

When the second trial to find Mavis's grave begins, Gray and Loke get chased by vicious birds. With a scared expression on his face, Gray brags that the challenge isn't hard yet if it means becoming an S-class Mage. Loke just remarks on how Gray is acting tough. Later, Gray is seen with Loke overhearing what Lucy says about the second exam being about intelligence, and thinks that she figured out where the grave is. Then they decide to follow Cana and Lucy, with Gray telling Loke that the second exam is also about greed.

While following Lucy and Cana, Gray and Loke notice the warning signal that was launched by Erza that indicated that the exam was on hold, and that everyone must prepare for battle against an enemy. They first emerge from their hiding spot near Cana and Lucy, and are seen scolding Cana for wanting to continue the exam, and telling her that they should head back to the emergency meeting spot together. However, bubbles arrive from the sky containing numerous Grimoire Heart Guild members, whom the four mostly dispatch with ease. The remaining Grimoire Heart members are suddenly transported away by Caprico, who has come to fight them. Right at the start of the fight, Caprico pummels them all with powerful kicks, prompting Gray to comment on his strength.

The group then questions Grimoire Heart's goals, and as everyone prepares to fight again, Loke tells the others to leave so he can fight their opponent one on one. Gray says that all four of them are having a difficult time fighting their opponent, but Loke explains that their opponent uses Human Subordination Magic, which weakens the battle and Magic Power of humans, but not Celestial Spirits. He then tells them that their opponent is the Celestial Spirit Capricorn, surprising Gray. Loke then yells for the others to go, and though Lucy is reluctant to leave his side, Gray and Cana persuade her to trust him and the three depart.

As the three walk together, Cana suggests that they split up. Although he is reluctant to, he agrees and walks off alone. While walking, Gray states Cana has a bad sense of humor, and he then realizes that he hasn't seen her drink since she arrived at Tenrou Island, making Gray wonder if she is just sober. Suddenly, he senses someone's presence. He hides behind a tree and notices Ultear walking past, speaking about Zeref. He at first mistakes her for Ur, but realizes that she is not, but a member of Grimoire Heart, and wonders who she is and why she resembles Ur.

As Gray continues spying on Ultear and Zeref from behind a tree, he wonders where they plan on heading and guesses that they are heading back to Grimoire Heart's master. Suddenly, from the skies, Gray is hit by a jolt which, unbeknownst to him, is a sensory link Magic between him and Juvia used by Meredy, causing any pain taken by one of them to be delivered to the other one. When Meredy slices Juvia's arm, Gray feels the pain too, and his yell almost attracts the attention of Ultear. Later, when Meredy adds herself to the link and takes damage, Gray again feels excruciating pain and kneels over.

When the Sensory Link cast on him disappears and he begins to wipe away the tears caused by them, Ultear appears behind him and asks if he was following her. She then goes on to explain that she is the daughter of Ur and that he shouldn't fear her, because they are comrades.

A skeptical Gray questions what Ultear meant by her statement that they are allies. She tells him she holds no grudge against him because she knows that he didn't kill Ur, and that in the end, it was just pride, which provokes Gray to remark that she's done evil things and that she shouldn't say that what she did was Ur's pride. Ultear then states that everything she did was the will of Ur, which surprises Gray.

Gray is later seen grasping his side in pain when Azuma uproots Tenrou Island's tree. After Azuma's defeat Gray regains his Magic Power, and Ultear comments that everything seems back to normal. Gray was still in shock about what Ultear told him about "Ur's will". Ultear told him it's up to him whether he believes her or not and states that she is going to take Zeref and leave the island, telling him he must defeat Hades using Ur's Magic, Iced Shell, and that he is the answer to everyone's prayer. Gray tells Ultear that he'll defeat Hades using Iced Shell claiming that it is not for her or Ur but for the guild.

After Ultear explains the story she told Gray that it was a lie and reveals her true motivations to Meredy, she finds Juvia and conjures a sword to kill her. Before she can make the killing blow, Gray blocks the attack and brings Juvia away from Ultear. He says he figured that she was lying, telling Ultear he didn't believe a single word she said from the start.

He says he swore he would never consider using Iced Shell again recalling how Natsu didn't want him to die. He says his will is to live with his comrades. At this, Ultear says he isn't a simple-minded fool and is disappointed she can't use him to kill Hades. She says she didn't want to fight Ur's beloved student, but now, he's chosen to be killed in the cruelest way. Gray takes off his shirt, telling her to bring it on. Ultear then tells Gray that the one thing he doesn't know is that she's the head of the Seven Kin of Purgatory; as she is saying he will be no match for her, Gray attacks her quickly with an ice punch.

Gray wakes Juvia and asks her to chase after Meredy who was ordered by Ultear to run to the "escape point" with Zeref. While Gray is distracted with seeing if the just-woken Juvia is fine and chasing after Meredy, Ultear kicks him in the face. She slams her orb into him and he counters with Ice-Make: Lance. However, using her Arc of Time, she makes the ice evaporate. She does the same thing with his next attack. She tells him that she learned her Magic specifically for killing Creation Mages like her mother. This statement enrages Gray. He has a short flashback of when he was a child and he saw Ur crying over a little girl's dress. As Ultear sends more orbs his way, he defends himself with his ice but Ultear manages to make it disappear, executing a direct hit. Gray yells that Ur had always been thinking about her and that all the things Ur can't convey to her now is so sad.

Ultear easily overpowers him in hand-to-hand combat. When she asks him if he's resorting to physical attacks because his ice is rendered useless, he replies that he'll strike her down with ice, with Ur's Magic. She confidently responds that she cannot be defeated by his eyes. Gray uses his ice to slice the side of his own torso, surprising Ultear. He charges towards her as he declares that he'll seal her darkness. Ultear attempts to use Arc of Time on Gray's ice but it doesn't work. In reply to her confusion, he states that she can't move living things. His red ice is made of his own frozen blood. Gray makes a direct hit with Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance.

Ultear is impressed by his tenacity despite the torn flesh and broken bones. However, she regains her balance, swears that she cannot lose until she reaches the great world of Magic and assumes the stance for Ice-Make, much to Gray's surprise. She creates a huge garden-like ice with roses and thorns, Ice-Make: Crown of Roses, which Gray notes is exactly like Ur's Creation Magic.

After falling on the ground by Ultear's spell, he stands up and states that he never thought he'd see Ur's Creation Magic again. However, he should have expected it because they have the same blood. She shoots him with ice in anger but he retaliates by regaining his balance and pinning her down. As they roll on the ground, he asks her why she became that way and she yells for him to shut up. Their rolling takes them to a cliff and they fall.

As they fall, Ultear thinks about her past to him and how she had hated her mother the day she saw her happy with her new kids, Lyon and Gray. When they fall into the water, Ultear casts her Ice-Make Magic once more. However, she becomes distracted with a voice in her head. Memories of her mother flood into her mind and so Gray uses the opportunity to cast Ice-Make: Gungnir. A large pillar of ice emerges from the water with Ultear inside. He later floats to the surface of the water. With both of them rather immobile, Gray tells her a story Ur once told him: Ur had felt a light shining into her heart when Ultear was born and she dreamed a future full of hope for her. The ice holding Ultear shatters and Gray is the victor.

Later, Gray brings Ultear to rest by a stone. He ties his shirt around his waist as he states that the battle is far from over. Ultear tells him that he can't win against Hades. Gray replies that he knows and that it would be impossible by himself.

Later, while walking, Gray is about to collapse out of exhaustion, but is then caught by Erza, who asks him if he's okay. Gray states that it seems that he always needs to be saved by somebody. Erza replies that she's the same, too. Natsu's group arrives, overhears the words said, and with a big grin, Natsu tells them that he is the same too. The reunited Team Natsu, along with Wendy, Carla and Pantherlily, prepares for the final battle against Hades.

Hades tells Team Natsu he will be waiting in his airship for their battle. Before going up, Natsu tells Carla, Pantherlily,and Happy to search the ship to prevent it from flying during the battle. Gray then uses Ice-Make: Stairs and everyone walks into the ship. They all agree to start with their full power. Natsu uses his Magic as a cover-up for Gray and Erza to attack. Gray uses Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur and hits Hades.[200] After Wendy casts her Magic on everyone, Gray uses Ice-Make: Hammer to launch Natsu off it. Hades emerges unharmed from all the attacks and then yells Katsu. Wendy's body then disappears, only with her clothes left behind.

