Grundel toad

Grundel Toad is the main, later secondary antagonist of Don Bluth'sThumbelina. He was the main antagonist for the majority of the film, but this was the plot to be outranked by the true main villain.

Grundel plotted to capture and marry Thumbelina and defeat his three other competition for her: Berkeley Beetle (whom he pulls the wings off of to make sure he helped find her), Mr. Mole, and The Fairy Prince Cornelius.

In the climax, Grundel fights Cornelius with a flaming pole. Grundel knocks him out and disarms him, but Cornelius grabs his leg and they both fall through the chasm in Mr. Mole's tunnel.

In the credits, he is seen in the book and married to a female toad.

He was the last role Joe Lynch played.

Against Sora's Team Edit

Convinced by Pete, Grundel only did one mission, and that was to kidnap the Pixies.

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