Kinkakumon is a violent and chaotic, but romantic Digimon who loves to do nothing but fighting, but mostly fighting Riku. And she's also 's 7th digimon partner, but only joined to fight for his love.



As a warrior, Kinkakumon rarely shows a soft side, but shows it to her "true hearts desire" to those close to her. Though expressing herself in a violent way, she goes on rampages through anger, sadness, or even happiness even.


  • Dokidokidokyūn (怒気怒鬼怒灸? lit. "Thump, Thump, Thwomp"): Discharges a high-tension current from her whole body as an all-purpose technique that excels in offense and defense.
  • Raikou Kishū (雷光鬼蹴 ? lit. "Lightning Ogre Kick"): Attacks with a lightning-speed, surprise kick while concealing an electric shock in her foot to paralyze the opponent.

Story of Sora's TeamEdit

Kinkakumon met Riku and the group when they were assigned to arrest or destroy Kinkakumon for attacking innocent digimon. Before she joins she finds Riku a worthy apponent after his friends were down, and Riku engaged his powerful Strike attack, which made her mind up of joining Riku as his new partner.

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