Klaud Nine
Klaud Nine is an Exorcist General and member of European Branch of the Black Order.



Klaud Nine is a female of average height with a slim, fit physique. She has blonde hair and purple eyes, and a large scar marks the upper portion of her face in an "X" formation, meeting between her eyes. Her Exorcist uniform consists of tight black pants worn under a skin-tight, sleeveless top that has tails on either side of her legs, all trimmed in gold. She wears thick gauntlets on her arms that almost reach her shoulders, as well as several belts that bear pouches along the back. One half of her face is covered by hair, and the other side has burn scars (although in both the second and fourth opening themes and in one scene of the anime, the burn scars do not appear as visible as it does in the manga, appearing as slightly lighter in skin tone on her face).


She seems to be a gentle woman, as she is seen weeping for her deceased team. She also seems very friendly and calm, she was shown taking Timothy to the nurse when he got sick while in the rain. However, she is very stern and serious when it comes to her duty as an Exorcist, as she berates Cross for not taking the situation against the Akuma they were fighting seriously. She also tends to go on missions even after returning home, stating she like the travel. She is also one of the few women to be able to repel Cross's advances, as she claims he's "useless".

In D.Gray-manEdit

After her Exorcist team (consisting of Tina Spark, Gwen Flail, and Sol Galen) is eliminated by Tyki Mikk, Klaud returns to the Black Order HQ in order to meet with the other Generals. She is then seen paying her respects to members of her unit alongside fellow General Winters Socalo. Socalo however, felt more happy to berate his former unit members.

Attack on Headquarters arcEdit

Later, she is seen drinking wine with fellow General Cross Marian. Though she asks him why he chose her as a drinking partner, she does not seem entirely unwilling. She does, however, shoot down Marian's advances rather coldly. When the Noah, Lulu Bell, attacks the headquarters, she teams up with Cross, Socalo, Tiedoll, and Allen Walker to mount a counterattack. Comically, she tells Cross to do some work, he says he hates work, so she asks him if he wants to get whipped to which he replies, "Not a bad idea". 

Phantom Thief G arcEdit

After Timothy Hearst joined the Black Order he became Klaud's apprentice.

Third Exorcists arcEdit

During the attack on the North America Branch Klaud was in Greece with her new team consisting of Lenalee Lee, Koushi and Timothy Hearst, facing off against Lulu Bell in the form of a dragon.

Searching for A.W. arcEdit

Three months after the attack on the North American Branch, Klaud is just returning from a mission with Timothy and quickly leaves to prepare for a new mission with Miranda.

On Sora's TeamEdit

When her friends joined, she stayed in her world to destroy the Akuma/Heartless in her world, but contacts  the team for emergencies.

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