Kreamy cold
The Kreamy Cold Ice Cream Truck is a Mysterious ice cream truck that is said to be power by the soul of a person who would do anything to have its ice cream.


The truck design is a big truck with pink/brown/white lines, and 7 big plastic ice cream scoops (including one in the front with a happy face on it wearing a hat). 

While normal ice cream trucks take money for payment, this truck only needs one payment, a soul. It has a mind of its own but not a soul. When one is able to capture the truck, Someone who has been trapped in the truck will are set free, but they'll take their place and be stuck in the truck until someone else captures the truck.


Marty always borrows money from his family. He soon becomes obsessed with catching a mysterious ice cream truck that only he seems to hear and see. As a mailman tells him, and his best friend Ari the story of a boy named Jimmy Jeffries who got into the truck and the next day, he was gone.Days later Marty sells Ari a bike his father gave him, finally earning money to buy some Kreamy Kold ice cream. That night he manages to stop the ice cream truck with his fathers tire spikes. After getting in Marty encounters Jimmy Jeffries, (the boy whom the mailman told him about the other day) now a thirty year old man, frozen in the back, who tells him that he's been waiting 30 years for someone to take his place and explains that the ice cream truck runs on the souls of those obsessed with ice cream. Jimmy escapes the ice cream truck, leaving Marty in the back, yelling for help as the truck drives off into the night. As time passes, Fanboy and Chum Chum, left the Gummi Ship without permission, and into the forbidden world, which is also the home world of Big Yellow, and saw the truck. After hearing Marty yelling for help, they managed to have their first victory, but now that the truck has no one else in it, it becomes out of control and tries to run over Fanboy, Chum Chum, and Marty. And thanks to Fanboy, the Kreamy Cold is lose roaming other worlds and capturing innocent children, and making the journey more challenging than ever.

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