Honey Swamp
Honey Swamp is a swamp monster and upcoming character in Monster High. She will appear in the television special, Frights, Camera, Action!.



Honey is a Southern Belle born and raised in New Goreleans. She is an aspiring cinametographer.


Honey has medium aquamarine skin and dark green and white afro.

In Monster HighEdit

Given that each of her doll assortment peers seem to have a connection with an older character, Honey is from New Goreleans, and Operetta is part of the entire Frights, Camera, Action! line, it is possible Honey is a friend of Operetta.

Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

As Lock, Shock, and Barrel were on their first mission, and managed to get to get the students of Monster High to join, Honey received a Gem of Heart from Operetta, and was given a choice to either join or stay, and as she decided for the sake of her own safety and her friends, she joined to help and stop Xehanort.



  • Sora: As Sora's been a good leader with no complaints from anyone, Honey developed a friendly attraction and desired to be his right hand assistant and help make sure everyone behaves well.
  • Oona: As fellow water creatures, Honey and Oona look out for each other and collide their powers against their enemies
  • Gray Fullbuster: Gray and Honey are know to be "Cooling Buddies" as they help each other cool down on hot situations.
  • Ariel: Honey is being taught by Ariel to become an actual princess of the Swamp and being a leader.

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