Insomni (Japanese: フゥミン Fūmin) is an Ice attribute S- Rank yokai of theEerie tribe.

According to the Yo-kai Encyclopedia, it says “If you catch Insomni's eye, she won't let you fall asleep until she's bored with you...or you're almost dead."

Info Edit

Appearance Edit

Insomni has pale purple skin with a single red eye accented by pale blue eyeshadow. A single stripe of navy blue goes across her face. She has long white hair worn in two large horns on top of her head, held by navy blue ribbon. She wears a navy blue dress with a golden waistband that connects to a gold sash around her shoulders. She has the appearance of a djinn as portrayed in popular culture.

Abilities Edit

When this Yo-Kai possesses people, she makes them stay up all night, only for them to fall asleep during the day.

In Yo-Kai Watch (anime) Edit

In the anime, Insomni appeared and caused trouble for Nate's class after having kept them from sleeping the night before, causing them to start becoming ill from lack of sleep. She actually threatened to make Nate "sleep forever" for interfering with her. Nate summoned Baku to take her on. After their attacks collided, Insomni and Baku had a faceoff in a wrestling arena in which Insomni is eventually the winner. However, it turns out it was all in her head, as she had passed out the instant she was hit by Baku's sleeping gas. In her stupor, she conceded her medal to Nate.

On Sora's Team Edit

Like Jibanyan, she can be summoned by Nate and Sora to assist them in certain situations.

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