Isi Dawndancer

Isi Dawndancer is an exchange student at Monster High, a down to earth Boo Hexican girl who is descendant to a long line of a Deer Spirit tribe, where she lived all her life, until a vision, a heritage power that destiguishes her herd, made her come across with Monster High, and made it her destiny to study there and help those in need of her wise advice.

Info Edit

Personality Edit

Isi is a peaceful girl who simply adores dancing, so much she might breakout into a dance sequence any moment. An animal-loving and flirty girl, she is playful, yet wise when needed, and gives a big importance to her herd and its rituals. She is very willing to share parts of her culture with other students through teaching them dance, demonstrating enthusiasm for doing so.

Appearance Edit

She has brown skin with a big white spot on her face fading into her skin, straight blue hair, and a deer-like nose as well as ears and antlers. Her eyes are brown, and she has white freckles on her cheeks and forehead. She wears a dull-sepia colored headband and an orange necklace. She wears a red, long-sleeved shirt with Aztec designs and long, black pants with the same designs. She has teal ruffled shoes and her feet are also hooves.

Abilities Edit

  • Romantic Aura: Isi has an effect on other monsters that will cause them to be attracted to her, a nod at a power that Deer Woman actually contain in myths and stories.
  • Dream Premonition: Isi isn't sure what this ability is or does, but recently she's been having mysterious dreams that are intriguing her, that she takes as visions or warnings. In these dreams, a doe with bright green eyes will guide her to where the universe needs Isi to be.

Skill set Edit

  • Dancing: Isi is a talented dancer, specifically dancing with her family and friends in Boo Hexico, performing tribal dances that she really enjoys and is willing to share.

Story of Joining Sora's Team Edit

see Abbey Bominable