Wendy appears in Horologium unharmed. Horologium tells everyone he was in Automatic Danger Response Mode. He detected a powerful spell was about the be used, and saved Wendy's body. Horologium sends Wendy back down with new clothes, and everyone prepares to attack again. Hades overwhelms everybody with his Magic though. He shoots beams of Magic at Gray, right in his chest. Gray falls down defeated. Hades eventually tells the kids his history as the second master of Fairy Tail, and how Makarov has made bad changes to the guild. Natsu defends Makarov's changes, so Hades prepares to finish him off. Gray stares in shock as Hades winds up for the attack. Just before the spell is released, Laxus appears and head bashes Hades.

Gray watches as Laxus battles Hades on mostly even terms until Laxus is hit by one of Hades explosion attacks. As Hades uses a big attack to finish Laxus, Natsu is given Laxus' lightning, and Natsu seemingly defeats Hades. However, Hades recovers from Natsu's attacks, unaffected. He then unleashes his Devil's Eye by removing his eye patch. Having exhausted his Magic Power, Natsu can do nothing but watch as Hades prepares to kill them.

Everyone resolves to not give up despite not having any Magic Power, and they rush to attack Hades. Hades asks them what they can do with such a small amount of power, and then, he orders his Demons to dance. Natsu trips while running to battle, but Lucy and Wendy grab him and throw him forward. Gray and Erza then kick Natsu further forward, allowing Natsu to close in on Hades. A big explosion then occurs on Hades ship.

Hades realizes his heart was destroyed, which was done by Happy and Carla. With his heart destroyed and his power source gone, Hades is defeated by Natsu, Erza, and Gray. The battle ends and the Exceed finally arrive while being chased by Grimore Heart members. Natsu and the others have already run out of Magic, but then the members in the camp come to the rescue. When the enemies run away from them everyone started to celebrate their victory. Shortly Gray realizes Juvia isn't there so he asks Freed about her but he didn't know anything about her because she didn't come back to the camp. After the war, Gray gets back to the Tenrou Island camp with his guild mates. Later Juvia arrives as well but reveals she let Zeref get away and asks for punishment from Gray.

Everything is interrupted when Acnologia, the infamous Black Dragon, lands on Tenrou Island and starts attacking everyone. All of the Fairy Tail members start moving towards the ship as the Dragon goes on its rampage. Makarov then enters full Titan mode and grabs Acnologia, holding it off from attacking the guild members. Everyone wishes to help Makarov, but he shouts not to disobey his final order. When Makarov is overwhelmed by Acnologia, all of them return back and go all out against the Dragon. As Acnologia, having shrugged off all the combined attacks from its assailants, flies high up into the sky and readies to fire a breath attack against Tenrou Island, the guild members join their hands in a circle. While promising they will return home to Fairy Tail, they are struck by Acnologia's blast, which completely annihilates Tenrou Island, leaving nothing behind.

X791 arcEdit

Gray along with the rest of the others are rescued by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. He watches as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them with one of the three great Magics of the guild, Fairy Sphere, and then disappears. He returns to the Fairy Tail Guild and, along with Natsu, Erza, and Gajeel, defeats the members of Twilight Ogre who were threatening Romeo and is later welcomed back by his comrades.

At the party celebrating their return, Gray is surprised when Lyon, along with some of his guild mates, show up to greet them. Gray gets angry when Lyon claims he loves Juvia, as Juvia starts making a complex love chart afterwards. Later on, Gray and Lyon meet alone. Lyon asks Gray if he knew people named Ultear and Meredy, and then tells him shocking information about them.

Key of the Starry Sky arcEdit

When Lucy tries to teach Natsu how to dance in preparation for an upcoming job at a ball, Gray interrupts the two, claiming that dancing looks like a lot of fun. After being scolded by Lucy, Gray dances with Juvia, and decides to accompany Natsu and Lucy on their job. Upon being briefed on the job they will have to perform (in which they must guard the ball from notorious criminal Velveno) by Balsamico, Gray suits up and heads out onto the dance floor. As he and Natsu search for any trace of Velveno, they are approached by two ugly women, who forcefully dance with them. After utilizing his Magic to escape his partner, Gray takes Elfman's place to dance with a pretty young lady, who the group is suspicious of. Upon finding out that the woman is an Ice-Make Mage like himself, Gray and the woman spar, but are stopped by Erza. When Velveno reveals himself at the peak of the party, Gray runs to Aceto's side and vows to protect her. He is then shocked when Velveno reveals he only attended the ball to ask for Aceto's hand in marriage.

In the guild, Gray is listening to Natsu and Happy, who are angry about being kicked out of Lucy's apartment. He says that since the two are inconsiderate, they shouldn't care. He then joins in the guild brawl when Natsu gets hit by a chair and accuses him of it. When they find Lucy, he and the others listen to her as she explains how she became invisible. When the guild toys with Lucy's face, Gray also tries, thinking they haven't done her eyes correctly. After that, Gray tries to assist by putting a frozen head on Lucy, but it melts. He goes along with Gemini as Lucy for a while. After Lucy vanishes, he and the others go back to their work, having forgotten about her. When Lucy turns back to normal, Happy spills the ointment, which makes everyone invisible except for Lucy.

When Michelle Lobster arrives at the guild, she asks if she can come on their mission, and Gray agrees by saying that he doesn't mind. When they reach their destination, Gray tells her that the job is to capture a group of notorious bandits. Then, Erza appears while driving a wagon and Gray says that her driving is not safe. When Erza's plan is to be put into action, Gray asks what the plan is, and Erza explains that they will pull a sneak attack, using Michelle and Lucy as bait. When the bandits go to get the cargo, Gray and the others start attacking until they are defeated. When the Magic Council arrives to arrest the bandits, Gray says that even though they make a lot of racket, it is never a dull day. Back at the guild, he listens as Natsu and Lucy discuss putting the memento mystery up as a job. He then watches as the key levitates and ancient letters start appearing on it.

A little while after Michelle's arrival, Gray and Erza ask Lucy to go on a job with them to defeat a group of bandits, but Lucy refuses. When Erza says that she and Gray will have to go alone, Gray doesn't like the idea but goes along with it. When they reach the bandits hideout, Gray comments that they should attack in daylight. As the two have to wait, silence falls, and Gray thinks that it is awkward when he is alone with Erza, until Erza tries to break the silence by asking him why isn't he stripping, which completely shocks him. Silence falls again and Erza tells him to go to bed, much to the dismay of Juvia, who has been stalking the duo. While Erza sleeps, Gray notes she looks better when she is calm, until she wakes up and says that the bandits have returned to their base. They corner the bandits until the criminals bring out the Vanish Brothers, whom they have hired to protect them. Gray remembers that Natsu has defeated them once, and wants to defeat them by himself too. For a while, they overpower him until he uses Ice Bringer and defeats them.

Gray comes back from his mission with Erza only to find Natsu in trouble with a familiar face and in a similar predicament to what happened in Edolas when he and Sugarboy had their hands stuck together trying to get the Dragon Chain Cannon key. He breaks that bondage between the two with Ice-Make: Ice Cannon. Afterwards, he is somewhat confused that Sugarboy would be in Earth Land until Happy clarifies that the man is the Earth Land version of the Sugarboy he knew.

Gray listens as Makarov discusses the events that have happened so far. He asks about the people who went in pursuit of the thieves, but Erza says that Warren lost track of them. Then, he plans with Natsu to get the Legion Corps back for stealing Lucy's memento. Later, he arrives the Heartfilia Konzern Mansion with the rest of Team Natsu, Wendy and Carla to search for clues surrounding the memento. He goes with the others to search the bottom floors of the house while Lucy and Michelle search the attic. He is then seen trying to decipher the anagram clue Lucy found with Erza, Lucy, Michelle, Wendy and Carla, until Natsu arrives and sneezes on the papers. Gray listens as Carla points out the word "myth" in the letters, and the words "duo" and "great", but as they continue to think, they are approached by Dan and Samuel. Gray, with Erza and Natsu, tries to attack Samuel, but all of the attacks are blocked by Dan, with the mansion taking damage from their attacks. Gray watches awestruck as Dan falls in love with Lucy and as he starts ranting about how beautiful Lucy is. Gray, alongside Wendy, attacks but nearly gets crushed by the roof collapsing above them. Though they try desperately to get the intruders, the mysterious duo complete their mission and escape.

