Gus & Helga

Gus and Helga Crumb are a couple of students at Ever After High, also cousins. Gus is the son of Gretel, and Helga is the daughter of Hansel.

Info Edit

Personality Edit

Gus is a manipulative character who is not above blackmailing people for his favorite thing: sweets. He and his cousin are similar this way.

Helga is a manipulative character who is not above blackmailing people for her favorite thing: sweets. She and her cousin are similar this way, but of the two, she seems to be the leader.

Appearance Edit

Gus has short blond and pink hair and often wears green leather shorts with suspenders and hiking boots.

Helga has hazel eyes and a curly pastel pink, blue, and lavender high side ponytail with sprinkles and a small, hot pink bow.

Outfits Edit

Gus wears a mild pink suit. His shirt is white with a yellow pull-off collar flap and he has a green bow. His vest is mild pink with darker pink licorice as sleeveless ends. Gus wears hot pink pull-up pants and accessorizes with a brown belt and stripey bracelet.

Helga wears a knee-length, soft pink frock with candy floss pink ruffles. Her bottom layer of the dress has lollipops stuck on around stripey-pinks. She accessorizes with a magenta bow with a grey candy wrapper in her hair, a pair of large swirly peppermint earrings, a cookie necklace, a chocolate belt and bracelet, along with a green wrapper as a ring.

On and Against Sora's Team Edit

The two of them are on board of the team, but are against not having their sweets when Ginger has to go on missions without the two of them (as they only like her for the sweets), and when she goes on meetings.

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