Hermes is the Olympian God of travelers and the messenger of the Gods.


As a god , Hermes possesses the natural powers and abilities such as

  • Immortality:Hermes , like all of the Olympian Gods has universal immunity from death
  • Omnipresence:Hermes , Like all of the Olympians Gods is able to be passively present everywhere
  • Superhuman strength: Hermes , like most if not all olympian level og physical strength that far surpasses the physical strength of typical mortal .
  • Magic: Hermes , like most olympian Gods possesses the abilities to perform magic , In series Hermes has displayed the ability to Conjure via Caduceus
  • Winged sandals : As the messenger of the gods and god of travelers,
  • the winged sandle enable Hermes to fly and move at an extreme speed.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Hermes messages the team of the dangers, and attacks in other worlds for Sora and the team to come to the rescue.

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