Jade Chen
Jade is one of Sofia's friends from before she became a princess, along with Ruby. Despite this major change, they remain close friends. In two of her three episodes, she is shown to be energetic and fun-loving. However, in "The Little Witch", a bit of a meaner side of her was shown when she at first refused to give Lucinda the witch a second chance because of the many times she had hexed her, even refusing to invite her to her party and setting a trap for her. In "The Buttercups," it's shown that she, along with Sofia and Ruby, are members of the Buttercup Scouts. Jade is very creative, making an elaborate witch trap and modeling a coach to resemble a bird's nest. 



She has a sweet and soft side, but is able to carry a strong grudge. Jade especially can't stand bragging, but tends to let go of the past once seeing the truth to people apologizing. As a member of the team she keeps on holding on the some of the past events, as she can never forgive Stormy for hurting Sofia.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Unexpectedly, Jade is part of the Justice group, meaning she takes part inforcing punishments on traitors, enemies and even other creatures that do wrong doing.


Digimon Partners(s)Edit

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