Harley Quinn-0

Harley Quinn is one of the main characters from Dc Superhero Girls.

Info Edit

Super Powers and Super Gear
  • Expert Gymnast
  • Acrobat
  • Quick Witted
  • Mallet
  • backpack with boxing glove

The Class Clown Edit

She's highly disorganized and a jokester, but hey, she’s really fun! The resident class clown, Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, lives for the LOL’s and loves playing over-the-top pranks. Keep an eye out for her, she’s a sneaky one.

Quick Wit Edit

Harley knows there's a clown inside everyone just waiting for the opportunity to put on a big red nose, floppy shoes and burst out. She feels like it's her job to make that happen whether her friends want it to or not.

Punny Edit

One for her, PUN for you! This fun-loving girl LOVES a good pun, but hey, who doesn’t? Probably people who aren’t very punny.

Acrobat Edit

Good thing Harley’s an agile acrobat, because that’s the only way she’s been able to twist and turn out of some pretty tight situations.

Appearance Edit

She has pale skin, long shiny light blonde hair tied up into pigtails by two black hair ties. She has a blue stripe in one growing pigtail and a red stripe in the other. She has blue eyes and she wears red lipstick. She wears a black bandit mask and a top that is themed around the joker card with a checkered red and black diamond pattern going down it. She also wears a black belt with studs in it that match her bracelet and denim blue shorts and leggings that has one red side and one black side. She wears blue shoes and white socks.

Like most of Harley Quinn's incarnations, she speaks with a New Yorker accent.

On Sora's Team Edit

After Super Hero High was saved with help from Sora, Frankie, Scooby-Doo, Danny, Finn, Donald and Goofy, the Students decided to join the team on their journey to fight Xehanort's team and save all worlds from enemies.

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