Muchomon (Sora's Team)
Muchomon is a Bird Digimon, and surpsisingly strong rookie. As he loves to dance he gets along well with Operetta, and Crona. He's also Sora's 7th digimon partner.



Muchomon has been celebrating by dancing everytime when the team has new member, birthdays, or have victories. He becomes competitive when there is a dance off, but he tends to be a good sport.


  • Purge Shine: Clads its body in a barrier of holy light emitted from its feathers that completely invalidates any attacks with an evil will.
  • Aurora Undulation: Amplifies the purifying light of "Purge Shine" to its maximum and emits it with enough power to pulverize even a star. Because it is emitted at the speed of light, it is nearly impossible to evade.


Story of Joining Sora's TeamEdit

After Sinduramon was sent by Maleficent, and being defeated by Sora, he started to De-Digivolve back to Muchomon after using a lot of energy. Once Muchomon explained that Maleficent promised let him to keep the power to digivolve with a nice Tamer, but after Muchomon learns the truth about Maleficents lies, he begins to Digivolve as Diatrymon after Sora's Digivice glew. After the battle, Muchomon began to dance after he realizes Sora's his destined partner.

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