Kokuwamon is way into science and loves working with the machines on the team. He is even Sora's 11th Digimon partner after Maleficent attacked his village in the Digital World.



Kokuwamon thinks of inventing is an art in a science kind of way. He stays up most of the times when he's building and IMPORTANT inventions. He may be a worry-mon, but he becomes a different person when he fights.


  • Mini Scissor Claws (Scissor Arms Mini): Discharges electricity from the pincers on both of its arms and cuts through solid objects.
  • Mini Electro Shocker (Stun Shock)
  • Assemble Work


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

After sending an urgent message to Sora's Team, Kokuwamon started to wonder if they were sending any robotic members to save them from Maleficent and Pete. Once Kokuwamon was about to prove himself to Sora and his friends, he quickly became beaten by Pete with one blast. After Kokuwamon was healed, Kokuwamon wanted to help them defeat the giant Heartless Digimon. When the team were out of options of how to beat it, Kokuwamon Digivolved to Thundermon and rose the Digimon Heartless up the air so Sora could hit it without moving swiftly. Once the showdown was over, Kukuwamon officially became Sora's 11th partner when he asked to join.

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