When Fairy Tail decides to separate into teams in order to gather the five remaining keys, Gray teams up with Juvia and later is tagged along by Lyon, much to Gray’s annoyance. After the two rivals’ argument, they finally reach the ruins. Gray then asks Juvia how they can search through it, only he finds that none of them know what to do.

Upon approaching the ruin entrance, the group is confronted by a guard. Gray and Lyon try using Magic on it, but it doesn't work until Juvia then attacks the eyes of the golem, which opens the door for them. When inside, they split up and find a puzzle. They must use Magic to move some floating blocks into some slots in the wall. After doing so the three are transported away. There they meet Sugarboy, who quickly traps Juvia and Lyon. Gray then chases after him and when they meet up the clock piece appears. They both go for it and are transported back. When back, Gray and Sugarboy fight over the clock piece until Juvia and Lyon also return, with the three together defeating Sugarboy and taking the clock piece.

The trio travel to some underground ruins to meet up with the other groups, and arrive just in time to see Byro Cracy attacking Lucy and her team. Gray shouts down to Natsu, stating in a stuck up manner that the group was in trouble so he hurried over to assist, annoying the Dragon Slayer. With the rest of Fairy Tail, Gray fires his Magic at the man to make him back off, to no avail though as their attacks are nullified. Before the fight can continue though the clock pieces start to glow and merge together to form the Infinity Clock. Gray is then shocked when some familiar faces appear beneath the device.

Gray and Erza comment on how differently they all appear, and Gray watches as Natsu, Byro and Dan get beaten by Brain II. He later watches as the Reborn Oración Seis takes the clock. He then proceeds to attack along with Natsu and Erza, but they're quickly defeated by Racer and later, he, along with the others, is attacked by Angel's Magic. He and the others are seen later at the Blue Pegasus Building, having been rescued by the Trimens. As Gray recovers, Bob tries to flirt with him. When Lucy becomes sad after figuring out that they shouldn't have collected he clock parts, he and the others attempt to cheer her up about it and succeed in doing so, despite Lucy knowing what they are doing. Later, he is seen on Cristina hearing the dark chimes of the Infinity Clock.

After Gray, along with the other Fairy Tail Mages, returns to the guild to inform the other members about the situation, Gray claims that the Oración Seis are now even stronger, compared to seven years in the past. He disagrees when Natsu says that they should search for Oración Seis until they find them, saying that they need a plan first, which leads to an argument between the two Mages. Gray later witnesses the return of Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow, as well as Kinana notching some ancient symbols to a wall. After Levy and Freed explain what those symbols mean, Gray is teamed up with the latter, in order to head to a certain location in search of the Infinity Clock.

After being teamed up with Freed the team departs to try to find the Infinity Clock and Oración Seis. After departing they take a boat across a river, where they slowly move closer towards their destination. Eventually, they arrive at a crystallized cavern, where they meet Angel, then surprisingly Dan Straight. After a brief discussion among them, Angel summons Shamsiel to fight off against Gray, Freed and Dan. Gray uses his Ice-Make: Saucer against the angel but his attacks do little effect. Then, he is attacked by an unnamed light technique.

Gray and Freed are unable to move, and Shamsiel brings Angel to the church they were meant to be protecting from her. Gray, Freed and Dan watch Angel uses the Anti-Link to finish the man. They listen to her state that the information received from Father Frabizio is that there are only two links left.

Gray, having returned from his mission, meets with Elfman back in Fairy Tail, as the Take Over Mage reports that Lucy's Michelle Lobster is in fact Imitatia, the sixth member of Reborn Oración Seis and that she captured Natsu and Lucy. Although Gray and the rest of the Mages agree that saving their friends takes priority, before any action can be taken to save the two Mages, the Archaeologists Gray and his group had met earlier appear to Fairy Tail, requesting to meet with Lucy.

After learning that Lucy has been kidnapped, one of the Archaeologists reveals to Gray and the rest of the Fairy Tail Mages that he is a descendant of Will Neville. He then proceeds to explain how Jude Heartfilia acquired the hand of the Clock, as well as how dangerous Real Nightmare will be, if the Infinity Clock isn't stopped soon and so requests from Gray and the other Fairy Tail Mages to put an end Real Nightmare once and for all. Gray admits that now the story makes more sense than before and, soon after that, Christina appears in the sky, and a team of Fairy Tail Mages, including Gray, accompany Ichiya and heads towards the Infinity Clock, although the Ice-Make Mage was reluctant at first, due to his bad relationship with Ichiya.

At some point, Mirajane decides to take on Racer, in order for the other Mages to be able to go to the Infinity Clock safely. Gray, however, immediately orders Ichiya to go after Mirajane when he sees her and Racer descending towards the ground, only to reluctantly abandon his previous decision when Elfman convinces everyone that Mirajane will be alright.

Gray, along with Ichiya and the rest of the team arrives at Zenotopia Church aboard Christina. The whole group except from Erza are affected by Real Nightmare, which results in Gray being shrunk into a small child. Erza then uses the ancient weapon she recently acquired and returns the others back to normal. The Zenotopia Church soldiers see the team arriving aboard Christina and try to stop them with no luck. Byro then sends Kanaloa to stop them. Gray and the others try to get Kanaloa off with no luck, so Ichiya tells them to go and that he will handle Kanaloa.

Gray and the other Fairy Tail Mages jump off into Zentopia's holy grounds, still worried about Ichiya's fate. At some point, Gildarts also contacts the group via Warren's telepathy and reveals to them that the Archbishop is being mind controlled by Lapointe.

After Gray, along with the other Mages, finds Gildarts, Natsu and Laki, they find out Lapointe's ultimate goal, shortly before he fades away. As the Legionnaires are convinced that disposing of Lucy is the only way to stop Real Nightmare, the Fairy Tail Mages decide to divide into teams, with the team consisting of Gray, Erza, Natsu, Elfman, Gajeel and Coco being in charge of finding Lucy. Coco leads the group to the Infinity Castle, and When the group meets Angel, Gray is the one to step up against her, promising her that this time he will put up a better fight than he did on their last encounter.

Gray begins his rematch against Angel, who summons Shamsiel once the fight starts. Although Gray struggles at first, he is finally able to defeat the angel with his Ice-Make: Death Scythe and destroy the gold coins used to summon him. This causes Angel to suddenly collapse and Gray concludes that Shamsiel most likely went back to heaven. Hearing this, Angel asks him to kill her with his scythe but he refuses. A furious Angel summons Barakiel to fight him, and the angelic being is overpowering him until Dan arrives, who defeats the angel and saves Gray. The next being Angel summons is Raguel, who defeats Dan with a single blow. Angel then explains how her Magic has affected the way she sees the human world, which infuriates Gray,who proceeds to tell her that Dan, as well as his guild mates, are all humans continuously living with all their might, and that there is no way she has already had enough of life.

Gray then proceeds to mock Angel's wish and tell her that she is more like a kid rather than an angel. Shocked by his views, her body, as well as Raguel, start cracking and breaking; she then attacks Gray and orders a deformed Raguel to annihilate the Mage. Gray tells the now irrational Angel that she's being absorbed by her own Magic, and that if she continues her acts, eventually the very angel she summoned will kill her. As Gray points out that the being she summoned does not resemble an angel at all anymore, Angel finally expresses her will to live. Dan pierces her chest, reducing the core of her power which ultimately returns the years of her life that she sacrificed, and at the same time Gray defeats Raguel, sending it back to its own dimension. Angel asks Gray why he saved her, to which he replies that he would not like to see her dying. After this, Gray's opponent finally declares that she has lost.

After defeating Angel, Gray hears Warren telepathically, the Mage telling them to defeat the rest of the Reborn Oración Seis before Lucy finishes merging with the Clock. The Archbishop also says some words, telling everyone that if they break the chains linking the Clock to the ground they might be able to slow the merging process. Wanting to help, Gray runs off to assist.

