Nemesis is a character from Hercules: The Animated Series. She is the Olympian Demigoddess of vengeance and the head of the Infernal Retribution Service whose main duty is to smite all and any mortal who disgusts, defies and/or disrespects some Greek god.



Nemesis is incredibly devoted to her duties and enjoys the thrill of the hunt and smiting, becoming incredibly frustrated and impatient on missions that only require her tracking skills rather than her fighting ability.

Employing the ability to shape-shift her hands into weapons as well as various super-senses, Nemesis is an incredibly terrifying foe on the battlefield having been even capable of defeating three Egyptian gods in her normal size (while they were having titanic proportions).

In Hercules: The Animated SeriesEdit

Hercules and the King For a DayEdit

After Pan, king of the satyrs failed to give offerings to Demeter, Nemesis was instructed to impose divine retribution to Pan. However, Pan tricked Philoctetes into taking his place and since Nemesis was unaware of the switch she attempts to smite Phil instead him.

Luckily, she is stopped by Hercules and Demeter.

Hercules and the RomansEdit

In this episode, Hercules was searching for a missing Icarus who was actually in Rome. So, Zeus orders Nemesis to help Hercules find him... but throughout the search she continuously harasses Hercules to order her to smite someone to which he continues to refuse.

And then to find Icarus in the Eternal City pretending to be a god, she attempts to smite him. But Hercules and the Greek gods stopped her.

Against Sora's TeamEdit

After seeing Riku fight off Heartless and Subspacers, she wanted to join the  team to smite other also, but as Riku refused, she became angry and both engaged combat and as Riku won, she wanted revenge no matter what.

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