Icarus is a character from the Disney animated series Hercules. He was Hercules' best friend during their time in Prometheus Academy. 

Story of Joining the TeamEdit

Icarus was with his father after he graduate, working on one of his new inventions, then after the Heartless and Nobodies came, he was captured by The Trix so he could make a super destructive weapon for them. When it was almost to late, The Winx, came to his rescue when Sora was fighting Master Xehanort. Soon after Icarus was saved, he joined the team with his best friend Hercules, and becomes one of the inventors on the team.

In Hercules the seriesEdit

Having tried flying too close to the sun fried his brain. Leaving him batty but lovable. Despite being a gentle kid, Icarus is easy to anger and become jealous. When jealous of his father, Daedalus, getting remarried he stole Pandora's Box and set the viruses to attack the wedding. Then jealous of Cassandra's new boyfriend Melampus (who resembled him), he snuck into Cupid's cherub-arrow making factory and made an hate arrow. His song while doing so.

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