Now outside of the Infinity Clock, Gray breaks downs some of the chains, hoping that they have got them all, but is disappointed to hear that there are still half of them intact from Warren. He then continues to destroy the chains as Lucy is swallowed completely by the Infinity Clock. However, Lucy finds out that she can control Real Nightmare and uses it on Brain II, and by doing so Natsu is then able to defeat him. They then learn from the group at the guild that Lucy can free herself from the Clock, but will be shot around the world with the clock parts. Lucy however, bravely decides to do so. Later, Gray and the others are saved from the crumbling Clock by Ichiya and Kanaloa, and together they find Lucy falling from the sky. Natsu then runs to catch her, the group happy that she is safe and their adventure with the Clock finally at an end.

After the events around the Infinity Clock end Legion Corps comes to the guild to apologize and say goodbye to Gray and the others. Then after a short party, Legion Corps head off on their life long mission to find the pieces of the Infinity Clock scattered around the world.

After the events around the Infinity Clock end Legion Corps comes to the guild to apologize and say goodbye to Gray and the others. Then after a short party, Legion Corps head off on their life long mission to find the pieces of the Infinity Clock scattered around the world.

Grand Magic Games arcEdit

Gray, with other members of Fairy Tail, goes to the beach to train for the Grand Magic Games. However, instead they start having fun and decide to just relax for the first day. Later on the day, Gray trains his Ice-Make by creating shapes made of ice. Later at night, he and other boys that had come with him peep on the girls while they take a bath, only to get knives thrown at them by Erza.

On the second day of training, Natsu and co. are interrupted by Virgo who tells everyone the Celestial Spirit World is in great danger and they need everyone's help. After Virgo dresses them in Celestial Spirit clothes, they are sent to the Spirit World, where they find out there is no trouble, but all of Lucy's spirits had planned a party for everyone's return. After a day of celebrating, Virgo informs the gang that time runs differently in the Spirit World than Earth Land, thus they have lost almost the whole three months of training in the one day.

After venting their frustration, a pigeon shows up with a note telling Fairy Tail to meet in the West Forest near a bridge. The gang decides to go and soon finds out the ones who sent them the message were Jellal, Ultear and Meredy, who all stand before them. Ultear informs everyone about how she broke Jellal out of jail and the formation of Crime Sorcière, an independent guild dedicated to fighting Dark Guilds. Afterwards, Ultear tells them that at the Grand Magic Games, they always sense a strange Magic Power, and they want Fairy Tail to investigate it, as it may lead to where Zeref is hiding. In return, Ultear reveals she can increase everyone's power by activating their "Second Origin" with her Arc of Time. The gang cheers after hearing this news, but Ultear warns them the pain they will endure from it will be intense. Later, when Ultear performs the process on him, Gray writhes around on the floor in pain.

Later, Gray along with Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla, arrive in Crocus. After a brief meeting with the rest of the Guild members that arrived, he goes out and about in the city. While out and about in the city, he encounters Juvia, who asks him to join her for lunch, until Lyon Vastia arrives and interrupts them. Lyon challenges Gray, stating that whichever guild won the event, would be the guild that won Juvia. Gray objects to this saying that Fairy Tail already has her, but Lyon eggs him on, asking him if he is afraid of losing.

Later, Gray, Natsu, Lucy, and Happy barely make it back to the Honeybee Hotel in time for the 12:00 deadline to be in the lodging. When they get back, they are scolded by Erza, but it is interrupted when Lisanna and Elfman walk in, and they begin to greet each other. The meeting is interrupted, however, when it is announced that the preliminary for the Grand Magic Games is about to begin. The lodging they are in, as well as all the lodgings for the other contestants, begins to transform in to a giant labyrinth called the "Sky Labyrinth." They are informed that in order to be in the games, they must be one of 8 teams that make it to the arena, Domas Flau, first, and that all of their team must make it there. The team worries that they wouldn't be able to compete because Wendy hadn't arrived yet, but Elfman takes her spot. In the labyrinth, the team encounters Thibault and his group of friends. Natsu, Gray, Elfman, and Erza easily defeat them. They find a map made by Twilight Ogre, and hatch a plan to take all the maps from the other guilds. Eventually, by defeating other guilds and taking their maps of the Sky Labyrinth, they arrive at Domas Flau, but they are informed that they are the last of the eight teams to make it.

Gray and the others change into their team outfits before they head out to hear which teams made it out of the labyrinth before them. As the teams are introduced, they learn that Raven Tail has entered into the competition, and are angry when they learn that they are the ones who injured Wendy and Carla. He is also shocked to learn that there is a second team from Fairy Tail in the running, consisting of Gajeel Redfox, Mirajane Strauss, Laxus Dreyar, Juvia Lockser, and Jellal Fernandes disguised as Mystogan. A few minutes later, after they hear the rules for the first event of the games, Gray decides to enter for them in that round.

Soon, the field opens and separates all the contestants in a large field resembling a large city. The rules are that each member must find their opponents and hit them but nobody knows where the others are. Whoever launches an attack first gains one point and the one who is hit loses one point, thus the game becomes 'hide and seek'. To make matters harder, numerous clones of each contestant will walk around the city to confuse everyone. Attacking a clone will result in a one point deduction. The game starts immediately after.

As Gray walks down the street, he hears a sound and turns to see Nullpudding of Raven Tail, who he immediately attacks. Unfortunately another Nullpudding shows up and states that it was a clone and Gray loses one point. Gray realizes that Nullpudding used his clone to confuse Gray and realizes a use for them as decoys. Later as he walks down the road, his name is called out, distracting him and leaving him open to be attacked by the real Nullpudding, giving Fairy Tail's 'A' team a score of -2 and Raven Tail a score of +1.

Gray is repeatedly attacked by Nullpudding. As Gray walks the streets, he narrowly dodges an attack from Beth, who is then attacked by Jäger of Quatro Cerberus, who is then subsequently attacked by Lyon. As Lyon prepares to attack Gray, Juvia jumps down from above and kicks Lyon (who was distracted by the sight of her underwear) in the head. After she tells Gray what the Master had promised, shocking Gray, who heard of no such rule that the master applied to their team. Natsu and the rest of the team agree to the terms as they also have an idea of what to do if they win. However, Nullpudding shows up again and attacks both Gray and Juvia. Suddenly, snow starts falling, caused by Eve, from Blue Pegasus.

Gray is shocked when he realized that, Rufus, from Sabertooth, is using Creation Magic. Gray is hit by one of Rufus' attacks. Soon, the game ends with Sabertooth in the lead and Fairy Tail 'A' in last place. The audience ridicules the guild for their poor performance, angering Natsu who has to be calmed down by Erza and Elfman and told not to do anything. Gray apologizes for his performance, but Lucy says it's only the first round. He walks off in disappointment, swearing to get back at Raven Tail and Sabertooth.

Gray is later seen moping by himself. After the days games finish, Gray joins the rest of the guild at a pub for their "post-defeat celebration", arriving just in time with Lucy to see the latest product of Juvia's imagination. After Makarov gives a speech, Gray joins in on the merry-making with the rest of the guild. He is shocked when he hears that Bacchus, a Mage from Quatro Cerberus and a reserve member of their team fought on equal ground with Erza seven years ago.

The next day, Gray along with everyone else in the guild is shocked at the event and Natsu's performance, making him wonder why they even chose Natsu for the race. As Natsu yells out his determination, Gray is seen grinning along with the rest of his team. During the first battle of the day between Toby Horhorta and Kurohebi, he is first seen sweating when Erza sympathizes with Toby and later trying to hold her back when Kurohebi tears up his opponent precious sock. When Fairy Tail A found out that they were up against Bacchus from Quatro Cerberus, Lucy asks what they would do if Natsu has to participate in this battle, Gray responds by saying that they'll just slap him awake. Gray later shows his concern as he witnesses Elfman getting thrashed by Bacchus, and is even more worried after Erza reveals that Bacchus has yet to get serious. When Bacchus stands Gray thought that their team has lost again, but when it is revealed that Elfman has won the battle, he cheers with the rest of the team.

After escorting Elfman to the infirmary to see if he'll be alright, Gray walks back with the rest of his team, and contemplates with the other members why Raven Tail was going so far to sabotage Fairy Tail. Deciding not to dwell on the attempted kidnapping, everyone instead focuses on the battle between Mirajane and Jenny Realight, the reserve member for Team Blue Pegasus. However, nearly everyone is shocked to see their duel turning into a "swimsuit battle", and Gray is as stunned as everyone else with how Mirajane chose to finish it. The last battle of the day was between Team Sabertooth's Yukino Aguria and Team Mermaid Heel's Kagura Mikazuchi, earned quite a bit of shock since at the beginning of the battle, the Sabertooth representative decided to bet her life on the battle, but lost anyway. When Gray asked the reason for the loss, Erza stated that Kagura was too strong.

