Meeshell Mermaid

Meeshell Mermaid is a 2015-introduced and fiction-only character. She is a student of Ever After High and the daughter of the Little Mermaid from the fairytale of the same name as the central character. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Royal side because of yet unrevealed reasons.

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Personality Edit

Meeshell tends to be shy or hesitant when trying out new things and meeting new people, though she warms up to them if they share a common interest. For example, she and Melody Piper get along incredibly well due to their mutual love for music.

Appearance Edit

Meeshell has a round face with a broad nose and a full, yet dainty, smile. Her hair is dark coral-pink in color with magenta streaks, in contrast with her thick, much darker brows. She wears shimmery pale pink lipstick and blue and pink designs painted on the right side of her face.

Although she walks on legs around the school, her mermaid tail appears when she gets wet.

Interests Edit

Having a love for music defines Meeshell. Though she doesn't really plan on making her interests public, she sings as a hobby and is good at what she does.

Story Edit

Her story is in the Little Mermaid

On Sora's Team Edit

see Raven Queen