Nathan Adams (Japanese: 天野 景太 Amano Keita), often referred to asNate (Japanese: ケータ Kēta), is the main protagonist of the Yo-kai Watch series. Nathan possesses a Yo-kai Watch which allows him to see, befriend and summon Yo-kai. His Yo-Kai form, Fu2, was revealed in the second Yo-Kai Watch movie.

Info Edit

Appearance Edit

Nathan is a fair-skinned young boy with big black eyes and dark brown hair worn with three large spikes resembling cowlicks. A small amount of hair sticks down at his neck. He wears a red shirt with white rim on each sleeve and collar, matching the star at his chest. On his arm is a blue and white design. His denim jeans are light grey and worn with a brown belt, while his boots resemble a pair of white shoes accent by blue and red. He wears his Yo-Kai Watch on his left wrist.

Personality Edit

Nathan is a fun kid but tends to come off as comedic. He enjoys being with his friends and the Yo-Kai he befriended, even when they can be troublesome. His personality is very infectious and gains him many friends - however, one noticeable trait is how extremely average he is. This spreads even to his school marks and greatly annoys him. Like most kids, Nathan enjoys basic things - like watching television, messing up his room, staying up late at night to watch television or play games. But he is very righteous and has a strong sense of justice when a real crisis pops up.

Story in Joining Sora's Team Edit

After Nate came from school to start Spring Break, Jibanyan, Whisper, and Nate noticed the flashing ripples in the sky, but not knowing what was going on. Soon when they went to the mountains, Jibanyan met ChattaffPit, and Spectra. Whisper tried to look them up in the Yo-Kai Pad, but no info on them. When the 3 of them were filled in after Heartlesstried to attack Yo-Kai and Humans, Nate decided to help find a Keyhole. When they figured that the Keyhole is where Nate met Whisper, Chatta contacted the team to have Sora unlock the keyhole, but soon realized that there is also one in the Yo-Kai Realm, and Riku had to be in the human side while Sora searched in the Yo-Kai side. After earning King Enma's trust by saving his realm and people, King Enma proudly used his powers on the gems to create Yo-Kai medals for each of the Monster, alien, and mutant members of the team, which Pit gave his medal to Nate as a sign of friendship. After unlocking both Keyholes and having to give Nate new Yo-Kai medals, Nate and his two Yo-Kai friends joined to help save all worlds from destruction.

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