With the days battles finished, Gray is revealed to have been snatched away by Juvia and Lyon for, most likely, romantic reasons. Gray later manages to escape them and finds Erza staring out at the city. When he asks her what's wrong, she changes the subject to what has been happening with him recently. After revealing that he escaped the whole "mess" with Juvia and Lyon, Erza encourages him to respond to Juvia's feelings, before turning back to go to bed at their lodgings.

The third day starts with Pandemonium, a competition which competitors may take turns selecting a number of monsters to fight. Gray is then seen smiling with Natsu when Erza claims that she will choose all the monsters to be her opponents. After she defeats them, he and Fairy Tail Team A's members welcomes Erza happily. Then during the MPF event, Gray and Natsu are shocked to find out that Sabertooth's Orga has obtained a 3825 score, but later he is even more shocked by Jura Neekis's score, 8544. After that, Gray and other Fairy Tail members cheer for Cana Alberona as she achieves a score of 9999 by using Fairy Glitter.

During the third day's battle portion, Gray is extremely surprised to see what appears to be Laxus getting beaten around by "Alexei". Gray expresses shock when he sees Laxus suddenly disappearing and another Laxus popping up out of nowhere, with Raven Tail's members defeated and "Alexei" exposed as Ivan Dreyar. When Laxus is declared the winner, Gray is pleased, feeling that he asked Laxus to defeat his enemy.

The last match of the third day is between Wendy Marvell and Cheila Blendy. Before the match, Gray talks briefly with Lyon. When Lyon tells him that he will witness Chelia's true strength, Gray replies that he shouldn't take Wendy lightly. During the match, when Chelia still stands after a direct hit from Wendy's Shattering Light: Sky Drill technique, Gray is amazed that Lyon had such a powerful girl in his team. As Wendy and Chelia's match continues, Gray is shocked at Wendy's determination to keep fighting. When the two girls fight ends in a draw, Gray is visibly pleased. After the third day's events and battles, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victories by throwing a party and having fun.

Whilst they are celebrating in the bar, Gray and Natsu overhear Levy talking to Erza, Lucy and Wendy about Ryuzetsu Land, a popular leisure center in Crocus. Claiming that is the perfect place to be on a hot night, Gray and the rest of the guild go to have some fun. Whilst he is looking around, Gray is approached by Juvia, who asks him to go on the "Love Slide" together, though Gray refuses after hearing that the point of the slide is that two people go down hugging. However, just as he refuses to go, Lyon appears and scoops Juvia off her feet, offering to take her instead, with Gray baffled at where Lyon suddenly appeared from. After the two glare each other down, Juvia once again asks Gray to slide with her, much to his annoyance. However, the three end up making their way to the top of the slide, only to be interrupted when Natsu flies towards them after being flung into the air by Ichiya. Though Lyon and Gray attempt to get out of the way, they are hit by the fire Mage and end up riding the slide together. As they begin to reach the bottom, both release their Magic to try and freeze each other, though all they manage to do is freeze the water in all the surrounding pools. Natsu, having landed and recovered, proceeds to melt their ice by using his fire, however he puts in far too much force and blows the building to pieces. As the people in the center are flung all over the place, Gray and Lyon land together in the rubble, frozen in a hunk of ice and still hugging.

On the fourth day of the Games, Gray watches as Lucy competes for their team in the Naval Battle event, knowing that the water field will allow her to use Aquarius. As Juvia unleashes her new technique, dedicated to her "love" for Gray, he shows his surprise towards her, much to her disappointment. When only Lucy and Minerva of Team Sabertooth are left, Gray expresses his curiosity towards Minerva's Magic and reacts furiously when she brutalizes Lucy.

Gray and Natsu run over Lucy when she is tossed out by Minerva. He asks Lucy if she is okay. Team Sabertooth, with an exception of Rogue, stand in front of Minerva, confronting him, Erza and Natsu. Gray, along with Natsu, wants to attack them but is stopped by Erza. After Erza threatens Sabertooth, Gray, with the rest of the members of Team Fairy Tail A and B are in the infirmary with Lucy. When Lucy asks forgiveness for losing, Gray and Erza try to comfort her. Makarov arrives and announces that the administrators have told them to join both Teams together, to which Gray asks the 5 new people will only have to do a tag battle. Gray along with Natsu, Gajeel, Erza, and Laxus, becomes a part of the new reorganized team. Out in the battlefield, Gray glares at Rufus.

When the battle portion of the fourth day begins, Gray stands beside Natsu and watches as Bacchus, Rocker, Ichiya and the person in the bunny suit take to the arena for a tag battle. When the person in the bunny suit is revealed to be none other than Nichiya, Gray appears shocked, seeing as the Exceed is someone he met earlier in Extalia. When Nichiya falls almost instantly in battle and Ichiya (as a result) dramatically wins in his honor, Gray comments that it wasn't anything special, as Ichiya is just an idiot. Before the battle of the Dragon Slayers begins, Gray, as well as his guild mates, tells Natsu and Gajeel to fight with everything they've got. As he watches the two Guilds clash, eventually Sting and Rogue enter Dragon Force, surprising him. He is shocked by Sting's vastly-improved strength in such a state. However, Natsu and Gajeel stand again despite their injuries, and Natsu moves to continue the battle alone. Seeing Natsu calmly and precisely rebut all of the Twin Dragon's attacks, Gray smiles from the stands with Erza and Laxus. When both teams then unleash their most powerful attacks on each other at the same time and kick up a flurry of dust and debris, Gray stands tensed, waiting to see which of the teams will come out victorious. Upon seeing Natsu stand victorious over his opponents, Gray smiles.

Later, Gray follows Gajeel as he takes the other Dragon Slayers and their Exceeds underneath the Domus Flau. When Gray arrives, he is shocked to discover the area is a Dragon graveyard. In addition, he is surprised when he hears about Milky Way, a spell Wendy believes she can use to communicate with the Dragons.

Gray watches as Wendy draws a Magic circle in the dirt, and stands back as she chants to activate the spell. When the surrounding Dragon skeletons begin to shake, Gray asks if the spell is safe, but Wendy is concentrating too hard to answer, and eventually locates a soul, which she latches onto in order to summon forth Zirconis, the emerald Dragon, his huge form and roaring scaring the living daylights out of the group as he charges towards them. Instead of attacking them however, the huge beast merely laughs at their reaction and continues to joke with them, threatening to eat Wendy, much to the groups annoyance. However, Zirconis soon sobers, and explains to the group the history of the Dragons, explaining that the Dragon Slayers are the reason for their disappearance, and that Acnologia himself was once a Dragon Slayer too, before he overused his Magic and turned into a beast. Shocked by this information, Gray and the group move to ask Zirconis for more information, but the Dragon soul vanishes and Wendy loses touch with it. When Gray comments that everything has become quite out-of-hand now that they know this information, the Dragon Slayers present begin to fear a fate like Acnologia's if they continue to use their Magic, however, before anyone can speak about it, Arcadios and Yukino appear from the shadows, the knighted man stating that such an outcome is impossible. He continues to ask if the group has ever heard of Zeref's book of dark Magic, and Gray instantly thinks of Deliora. Continuing, Arcadios states that he believes Zeref was the one who turned Acnologia from man to Dragon, and that if they get rid of Zeref, Acnologia will follow.

Upon seeing Arcadios and Yukino, Gray wonders why a high-ranking member of the Fiore Army would be in the catacombs and listens as Yukino states that they will be able to defeat Zeref and Acnologia with their plan, before following the two of them to Mercurius. Upon entering the castle, Gray comments on its size and, upon hearing of the purpose of the Grand Magic Games, wonders if they have been stealing Magic every year. Upon being shown and told of the Eclipse Project, Gray is shocked and quietly wonders about it. Surprisingly, the army shows up and surrounds them as Darton approaches and orders the arrest of Lucy, Arcadios and Yukino, much to Gray's shock. After Natsu's failed attempt to save them, his Magic Power is sucked from his body at which point the Fairy Tail Mages are ejected from the castle, but told that they may have an audience with the King if they win the Grand Magic Games.

