Ogron is the leader of the Wizards of the Black Circle.



Ogron has a personality that changes like the weather. He is rather mean, determined to get what he wants, and the only apparent place he showed compassion was when Duman was injured. Despite what he says, he does care about the other Wizards, because to him they are like his brothers and/or friends. When time calls for it, he is "nice" or "compassionate" to Roxy, as seen once in Episode 8, and seen again in Episode 13, however this is most likely to get the White Circle and/or her. Ogron appears as a twenty-five year old man, however it is said he is much older than that.

He is very strategic and uses any kind of dark spells to either get Roxy and the White Circle or destroy the Winx. Ogron is also somewhat sadistic, enjoying hurting people and spreading chaos around.


Ogron has wavy, shoulder-length red hair and a red goatee. He has blue eyes.He wears black plants and a black shirt that goes just above his knees. He looks much like Valtor.


Ogron is an incredibly powerful dark wizard and the most powerful of the other wizards of the black circle. He is capable of firing powerful dark magical blasts, creating magical shields, teleportation, telekinesis, and power bestowal (Capable of turning Mitzi and her friends into dark fairies).

He has a rare ability to absorb a fairy's magical energy to become more powerful and can convert damage into strength to become stronger.

In Winx ClubEdit

Ogron, and the Wizards came to Gardenia, believing that the last fairy on earth was in Gardenia. In episode 6, it turns out that Roxy was the last fairy on earth and the Wizards try to capture her so that they will finally become the world's supreme Wizards and get the absolute power on Earth. Roxy cried for help as she did not know what was happening, and Artu bit Duman 's hand in order to save Roxy. Roxy asked the Winx what was happening. Ogron in episode 12 kidnapped Roxy and asked her to hand over the White Circle to him. Roxy is afraid at first but gets the courage to fight with the White Circle's power thanks to Morgana, Roxy's unknown mother.

Against Sora's TeamEdit

When he was released from his icy prison, thanks to Fanboy and Chum Chum, he and the wizards began to roam, and met Master Xehanort. After he was told about other worlds and the Keyhole, and Keyblade they teamed up with him to take over Kingdom Hearts.

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