Julia Laforeze  is the younger sister of Hector's opponent, Isaac, in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. She's a true witch that escaped the witch hunts. Sells items and takes care of Innocent Devils that are not with Hector. She desperately wants for Isaac to be defeated.

In CastlevaniaEdit

She appears to Hector in the Baljhet Mountains after he exits the abandoned castle. At first, Hector thinks he is seeing a vision of his dead fiance, Rosaly, but when the girl speaks, she introduces herself as Julia. She confronts Hector about his business in Wallachia, and upon finding out that he is hunting Isaac, his great enemy, Julia offers to help him. She invites him to visit her at her house/shop for supplies and potions. She reveals that she is a witch, yet withholds the information that Isaac is her brother until later in the game.

Along with healing him and selling inventory, Julia takes care of Hector's innocent devils when he cannot carry them all. When Julia finally reveals that she is Isaac's sister, she begs Hector not to give into his rage and kill Isaac. She asks him to spare Isaac if at all possible, but knows that it is very unlikely her brother can be free of the curse, and regain his sanity. If Hector should be the one to defeat Isaac, Julia can accept her brother's death, as Isaac respected Hector greatly before the curse robbed him of his sanity. Hector, at a critical moment, recalls Julia's advice and escapes being consumed by the curse. Isaac becomes the host for Dracula's resurrection, and meets his end as Hector defeats the Count and obliterates the curse, allowing Julia's brother to finally have peace. Julia prevents Hector from remaining in the collapsing castle to perish as well, and provides him with a new and welcoming home and friendship as the game ends. It is implied that, over time, the friendship deepens into a romantic relationship.

On Sora's TeamEdit

She runs a business on the ship and is one of the healers also. She loves Hector that she always goes on missions with him and doesn't mind Sora, or other members joining on their missions.

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