When they return to the lodgings, he and the others explain to Makarov and Laxus about Lucy's capture. Gray says that they can not be sure if they will get Lucy back after they win. Gray strips and listens to the others as they discuss why would the King not capture them. The next day, Team Fairy Tail, consisting of Gray, Juvia, Laxus, Erza and Gajeel, enters the auditorium declared as first place so far. As the announcers explain the rules for the final day, Gray and the rest of the team listen in. While talking, Gray explains that aside from rescuing Lucy, they have another reason to win the games, with Laxus finishing that it's to make up for seven missing years as everyone joins in a group cheer.[298] When the games start, the members of the other teams scatter but Gray and the rest of the team stay put, much to everyone's surprise even as battles rage. Soon after multiple Mages are knocked out by opponents, Mavis explains that she presented them with a strategy for victory and gives them the command to go, at which point they rush into battle.

While going in to fight, Mavis notes that Rufus will make a move, which he does. Using his A Night of Falling Stars, Rufus attacks Gray and the rest of the team, who manage to dodge, with the exception of Laxus, who blocks it. The Mages later follow Mavis' plan to eliminate their opponents, with Gray taking out Hibiki Lates of Team Blue Pegasus after the latter escapes from Gajeel. Gray later confronts Rufus inside a library, precisely where Mavis told him he could be found. As Rufus expresses the fuzziness of his memories surrounding Gray, the latter tells him he has no need for memories as he'll be defeated.

As the fight between Gray and Rufus begins, Gray attacks with various spells one by one. Unable to hit Rufus with his Ice-Make: Ice Impact and other attacks, who dodges and memorizes them, he listens as Rufus explains the nature of his Magic: he can memorize all the Magic that he has seen and can create new spells. Rufus combines the Magic of Gray and Orga Nanagear and creates his own Magic, injuring him. Gray guards with Ice-Make: Shield as Rufus continues his assault but as Rufus "forgets" this ability, Gray's shield shatters, allowing the attack to hit Gray.

As Rufus declares that there is no way he can be beat, Gray replies that since he's been a Fairy Tail Mage, he has never lost to the same opponent twice, much to Rufus' amusement. As Gray performs his next attack, Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance, Rufus finds his memorization unable to keep up with the spell's speed, which causes him to be hit by this attack. As Rufus claims that he has memorized flames strong enough to defeat Gray's ice and uses his Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land Gray replies that he has memorized even stronger flames and delivers a final blow with Ice-Make: Ice Bringer, defeating Rufus and taking his hat for himself. Gray then stands over the defeated Rufus and enjoys his victory, as he is announced the winner, much to his opponents' shock and his guildmates' elation.

After the battle, a wounded yet still standing Gray continues to wander the city in search of opponents. As he walks, he watches Juvia and Chelia fighting, and thinks that he shouldn't have come. Juvia and Chelia stop fighting because they notice Gray and Lyon. Gray challenges Lyon to a fight, and Juvia, misinterpreting the situation, runs up to Gray and asks him where their honeymoon will be, to which Gray audibly, albeit comically, questions Juvia as to what goes on inside her head.

With Juvia still dazedly latched onto him, Gray prepares to do battle against Chelia and Lyon. As Lyon attacks, Gray dodges by flipping backwards, calling out to Juvia in the waters below. Juvia supplies Gray with an abundance of water, which he uses to attack, though the move is blocked by Chelia. As Lyon calls the idea of attacking with Juvia's water "dirty", Gray is attacked by his technique. Juvia comments on Lyon's strength but Gray notes that their teamwork is not particularly effective, giving them a chance to win. However, the two are heavily injured by Lyon and Chelia and begin panting heavily as their opponents decide on a way to finish them off. As Juvia looks down, Gray puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her that Lyon and Chelia still have teamwork as a weakness and that they can do better. Taking her hand, Gray tells her they can use their full Magic, which a determined Juvia agrees to.

Together, Gray and Juvia begin to cast their spells, springing forward towards Lyon and Chelia. Seeing them approach, Lyon demands that Chelia help him defend, though Chelia seems to be stuck in a daze at the sight of the two Fairy Tail Mages, and offers no support, allowing Gray and Juvia to commence their attack, their two spells sending the Lamia Scale duo flying. Their opponents defeated and two points added to their teams score, Gray smiles at Juvia, then becoming uncomfortable when she states that she is never going to let go of his hand. Shortly after the battle, Gray spots a signal flare from Sting in the sky, and together the two head towards it, arriving with the other members of their team at the Dragon Slayers location. Seeing that Sting wants to take them all out whilst they are injured, Gray asks if he would prefer one on one, though Sting rebuts that he could easily take them at the same time, due to their conditions. Watching the Sabertooth man power up, Gray stands tall and proud beside his team-mates, awaiting whatever is coming next. Nothing does though, as Sting begins to second-guess himself, and eventually falls to the ground without trying to land a blow, openly declaring his defeat. Hearing that due to this act, Sting has granted Fairy Tail victory in the Games, Gray smiles at his team. Seconds later, Millianna appears with Lector, and, seeing Sting and his Exceed partner reunite, Gray smiles.

As Gray congratulates his other team members on their hard work, Sting suddenly turns to the group, asking them why Natsu was not participating in the event at all. Being reminded of their friends in Mercurius, Erza asks if anyone has seen the flare that was meant to signal their safe return, and Gray worryingly replies that he hasn't. Now on edge, Gray turns towards the castle, silently pondering Natsu and Lucy's safety.

Before Gray and his team can properly celebrate their achievements in the Grand Magic Games, they are hailed to the center of Crocus alongside hundreds of other Mages, where the King of Fiore waits with startling news. Stating that in the hours of the following day over 10,000 Dragons will approach and attack Crocus, the King begs for the assistance of the present Mages in helping to drive off the threat and save the people. Alongside everyone else, Gray agrees to help, and is later approached by Lyon, who seems excited at the opportunity to fight with Gray rather than against him. Gray, however, tells Lyon not to get in his way.

With the start of July 7, Gray is present with the rest of the Fairy Tail members at Central Square, when Levy and Gajeel discuss that it's the day when the Dragons disappeared and now, in the same day, they're supposed to return. When Cana questions Erza's injuries and Erza replies that she's fine, Gray praises military healers and Chelia, saying that it's thanks to them that they were able to recover at least a little, although Juvia claims that Wendy would be able to heal them fully. Afterwards, they watch as the moon is in a state of Eclipse.

As a sound is heard coming from Mercurius, Gray realizes it is the opening of Eclipse. Soon after, destruction rages through Crocus and is noticed by Gray who wonders what it is, not knowing it is the work of a Dragon. Later, Gray and the rest of Fairy Tail encounter the Dragon Atlas Flame, who releases a Dragon's Roar and disperses the members of Fairy Tail. Blown back by the roar, Gray lies on the ground as he affirms that Atlas and Acnologia are not on the same level; only to be rapidly pushed back once again by the Dragon wrapped in flames. Motherglare then soars above the vicinity and deposits numerous eggs into the ground, which later hatch into Dragon-like beings. Laxus decides to confront Atlas Flame by himself and instructs the rest of the Fairy Tail members to defeat the Dragon-like beings, to which Gray and the rest of the members unleash their resistance against Motherglare's spawns.

Swinging his way through the enemies at hand, Gray reaches Bar Sun, where Juvia, Meredy, and Lyon are all holding their own against the small Hatchlings, when suddenly one of the small creatures releases a sharp beam towards Juvia and Meredy. Before the beam is able to hit either of the female Mages, Gray jumps in to save them and ducks just in time to avoid the attack. Moments later, Gray looks at the blushing Juvia who is flattered to have him touching her bottom whilst saving her. Getting up, Gray looks at Juvia directly in the eyes and demands for her attention, claiming that he has something to tell her. Without a second thought, Juvia approaches Gray and, passionately, ponders what Gray has to tell her; even thought he states that it's nothing important. However, before Gray is allowed to speak, one of the hatched eggs releases another blast from its mouth and directs it towards Juvia. He shoves her to the side and takes the hit for her, which creates a moderate size hole in his left pectoral. Spitting out blood, Gray is simultaneously ambushed by the opponents; having parts of his body scatter about due to the force of the blasts. Receiving one last shot through the head, his name is screamed out in agony.

