is the son of Poseidon who appears in Disney's 1998-1999 television series Hercules: The Animated Series wherein he was a foreign exchange student at Trojan Academy who fought against Hercules during the Prometheus Academy raid on Trojan Academy.


In Greek mythology, the Aloadae (or Aloadai; Ancient Greek: Ἀλωάδαι) were Otus (Ὦτος) and Ephialtes (Ἐφιάλτης), sons of Iphimedia, queen of Aloeus, by Poseidon, whom she induced to make her pregnant by going to the seashore and disporting herself in the surf or scooping seawater into her bosom. From Aloeus they received their patronymic, the Aloadai. They were strong and aggressive giants, growing by nine fingers every month nine fathoms tall at age nine, and only outshone in beauty by Orion.

Against Sora's TeamEdit

When Triton joined the team, Otus became jealous of the attention he gets and joins Maleficent to get rid of him and Hercules.

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