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The Key Pirates are a group formed and lead by it's Captain, Sora. Out of all the team's missions, their mission as pirates were one of the longest worldly missions ever.

The Key pirates were named based on Sora's signature Keyblade. They were first called the Key Pirates by Rob Lucci after their battle with 1 million heartless finished by Sora's single attack.

Jolly Roger Edit

The crew's Jolly Roger is a mutual cartoon like skull with a Keyblade behind the skull and a little crown from sora's necklace.

Reputation Edit

Their first time as a pirate crew became known; as Sora sank 5 Navy ships in one blow.

As the World Government saw them as nothing more than pirates, they failed to even identify the list of members or creatures. each and every member has earned their own reputations due to their actions in certain areas and/or to certain people.

In the events at Marijois; they were accused of being too dangerous after they freed slaves around Luffy's time sailing the seas; and if it wasn't as bad enough as the Marines think, they witnessed one of Sora's great power he used on all the current Celestial Dragons after he was angry that they were keeping his "non-human trash" friends.

Soon when being faced to face against Borsalino, and won, Sora and each of the crew members began known as the "Worlds Worst Outsiders" the worlds has ever seen.

Crew Edit

The crew is mostly consists of an unusual team-up in the eyes of other people; beautiful montresses, little but powerful children, cute but supernatural creatures, unholy but gentle demons, mutants, zombies, one single destructive teen, etc.

In other words, the crew is one of the liveliest Pirate Crews anyone's ever seen.

Members Edit

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Key Pirates
Sora Donald Duck Goofy Ben Tennyson Sofia the First
Crona Charlie Vaggie Draculaura Frankie Stein
Abbey Bominable Clawdeen Wolf Clawd Wolf Ghoulia Yelps Lagoona Blue
Spectra Vondergeist Lucy Heartfilia Erza Scarlet Gray Fullbuster Nathan Adams
Run Akame Jake the Dog Finn the Human Yugo
Steven Universe Ragna Pit Dark Pit Peridot
Mirta Natsu Dragneel Happy Carla Wendy Marvell
Mario Ezekiel Zick Kaede Hector Cloud Strife
Joshua Bugs Bunny Perona Neku Sakuraba Kenshi Masaki
Edward Wong Belldandy Keiichi Morisato Raven Queen Link
Issei Hyoudou Rex Salazar Komasan Jibanyan Ken Kaneki
Hannah Anafeloz Daffy Duck Stitch Madeline Hatter Lea
Allen Walker Discord Danny Phantom Vidia Gon Freecss
Rito Yuuki Lala Satalin Deviluke Yami Kirby Loretta Lecarde
Spongebob Squarepants Baymax Hiro Hamada Lute Simon
Yamato Naoe Fuyuzora Kogarashi Bayonetta Whisper Sonic the Hedgehog
Tokomi Sakuri Ikaros Samus Aran Courtly Jester Wander
Sylvia Jade Ayumu Aikawa Carrot Ragnarok
Harley Quinn Leonardo Donatello Raphael Michelangelo
Shinichi Izumi Migi Jack Sparrow Ivy Viola
Members cont.
Charlotte Pudding Komajiro Shulk Milo Murphy Hiccup
B.O.B. Tails the Fox Twyla Kuro Rook Blonko
Mey-Rin Finnian Bardroy Snake Rachel
Snake Kasumi Alphonse Elric R.O.B. Edward Elric
Lumpy Space Princess Fox McCloud Lucas Ryu Inuyasha
Kagome Higurashi Wall-E EVE Ed Edd
Eddy Spider-Man Kasuo Saiki Shun Kaido Hidabat
Skelita Calaveras Connie Maheswaran Sirena Von Boo Rora Shippō
Batsy Claro Jinafire Long Isi Dawndancer Kjersti Trollson Jane Boolittle
Kazuki Shikimori PLATINUM Kim Possible Star Butterfly Marco Diaz
Rook Ben Touya Mochizuki Fu Dog Jake Long Dipper Pines
Mabel Pines Soos Ramirez Randy Cunningham Howard Weinerman Lorna McNessie
Black Cube of Darkness Jenny Wakeman Kick Buttowski Gunther Magnuson Ron Stoppable
Undertaker Mordecai Rigby Bessie Higgenbottom Wreck-It Ralph
Penn Zero Sashi Kobayashi Boone Wiseman Vanellope von Schweetz Lock
Shock Barrel Cuphead Ichigo Kurosaki Staz Charlie Blood
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Eren Jaeger Touma Kamijou Kenichi Shirahama
Himura Kenshin Bertie Catzi An Ail
Bart Simpson Homer Simpson Peter Griffin Brian Griffin Stewie Griffin
Tousuke Rokuou Ranna Himawari Ciel Phantomhive Sebastian Michaelis Tigre Vorn
Drillstring Scorgon Skulluna Toothless Meow Wow
Spark Wave Coloraid Tom the Cat Jerry the Mouse Pluto
Ice Cream Kitty Chompy Yoshi Droopy Courage
Skipper Kowalski Rico Private Subtitan
Fog and Match Avalocks Needulla Pollen, Chompa, Trap, and Kura Zap & Bolt
Frensting Dracoflouge Smok'emmall Steven's Lion Dr. Cluckingsworth M.D.
CatDog Blue Rexy Rufus Ein
Wandering Dreamer
Straw Hat Pirates Heart Pirates Kozuki Family Fire Tank Pirates  Sun Pirates
Kuja Pirates Avengers Monster High Justice League Riku Pirates
Charm Pirates Happy Hotel


In other worlds that spread throughout their news of their victory against Master Xehanort and his "pirate group", they have their own subordinates that are grateful for everything Sora has done for them.

Crew StrengthEdit

They crew is one of the greatest and unusually strong pirates any person has ever seen, especially in the eyes of the Marines. Though despite their bizarre and idiocy of some of their members, they have proven to never be underestimated, no matter what their appearance or size.

Each member has their own great strengths as they take down certain adversaries, marine members and creatures. Mostly focuses on how their actions and victories against Shu, Sentomaru, Bartholomew Kuma, whipping out three castles of the World Nobles, and controlling Dragons.


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Key Pirates
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