Maurice Madagascar

Maurice is an Aye-Aye lemur, and King Julien's adviser and right-hand man. He usually thinks King Julien is bizarre (which is true), but he also loves dancing and parties, assisting the King with his crazy and selfish plans, and is entirely loyal to him. Maurice had a major role in the first episode, Gone in a Flash. He is the least seen and heard of the lemurs. Even though he is on the lemurs side likeMarlene, he has shown being neutral and being on the penguins side. When the penguins need a five man team, they get Marlene, When they need a six man team, they get her and him

Madagascar Edit

Maurice is the advisor of King Julien and raised said Lemur from a baby after the queen died. He's the brains of the Lemurs and was the only one to think there was a reason to fear Alex as the Fossa did. He leaves Madagascar with King Julien and Mort.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Edit

Maurice joins King Julien and Mort in leaving Madagascar. He didn't play much of a role except for aiding King Julien in his hair-brained scheme in sacrificing Melman into a volcano to bring water to the dehydrated creatures of Africa.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Edit

By Madagascar 3, it seems Maurice feels exasperated and stifled by King Julien. When King Julien fell off the edge of a building in Monte Carlo, he was the only one who started to smile, looking hopeful. When the King survived, he switched back, looking disappointed.

In the circus, he and Mort took on the act of ribbon dancing.

All Hail King Julien Edit

Maurice was King Julien's advisor, he still goes on adventures with him

Personality Edit

Even if he isn't the smartest animal in the zoo, Maurice is still much smarter than both King Julien and Mort combined. He does not share the other two lemurs' bad cases of the "stupids". He is more grounded then any of the other lemurs or penguins. He is very loyal to King Julien, and is like an older brother to Mort. This was shown in Right Hand Man when he helped the penguins stop Clemson from getting rid of Julien, and in Operation: Plush and Cover when he was incredibly happy when the penguins rescued Mort.

On Sora's Team Edit

King Julien and the lemurs became stowaways on the ship, and keeps declaring his reign over other animal colonies.

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