Gray's bloodied corpse lies on the ground; Juvia sheds tears over his body. Lyon then screams, to no avail, for Chelia to come and help. Sobbing, Lyon weakly states that Gray was shot through the head; Meredy also mourns his death. Ultear then rewinds time by one full minute, bringing Gray back to the instant before his death. Gray once again pushes Juvia and Meredy out of the way of the way of the Hatchling's laser; Gray motions to talk to Juvia again, but experiences déjà vu. Seeing his impending death, Gray becomes unnerved at the thought, describing the sight as chilling. Just then, according to his memory, several hidden Hatchlings appear from behind a fallen piece of lumber. As they prepare to attack, Gray and Lyon combine their Ice-Make to create a large Shield. Following that instance, Gray looks off into the distance, realizing that someone helped them all escape certain death.

With the Hatchlings having disappeared (a direct result of Natsu having destroyed the Eclipse Gate), Gray sits down on the ground and breathes a sigh of relief.

In thanks to the Mages who helped fight the Dragons, everyone is invited to Mercurius for a dance ball. Gray arrives and instantly starts an argument with Gajeel, criticizing his choice of clothing only to be criticized in turn for not wearing any. During the party, Gray is approached by Juvia, who recently had a makeover and now calls herself "Juvia 2.0". As she reaches out to him confessing her love, Gray rejects the confession and walks away, leaving her to fall, stating that he is also changing and will firmly say "No" to that which he does not like. Hearing this, Juvia grows even more affectionate towards Gray, something which he states is even creepier. Lyon hears his words and tells him not to say such a thing, adding that he now knows Juvia won't come after him. Hearing this, Gray starts to wonder where Natsu is. Soon after, various guilds attempt to get Yukino Aguria to join their ranks, among which is Fairy Tail, alongside the members of which Gray stands, proclaiming their desire. As a result, a fight breaks out amongst the guilds, during which Gray tangles with Rufus. However, the fight is stopped by Arcadios, who states that the King will arrive to greet them. Rather than the king, it is Natsu who greets them, wearing the crown and stating he is the king. While the other Mages are shocked, Gray simply shows embarrassment alongside his comrades before cracking a smile.

After the party, Gray, along with Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla, return back to Magnolia riding on a carriage, and Gray complains about Natsu's motion sickness. Somewhere along the way, Gray notices and old woman standing and looking up at the sky, and, when she turns and smiles to him, Gray immediately asks his guild mates to stop the carriage. As Gray looks back at his memory of being shot through the chest and killed, he finds out that Ultear, like her mother, chose to sacrifice her own life to save him, before bursting into tears.

With everyone returning to Magnolia afterwards, Fairy Tail is welcomed by many as the winner of the Grand Magic Games. However, as Juvia notices, Gray doesn't share everyone's happy mood. She tells him that it's not nice to have that kind of expression while everyone else is celebrating. Acknowledging this, Gray notes to himself that he needs to keep smiling for "her" sake as well and gives his thanks to Juvia, much to her delight. He then watches as Magnolia's Mayor reveals the reconstructed guild building.

Sun Village arcEdit

After returning to the guild, Gray and Natsu take a job together but after finishing their mission quickly, the two Mages break out into a 3 day fight. Despite his face being extremely swollen, Gray continues to throw punches at Natsu, yelling at him that he always acts without thinking. As Erza tries to break up their fight, the two punch her, not realizing what they are doing. As they come to the realization of what they have done, they begin to get scared and invoke her wrath. Back at the guild, both Natsu and Gray tell everyone they will never work with each other again. However, Makarov informs them they have a new job request asking for the two of them. Looking at the request, Makarov becomes eerily serious, but Natsu and Gray continue to say that they will not work together. Makarov tells them that they must take the request and they must not fail, as the request is from Walrod Cken, one of the top four members of the Ten Wizard Saints. Upon hearing this, Gray and Natsu are left speechless.

Heading to meet their client in the mountains, Gray continues bickering with Natsu, telling him he didn't eat his meat and asking him to fix his hair. Despite stopping momentarily, Gray soon gets into it and tells Natsu he can be defecated by Erza. Suddenly, Wendy spots Walrod Cken's house, prompting everyone to enter. Walrod tells everyone to keep quiet around his plants but soon reveals that he was joking, prompting Gray to wonder if he is really as great as he is said to be. As Walrod continues talking and telling weak jokes, Gray expresses his ire at the old man.

Moving outside, Walrod explains to the group about the Village of the Sun, which worshiped a powerful burning flame but had since frozen over by unknown means. Despite this, the people lived and Walrod explains that he wants them to save them. Natsu is eager but hearing the job description, Gray feels he is not suited, but is told otherwise by Walrod, who says his power will be needed as well. Hearing Walrod's further words about how friends in ones guild help one overcome their problems, Gray looks at Natsu and decides to accept the request alongside his friends. Gathering their stuff, the group is sent flying on a terraforming tree towards their destination, with Gray watching the sights that go by with amazement.

Arriving at the town shortly after, Gray and his friends are shocked to discover that the village is actually one inhabited by giants. However, everything is in fact frozen, and, putting a hand to the ice, Gray remarks that he has never sensed such Magic before, but that for some reason it seems familiar. As the group wonders what to do, they are approached by a trio of men, who reveal that they are treasure hunters who have come to steal the eternal flame from the village now that the giants guarding it are incapacitated. When Gray points out to them that the flame has also been frozen, one of the men procures a bottle from his pocket, revealing that it contains a liquid form of Moon Drip that they intend to use to uncover and procure the flame. Realizing that they themselves could use the liquid to save the town, Gray and the other hastily chase the treasure hunters to steal the bottle from them.

Gray and the other Mages continue chasing after the treasure hunters, who soon decide to stop running and fight against the Fairy Tail Mages. When Gray sees that Natsu has a hard time fighting against his opponent, Gray attempts to interfere, but is attacked by another member of Sylph Labyrinth named Hiroshi, who uses an extendable sword to attack Gray. The latter manages to dodge the blade just in time to not get injured. Soon, all the Mages come to realize that their opponents are very skilled fighters.

Continuing to stare down Hiroshi, Gray listens as the treasure hunter explains that Sylph Labyrinth won the Secret Treasure Games, making them the best Treasure Hunting Guild in Fiore; hearing Natsu praise them for such an achievement, the Ice-Make Mage demands that Natsu cease such an action. However, when Drake states that Team Natsu are a bunch of "random Mages", Gray scoffs at this and retorts that aren't random Mages before revealing that he stole their bottle of Moon Drip, leaving the treasure hunters utterly befuddled. Hiroshi then attacks Gray, demanding that he return their Moon Drip; Gray refuses, stating that they need save the giants and must therefore keep it. Dodging Hiroshi's strike, Gray throws the bottle of Moon Drip to Natsu. Gray soon looks on in shock as Happy fails to catch the bottle of Moon Drip, leading to its breaking and spillage unto the ground. However, seeing the Moon Drip melt only a small portion of the ice, Gray states that it wasn't enough to save the village, despite what they thought. Seeing Natsu run off, Gray demands that he wait and chases after him.

Chasing after the Fire Dragon Slayer, Gray becomes separated from the rest of his friends. Arriving alone at the Sun Village, he spots a man walking nearby, and calls out to him, asking if he is affiliated with the Sylph Labyrinth treasure hunters. As the man turns to look at him, Gray realizes that his mouth is furry and his teeth pointed and overgrown, and quickly questions what is wrong with the man. Ignoring him, the man claims that he is going to eat him, and begins to climb the rocky ledge separating them. Beginning to back up, Gray suddenly realizes that his clothes are too big: he has been turned into a child. Questioning what the hell is happening, Gray begins to recall the events of his childhood and the trauma he faced at the hands of the Demon Deliora, and, looking down at his opponent, suddenly relates the two when he realizes they look and act in a similar way. Breaking down and screaming in fear, Gray is reached by the man, who grabs him in his giant hands by his neck and hoists him up, commenting that it's not unusual for those turned into kids to remember their childhood experiences. As Gray squirms in his grasp, the man comments that there are certain places people must not go in their life, the Sun Village being one, as it is one side of the gate to the underworld. Beginning to cry, Gray hears a voice nearby, which tries to sooth him and calm him down by reminding him that Deliora is gone. As the voice encourages him to be strong for the sake of his friends, Gray realizes that the voice he is hearing is Ultear's, and angrily strikes out at the hands encasing him, causing the man to drop him to the ground. Landing and drying his tears, Gray recounts how so many nostalgic parts of his past seem to have accumulated in one place, and asks the monstrous man if he is responsible for the freezing of the village. As the man confirms that he is, Gray takes his stance, vowing to fight and show him what real Ice Magic can do.

