Kaptain Krazee is a creepy evil clown, and the main villain of "Afraid of Clowns" of The Haunting Hour series.

Info Edit

Kaptain Krazee was an evil clown who wanted to get Chris, a young boy who turned thirteen. He and the other clowns have been stalking Chris ever since he was a little kid. No one knows how clowns really are. Krazee is one of the clowns that have been stalking Chris in his dreams, and he wondered why he's been always stalked by them. He is very afraid of clowns, and in the end, he became a clown when he learned that his parents were clowns all along!

Nobody knows what happened to Chris, Krazee, the parents, and the other clowns. And no one knows what clowns' true purposes are. Including Kaptain Krazee himself.

Personality Edit

As his name says, he is an insanely creepy clown master, and a sadistic maniac.

Major Battles Edit

Against Sora's Team Edit

After he and his clown group came to being called for by Bill Cipher and Xehanort, they came to a deal with letting the clown stalk any other children from other worlds who are "destined" to become clowns also as Chris was.

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