Princess Cleo
Princess Clio is the princess of Corinthia and close friends with Princess Amber, Princess Hildegard and Princess Sofia.


She is ususally seen with Amber, Hildegard, Penelope, Mae, and Matilda.


Unlike Amber and Hildegard, Clio was more accepting of Jade and Ruby, being the first to admit how nice and fun they were, and even defending them at one point when they accidentally spilled the chocolate milk fountain and getting a drop of it on Amber's nightgown while they were drenched and laughing at their silliness while they're playing 'Pin The Tail On The Unicorn.' Even so, she tends to follow Amber and Hildegard's lead.

Alongside Princess Penelope, Princess Mae, and Princess Matilda, Clio is one of the wisest princesses at Royal Prep.

Story in Sofia the FirstEdit

In "The Shy Princess," she is paired up with Prince Hugo for the dream castle project for art class. Clio seems to be very happy to working with Hugo. She also makes a cameo in "The Amulet of Avalor" at Sofia and King Roland's ball.

In "Princess Butterfly," she is the only one of her close friends who managed to sew a leopard costume by herself. Even though her spots fell off, Sofia told her she did a great job.

On Sora's TeamEdit

Princess Clio, Hildegard, and the other students at royal prep remain in Enchancia but usually visit the Team using their gems to visit their ship. Sometime some of the student, even Clio volunteer on missions.


Digimon Partner(s)Edit

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