Profile art - Invisi Billy
Invisi Billy is a practical joker with a twisted sense of humor. His jokes can be for fun, but he also doesn't do it a lot of times. 

In Monster HighEdit


Invisi Billy is a trickster who hates going unnoticed.


Billy has an icy blue skin tone which looks almost white, gray eyes, and his hair is a dark shade of blue when he is visible. When he is invisible he is completely transparant with little sign of him being there.

Monster InfoEdit

Invisi Billy is based on the titular scientist from the science fiction novella The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, and the 1933 film adaption by Universal Studios.

The invisible man in the story is called Dr. Griffin (Dr. Jack Griffin in the film), and he used himself as guinea pig in an experiment to alter the refractive index of living bodies to that of air, so that light would no longer be absorbed or reflected and the subjects therefore would be invisible. It didn't take him long to abuse his power, eventually resulting in his demise. Upon death, his body became visible again.

Monster High RelationshipsEdit


Invisi Billy is the son of the Invisible Man.


Invisi Billy used to have a pet dog, but he had to give him away because he couldn't walk the poor thing without people thinking he was a stray. Since then, Invisi Billy has acquired a box, which may or may not contain a cat which on his box is called "a quantum cat".


Invisi Billy is popular with the ladies, who've started calling him "Drop Dead Dreamy"!

Appearance In Monster HighEdit

Volume 3Edit

In "Unearthed Day" Invisi Billy watches the fashion show in the creepateria.

In "A Perfect Match" He appears at the beginning walking in the cafeteria.

In "Scare-born Infection" Hi is seen running away from Simon who has the cooties who then passes them to him who turns invisible and passes them to gory.

In "Boo Year's Eve" he is seen talking to Scarah Screams at the party.

In "Fright Dance" He is seen sweeping backstage and helping Rochelle win the lead part.

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