Jared is a minor Specialist from Red Fountain. He appeared in Season 2, and he had a very big crush on Musa at first, but in the end, developes a relationship with Alice, another fairy attending Alfea.

In Winx ClubEdit

Darcy hypnotizes him in order to sabotage the test the Winx will take (in the simulation lab). He and Musa end up as friends, but at the end of Season 2, Jared is seen with a new love interest, a fairy named Alice.

Season 5Edit

Jared made couple of short appearances in last scene of this season, watching the Winx rock-concert.

On Sora's TeamEdit

He wasn't the only one who joined, as his girlfriend Alice joined also, and they show more times than on Winx Club. The two even help Sora whenever he tells them to.

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