Gray is told that thanks to the Law of Regression Magic, he won't be able to do anything with his child-like body but as the Succubus Eye member says this, he realizes that he's stepped off the cliff and is now on Gray's ice. Seeing this, Gray cancels his Magic, causing the Dark Mage to fall down the cliff. Asked when he did that, Gray reveals not all of his abilities were lowered, and his mind in fact feels better than ever, stating that due to being a kid, his imagination, the basis of his Ice-Make Magic, has been drastically improved. As the Succubus Eye member returns, Gray tricks him with a transparent layer of ice over the ground, allowing him to hide underneath. Taking the chance to attack, Gray uses his Ice-Make hammer but is shocked to see its minuscule size. Undeterred, Gray turns the ice into snow, setting a cold chill upon the Mage's head. Taking note of this, Gray realizes that the Dark Mage is not the one who froze the village as a real ice Mage would not such a minor amount of coldness. Telling him he's not very strong, Gray states that one has to make their opponents weak to fight them. Suddenly, Gray finds himself back in his normal body, whereupon he is promptly attacked the furious Dark Mage. Initially striking back, Gray is quickly knocked down and realizes his opponent has turned into a Demon. Seeing him, and remembering Deliora, Gray realizes his opponent is a Demon from the Book of Zeref.

Distracted by his shock at Doriate's identity, Gray is struck by the Demon and is quickly returned to his child-like state in one loud roar, confusing the Ice-Make Mage. Just then, Happy and Carla fall from the sky, warranting Gray their attention; Gray realizes that Doriate's roar affected the entire Sun Village. Attempting to protect his friends, Gray attacks Doriate multiple times with his Ice-Make, though each attempt is just as useless as the one before it. Very quickly, he is kicked away by Doriate and, reeling from the strike, panics as the Demon moves to attack him once more, though he is quickly saved by Happy and Carla. Taking note of Doriate's tendencies, Gray realizes that the Demon is weak to the Magical properties of the ice encasing the Sun Village and that channeling the Magic into him is the only way he can win. Being struck once more, Gray gains the confidence he lacked during the start of their mission and successfully pours the Magic of the ice through his body and into Doriate, both defeating him and negating the effects of the Law of Retrogression. Perturbed by the power of the ice and Doriate's true form, Gray listens as the Demon tells him that he and his friends have forever opened Hell's Gate; shocked, Gray watches as a demonic, avian creature swoops down and bites Doriate.

Gray, along with Happy and Carla, runs away from the creature, running into Natsu, Lucy, Wendy and Flare in the process and warning them about the creature following him. Gray decides to melt the ice over the Eternal Flame, while Natsu beats the one-eyed creature. Unsure about being able to melt the ice, Gray explains to Lucy's group that he will channel the Magic Power of the ice through his body and change its form. Although he acts according to plan, the Eternal Flame vanishes along with ice surrounding it, much to the shock of the group.

Seeing this, Gray finds himself to be at fault and believes he will not be able to save the giants as a result. However, as Wendy tells everyone that the flame is not truly gone, Gray looks on and sees a small flame burning in the distance. Knowing that Natsu can restore the fire, Gray watches as he continues to deal with the bird which chased him. The battle becomes fierce and Gray is nearly hit by the monster's attacks, but the beast is soon subdued by Natsu. Once Natsu restores the fire, Gray is surprised as the guardian spirit turns out to be Atlas Flame, the Dragon whom Natsu fought alongside in the Grand Magic Games.[354] Remembering who he is, Gray listens to Atlas attempt to remember who he is and notes that he doesn't have a grasp of his memories. Wendy reveals that she called him using Milky Way. Hearing his story about being frozen by an Ice Demon Slayer Mage, Gray realizes that such a person freezing the village explains why the ice was able to harm Doriate and wonders who the Mage is. Soon, Atlas remembers who he is and uses his power to send a wave of heat to melt the ice around the village. Lucy quickly asks Gray to use his Magic on her to keep her cool, which he quickly does. Seeing the village saved, looks around in amazement before staying silent upon realizing that Atlas was gone.

With the giants free, Gray and his teammates visit them and soon begin talking as they find it hard to believe such small people saved them. Soon, the girls begin wondering about the freezing of a village, with Erza suggesting it was an accident. Gray is hesitant to believe such a thing however, stating that they don't know the enemy's true motive. Considering Doriate's warning about the gate to hell, Gray believes Tartarus was involved and had Succubus Eye guard the village on their behalf. Soon after, Gray and the rest of the team spend their night partying with the giants.

The group then returns to the location of Walrod Cken, praised by the Wizard Saint for their success. Gray asks Lucy about the thieves, with the latter revealing that they kicked them away. Afterwards, as Walrod jokes about paying the Mages with a potato, Gray yells out that they want cash. Later, the women head to a secret hot springs, but much to their shock, Gray and Natsu are also present, with the Ice Mage claiming that they can enjoy this as well. Lucy complains about it, but the guys state that they were there first and further brush Lucy's arguments off by saying that they've seen her naked plenty of times. Gray then backs off as Erza attempts to wash their backs, with the latter recalling the times when they used to take a baths together. Afterwards, Walrod reveals himself to be one of the founding members of Fairy Tail, much to Gray's shock. The Ice Mage listens as Walrod explains about the original purpose of Fairy Tail and sings the Song of the Fairies. Soon after, the organization of Tartarus becomes the focus, with Gray realizing the connection between them, Zeref and Doriate. As Natsu, upset for not learning anything new about the E.N.D., begins throwing punches in anger, and even though Gray tries to warn him, it's too late as the group witnesses an injured Erza, ready to pay him back. 

Tartarus arcEdit

Soon after returning to the guild, Gray is approached by Juvia who wants him to eat bread she baked with his face on it. Unwilling to eat his own face, Gray is given bread with Juvia's body image on it, alarming him. As everyone takes note of the scene, Gray decides to eat but inadvertently eats the bread with his face on it. Following the brutal defeat of Laxus, Yajima and the Thunder God Tribe at the hands of Nine Demon Gates member Tempesta, Gray watches solemnly as Porlyusica informs the entire guild that their conditions are critical and they may not make a full recovery, and again when Makarov lies to Freed about the casualties in the village. Gray analyzes the situation and hears Lucy confirm that although their intel on Tartarus is insufficient for them to attack, they know that Tartarus' objective is to eliminate all current and former council members, leading him to question if they should head to the homes of all former members. However, Macao reminds him that their location is classified. Seconds later, Loke appears and reveals that he knows the location of several former council members, which leads Makarov to create groups and send them out to protect different councilors. Gray listens closely as Makarov announce that Tartarus is their enemy and that they must avenge Laxus and the others; the teams begin to head out.

Arriving at the house of ex-Council member Hogg, a saddened Gray and Juvia report back to the guild that they found the man dead, with the entire town looking like it was sliced to bits by some huge weapon. Gray is later shocked when he hears Michello explain that Tartarus are after Face, a Magic pulse bomb design to nullify Magic across Fiore. When Michello reveals that the weapon is sealed by being magically linked to three ex-Council members, Gray comments that it is for that reason that Tartarus are going around eliminating everyone with connections to the Magic Council.

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

When the team had members going solo for the 9th time, Happy and Natsu met The Lonesome Ghosts, and Sora after taking a request. When Natsu was amazed at seeing ghost, he quickly was informed about their mission as they quickly became friends. Soon when they fought Heartless, they with his received a message from Stitch and Riku who were with Gray Fullbuster, and as they said they met Gray during a mission with Lucy. Soon after everyone everyone met with their new friends with them, they come face to face with Pete, Big Yellow, Jeff the Killer, Oogie Boogie, with The Trinity Raven. The showdown lasted about 73 sec. and after it, Sora, Kairi, and Xion opened the new pathway. Soon when the mission was done, Happy wanted to join and asked. After he was accepted, everyone joined Sora on his journey to save all the worlds.