Morgan Phillip
Morgan Phillip is one of the main protagonists in Disney's 2007 hybrid film Enchanted.


Morgan Philip likes the woman (Nancy Tremaine) that her father is dating, but she doesn't consider her mother material. When Giselle comes to the real world, Morgan loves her. She even takes Giselle on a shopping spree with her dad's credit card. 


She is an outgoing 6-year-old who is not afraid to speak her mind!


She is small and slender with brown hair and eyes, fair skin and rosy cheeks.

In "Enchanted"Edit

She is Robert Philip's imaginative 6-year-old daughter. She befriends Giselle and is not sure how she feels about the initial thought of her dad marrying Nancy.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Morgan and her father contact the team when Heartless and other monsters attack again.

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