Jane the Killer
Jane is the fanmade female counterpart of Jeff the Killer. The original story about her describes a report of a killing that is believed to be one of Jeff's but is revealed to have been committed by Jane, who left a letter for Jeff saying that she is coming that night to kill him and hates him so much that when she kills people she imagines that they are Jeff. She also left a picture of herself with the caption "Don't go to sleep."

According to one Creepypasta, Jane was a neighbor of pre-insane Jeff. After Jeff killed her parents, she swore revenge against him. She donned a black outfit, a white mask with black eyes and lips, and a knife, and she's been hunting Jeff ever since.To my knowlage she recently killed jeff in a abandoned building.

I'd like to add on of how she is a fallen hero and unlike other heros she'll kill anyone related to jeff she also walks alone as she hunts,One of the people she successfully killed was "Nina the killer","Jeff the killer.

On and Against Sora's TeamEdit

When she once spotted Jeff fighting against Sora, Stitch, Kenny McCormick, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Jane decided to join the fight. After Jeff retreated, Jane became furious when he escaped, but doesn't join the team, but assists them only when they fight against Jeff. Shes also sided with Homicidal Liu when targeting the evil, Jane has attacked Sora's team as she wants to kill jeff, alone